Why Is She Ignoring Me Now

Why Is She Ignoring Me Now

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Relationships could be the most complicated thing ever. Having your loved one ignoring you could leave marks of confusion in your mind since you yearn for is her love and attention. Of all the times to ignore, why now? This guide is here to answer those lingering questions in your mind. It will show you some reasons why you are being ignored and what to do. What you must desist from doing at this point is, looking into past things that you may have done to bring you to this stage of your relationship. 

A lot of the time, a woman could start ignoring a man if he became overbearing and somehow ignites arguments. Another reason could be that the man is now dependent on the woman a lot more than before. Several things can push a relationship down the hill. Virtually everyone wants to have their own personal space and alone time. We are all individuals and even when in a relationship, people need time to think about things, to reflect and just chill.

Usually, we tend to forget these facts sometimes and we just expect that partner of ours to be around us at our beck and call every second of the day. Men and women are guilty of this alike, nonetheless, it could be the reason why a lady is ignoring you. Everyone needs their alone time. This is because, everyone processes things differently and taking out time to think could bring significant progress in their thinking and resting ability.

We are all humans, and it is very common to have people believe that some persons, dreams, aspirations and places are far above us, more better, smarter, cooler and more valuable than us. People place more value on others than themselves and refrain from investing time in theirselves. They care for the needs of these more valuable people and forget themselves. This action and mindset is very unfair. We are important, valuable and relevant in our own ways.

No dreams or aspirations are above you. We are all unique and special in our own ways. When your woman needs personal space, she needs some time to take control of her thoughts and place herself on a pedestal. She needs time to purge herself from worry or doubts that may be eating deep into her soul. She knows this reflection experience for her is going to be once in a long while and she understands that she will be with you every minute of the day.

One common thing that men love to do is apportion blames to another person and not take ownership of the reason for the halt in their relationship as their fault. Well, the single fact that you are reading this article shows that you are taking ownership of wrongs in your relationship. This guide is here to unravel those knots in your head and make you less confused as to the next line of action.

Let’s say you did nothing wrong, but you still feel this vibe that you are getting ghosted. Maybe her words were “..I need some time.. give me some space”. Well, it’s one of many things and it certainly can’t be the worst on the list, except of course, you’ve done something really serious. 

The best thing to do at this point is giving her the space she wants. Don’t call, text, ignite arguments or even knock on her door. You shouldn’t base all your actions on emotions, sometimes logic is the answer. When she takes time for herself, she’ll be able to redefine what makes her happy. This will produce a healthy relationship and enhance the emotional health of both of you.

With this, you will be able to focus on your qualities and develop them to attract the right person for you. This single act alone, can go as far as earning you self respect that will help you continue doing the things that make you happy, show up for yourself and set boundaries on what you believe is right for you and the relationship you’re in. In as much as you want what is best for the relationship, refrain from acting in emotions and impulses, try to act on logic and be more responsible for your actions.

Study this lady carefully, have you both lost touch previously? When you called did she return your calls or ignore them? This could happen if she isn’t that into you. When a lady has the hots for her man, she would look forward to every second of being with him. Yes, there has to be room and provision for personal time and space to attend to work, nature calls and other needs. Still and all, she’ll never take too much time apart if she is really crazy over you. I understand that the truth will be a hard lump to swallow because it takes a big hit on your ego as a man. But whatever the reasons for her ignoring you may be, I’ll advise that you don’t let your emotions get the best of you in this situation. Once you find out her reasons, I’m certain you’ll understand that none of those things your mind cheated you into thinking really mattered.

There are a number of possible causes for her ignoring you. Amidst all the complications, it is important that you first recognize your mistakes and pay attention to her. Trust me, when you start with this step, you might just find the solution without doing anything extra.

Sometimes, the solution to the problem might not be clear enough for you to understand, howbeit, once you discover that mistake, you can easily avoid making it again, by whatever way possible. Here you’ll be provided with some well curated reasons why she’s ignoring you.

