Why You Attract What You Think

Why you attract what you think

Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

A common practice to improve how your skills are manifested is by creating what you want in the future. A lot of persons stick to this notion on the surface level to improve their daily life, even so, there’s a way to improve this practice and create a better reality. Knowing how you obtained what you currently have will make getting it again a lot easier. They say thoughts become things and don’t just remain thoughts forever, like attracts like and hate attracts hate. If you are conversant with the law of attraction, you would understand that we all are like magnets that attract what we feel and what we think. Some thoughts we have, possess a little bit of creative power.

The things we rarely think about with little emotion do not possess so much creative power like those things we think about more often with strong emotions. The things we’ve to ourselves are thoughts and feelings we hold deep down inside. For every situation and circumstance we find ourselves, the experiences are dependent on what we carry inside of us. The life we experience is more or less a reflection of what we hold inside us.

People attract what they think

You attract what you think, people attract what they think. When you observe life around you, open your mind to notice happenings, you would see that you created a great part of your reality even if that reality may not be as pleasant. This could feel annoying, sad and discouraging, but look at the brighter side. If you had some contributions to making what your current reality is today, then you can create your reality in the future and tweak it into what you want it to be or something close at the least. So whether that future becomes something positive or negative, it’s all up to you.

It is no surprise that we as humans never want to admit that we have been moving in sync with what has become our lives throughout our years of living. That there, is our point of attraction. It is a straight pathway to the reality that has eventually shown up as ours. The phrase – you attract what you think and feel, looks like a cliche line out of some motivation leaflet. Yeah, maybe it is, but that does not undermine its importance in the context. You may want to believe this, but it feels like some kind of useless talk. Well, it isn’t because the law of attraction really does exist in virtually all subjects.

The mindset is powerful 

The mindset is more powerful than you’d think. It changes a person’s view about life, his or her outlook about life, their values about human existence and basically everything that the person does on a regular basis. Like humans go to school to learn, some persons think all that schooling entails is learning subjects and reading new books. Learning is more than that, it’s about developing the thinking process and expanding the brain’s grasping capacity. It’s about changing the way you see things and how applicable those things are to your life.

Why do we attract things that mostly occupy our minds? 

Our dominant thoughts eventually manifest in our lives one way or the other, it is somewhat inevitable. A person’s reality is mostly determined by his or her thinking patterns. Positive and negative thoughts will work the same way in this situation. A large reason for this outline is because our thoughts go past physical forms. There have been records of people who have overcome dangerous situations like life threatening sicknesses and extreme financial setbacks from attracting financial recoveries and health breakthroughs by reason of their strong thoughts and belief energies.

You need not to miraculously raise up the dead, however, by simply focusing on what you want and how to get it, you are already clearing out some rigid obstacles that are stopping you from reaching and attaining those heights and goals you so desire. If you pay close attention, sometimes when you are very excited about something even if it’s for a split second, within that fraction of time, you don’t notice any unfriendly, jealous, or annoyed colleague that doesn’t congratulate you on your win because you are at the peak of gladness and won’t care about any bad energy whether subconsciously or consciously. At this point in time, you are most likely to get warm hugs, congratulatory comments and thumbs-up.

In essence, vibrant, positive and beautiful people attract persons of similar nature. Successful people tend to move with successful persons, bad people hang around dangerous individuals like them. If for some reason, you notice that the kind of person you’d find ideal to hang out with is not really into the idea of associating with you, don’t get annoyed about it, the reason for their behaviour may be that you are just not in the same vibrational frequency as them. There are probably no hard feelings, they’ve got nothing against you and you are definitely not cursed. If you desire to be one the best in your field of interest, then envision yourself as the best and work towards it.

Placing yourself in greater positions both visually and physically paves the way for greater futuristic success. When you begin to perceive your internal composition and focus your energy towards making your desire what you want to attract, then you will certainly attract your secret wishes. As the name suggests, the law of vibration causes people in the same vibrational frequency to attract, as a result, it is referred to as the law of attraction. Understanding this law extensively will help you to envision yourself into various levels of success and change the direction of your life’s destination through positive thinking.