Why Is It Important To Know Your Strengths?

Why Is It Important To Know Your Strengths?

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In our present day, life is no longer a private affair, thanks to the internet and social media. We have different views and opinions about people, especially public personalities. You’ll find that a lot of folks are usually quick to judge others especially because they feel it is quite easy to answer the evaluative question ‘who am I?’. A lot of the time, during interviews, the common question that is asked is, ‘tell us a little about yourself’. Then you see a lot of people stating their name, origin, schools attended, educational qualifications and achievements. 

Answers of this nature are nothing out of the ordinary. Infact, the answers might not be different from what’s on your CV, so what is the impression you are passing across daily, what makes you unique and different from others. That is your strength. Understanding your strength denotes the importance of self assessment. Still and all, self assessment is not exactly the easiest thing, you’ll be surprised how challenging it really is. 

Whether you are a top working class individual, an aspiring inventor, an emerging entrepreneur or even an executive in the making, discovering your strengths will provide the impact that you earnestly desire, giving you inward happiness and earning you the rewards you merited.

Getting to know the top things you are good at will help you bring your most valuable traits to limelight in virtually all your endeavors. Many of us focus more on what we are not good at and try to fix it, instead of discovering, grooming and appreciating our potentials. Thankfully, this guide is here to give you in-depth knowledge of why it is important to know your strengths.

First And Foremost, What Are Strengths?

Our Strengths are those positive attributes embedded in our being, that house unique combination of skills, experiences, talents and knowledge. Almost every individual has several strengths, howbeit, there’s only a few we can manifest. A lot of our strengths are left underutilized, unrecognized, unrewarded and even unappreciated. When our strengths are finally identified and focused on, we become a lot more productive, become more engaged, have all round joy and perform better in work and life generally.

Sometimes, at your workplace, you know deep down within you that you are an added value to the organization of your placement. However, you are not really able to articulate it by yourself most of the time, and the annoying part is that no one else might be able to point it out to you. You might be wondering why? Well, the simple answer is, ‘if you don’t understand your value and worth, how then would anyone discern your importance’.

Knowing your strengths will make you purposeful in literally everything you lay your hands to do, more like being intentional with your actions. This is because you have come to the knowledge of your value and how much you are worth. This single realization can help you gain clarity, motivation, happiness and inspiration. All you need is one simple act of self discovery.

What’s The Usefulness of Knowing Your Strengths? Or Why Is It Important To Know Your Strengths?

  • You’ll get faster ideas for action:

Understanding what your strengths really are, and how to utilize them in the best possible ways will definitely make you stand out. Imagine having a visual customized report with a detailed description of your potentials. The placement might sound too complicated to comprehend but the benefits cannot be overemphasized.

When you’ve got a ‘custom – made’ step by step procedure on how to maximize, take action and appreciate your strong points, it will dramatically heighten your level of engagement and degree of satisfaction in your work and life endeavors. This benefits could surface immediately after realization, somewhat instantaneously.

  • You are gifted with a boost in self-assurance and transparency: why is it important to know your strengths?

Discovering your strengths gives you a greater appreciation of how important and valuable you really are. Get to feel the thrill of confidence, solace and clarity, this will definitely happen because your strengths will give you a large boost. It is important to know your strengths because it will help you in virtually all your dealings

You’ll get an instantaneous confidence boost owing to the fact that you are sure of the decisions to take and the next line of action in any situation. Confidence denotes the quality of a person to have passive self assurance. Understanding your strengths will kickstart genuine expression and the feeling of certainty.

When you know what your strengths really are, you will possess the quality of trusting others and yourself. With this, you don’t underscore expectations because ‘I’ll be there by 6’ means what it means, no hidden codes or lies beneath. The trust advantage won’t just end with you, those that have come in dealings with you through one way or the other will always come back or refer others to you because they trust you and know you are sincere. At this point, anyone can trust you with Information held in secret because they are convinced that you’ll never disappoint them.

In the course of our lives, we all get into trouble through one means or the other. Most times it is not intentional, and other times it could be, for reasons best known to the troublemaker. Some troubles could be greater than others, these greater troubles could pose a huge problem to one’s reputation if things get out of hand. Sometimes people have been framed and accused by others for wrongs they never committed, when it happens, there’s no need to be alarmed because it is bound to come one way or the other owing to the kind of world that we live in.

In times like that, it is those strengths you realized and cultivated over time that could be your Saving grace. When a lot of people understand that you are confident and never shady in your dealings, they can vouch for you any time any day. 

  • Acquire great articulation for self assessment: still on why is it important to know your strengths?

When you are aware of your strengths and ensure to utilize them in your own possible way, you automatically get a brand new vocabulary that enables you to describe what you do best. Basically, you become accustomed to articulating the value you bring to your work and everyday life. This newly acquired vocabulary can be used right away.

In your workplace, leisure sports, conventional and religious gatherings, you can communicate to others about dreams, hopes, achievements, goals and expectations with this new vocabulary. It won’t hurt to put in some effort in order to advocate your value.

A lot of persons who may have received advice or mentoring, tend to find this vocabulary or articulation quality very powerful in navigating their present conditions. When you’ve found your strength, you immediately acquire this quality and become something close to a certified mentor. This is because you will always have a story to tell others about their life decisions and choices as well as the steps to take. Why? Because you have already gotten some experience in that subject and so you have some rooted knowledge concerning it

Experience they say is the best teacher, you can lecture on a topic you know nothing about. When you’ve identified your worth and strongest points, you can provide people with good and impactful description of their worth or value. This comes to play in a scenario whereby someone is updating his or her CV and doesn’t know what to write about him or herself, your assistance will be very helpful at this point in time.

  • You have a brand new appreciation for attributes in yourself that you have undervalued and disregarded in the past:

Everyone has hobbies, something they like doing. A common misconception about our strengths is that they are things we like doing, probably our hobbies. Most of the time, our strengths are not visible to us. In other words, they might not necessarily be our hobbies. They could be those things we are used to doing, not because they are so much fun, but just because they are habits we have cultivated over time.

Take for instance, the case of a man who had always thought his lifelong habit of saving magazines in his drawer was a little case of hoarding, and always felt guilty about it. When references to those articles were direly needed, he finally realized the importance of his saving habit and celebrated the value it added. Identifying your strengths early enough will make you more productive, engaged and happy in your daily activities.

Maybe you have the ability to transform ideas into instant action, your strength could be best described as ‘Activator’. Perhaps you can predict potential situations better than others, then you’ve got a ‘Strategic’ strength. Do you perhaps excel in new organisational projects within your industry? Your own type of strength could best be described as ‘Future based or futuristic’. Whatever form they appear always note that, Strengths are those unforeseen traits that come naturally to you. You don’t learn your strengths, you discover them. 

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