Reasons Why She Is Ignoring You Now

  • You’re Overly Timid: Why is she ignoring me now

This one might sound absurd and totally out of point but women are usually into men who can step up their game and pursue her to the extreme ends of the world. You may be wondering, ‘we’ve gone far in the relationship, so why would she think I’m shy at this point?’ A lot of the time, women think that men who just go with the flow are not serious about the relationship. It’s close to basic human psychology, so you might wanna pin this down and check yourself for any trails of shyness.

  • Inconsistency On Your Part

If you have a problem of not sticking to what you say and following them to the end, then you are definitely going to have an issue with that partner of yours. No woman wants to be in a relationship with someone who cannot keep to his scheduled and stipulated plans. If this lady you are dating happens to be a woman of high value that holds things like this in high regard, she’s not going to wait around for you of she sees that you are inconsistent.

If you do not plan and tend to do everything in the last minute, you might be the cause of her attitude towards you. By not being true to your word and sending text messages once in a while means that, you are drizzling tiny bits of attention over her, barely enough to keep her hopes up and make her stick around. As a matter of fact, this attitude could be a deal breaker fosome women, so you might wanna sit up and work on yourself for the relationship to last.

  • There’s No Emotional Connection: Why is she ignoring me now?

She may be ignoring you cause she doesn’t feel the spark any more. This may be because, you have not built an emotional connection with this lady or it just wasn’t there to start with. Many men focus their energies into getting a woman to like them, this could make both parties ignore the signals that they may not be meant for each other. If you don’t pay attention to signals during the inception of your relationship, it may hunt you down eventually through different means, her ignoring you could be one of them.

When that lady is not into you, you’ll definitely know even during the chasing stage, her true emotions will surface. You could only be seeing her recent attitude as a surprise if you haven’t really been paying close attention to her emotions towards you, just to be convinced there’s an actual connection. At some point in our lives, we all face rejection, and as hard as it sounds, it is somewhat inevitable. 

Rejection is not the worst thing there is. It does not make you better or worse in a lot of cases, it just open your eyes to possibilities. If you are still bound to cruise into the wrong relationships before getting to your true love, it will certainly happen. So if you notice there’s no spark between you both, take her ignoring attitude as an eye opener and move on. It’ll do you a lot of good.

  • She Probably Has A New Boyfriend: Why is she ignoring me now?

Let’s not wave off the fact that this could be a possibility. As hard as it may be to accept, it could be the primary reason she is ignoring you. This scenario happens a lot and it is no new occurrence that people could date many people at once. That’s the kind of world we live in, and as much as you may be faithful in your own side of the relationship, this might just be the time to let her go. 

There are chances that she was dating someone before or when she met you. This may have brought an abrupt end to that previous relationship of hers and there were still underlying feelings, maybe. Or she may have advanced further into that relationship than she did with you. This possibility is not rare and so you might wanna check this one to clarify your thoughts and know the next line of action.

• Are You Too Needy Lately?: Why is she ignoring me now?

I bet you know what this means in this context, and whatever your mind makes it to be, that’s a possible reason for her attitude lately. Have you been too dependent on her in any respect, maybe financially, emotionally or otherwise. It’s okay to want the attention and approval of your partner, but when it becomes too much, trust me, it could get very tiring for the person at the other end.

What does neediness means in this context. The neediness we’re talking about here goes two ways. One of them is letting your happiness depend on this other person. And the other one is being too dependent on this part of your’s. If you are talking to her and always in the lookout for her reaction, it means you are not fully convinced. You try to restructure every word you say to her in a way that she doesn’t ever get mad. It’s because you need her and don’t want to jeopardize any chances of getting what you desire.

You may think you are doing a pretty good job at camouflaging your hidden desires, but women can detect this, they would feel the pressure on them. If your behavior Everytime shows that you can’t live without her, things could go side ways really fast. You shouldn’t always go out of your way to get her attention or request so much from her or else you won’t be getting any attention from her anymore. Women don’t usually desire men whose happiness depends on what she does. She wants to be with someone that can spend a day without her. 

As funny as it may sound, knowing that you can live happily without her could be her strength to move on daily. Make sure to be financial and emotionally stable for your woman. You don’t need to be richer than her, but let her know you can take care of her without being dependent on her and her proceeds. Like the saying goes, ‘too much of everything is bad’, attention is not exempted from this theory.

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