When your ex wants you back

When your ex wants you back

Love is tricky and complicated, and sometimes, due to wrong decisions, you break up with your partner, but then you realize your Ex wants you back. When you break up with your partner, this time is not easy to pass through. You have to bear emotional imbalance, sadness, loneliness, and the thoughts of whether you have done right or wrong. In this article, I will not offer what you should do after a breakup but the signs that help you decide what your ex wants and what you can do. If you also want your ex back, then every move your ex makes will sign that your ex wants you back. When you don’t want to see your ex again in your life, then the moves, actions, and tries made by your ex will be meaningless and unrecognizable to you.

Sometimes it seems impossible to figure out whether your ex really wants you back or not. So in this situation, try to figure out what your ex wants from a neutral point of view. So in this article, we have mentioned the signs that your ex can show when they want to patch up again. Then you will get to what you should do for your self-care.

So let’s jump right in!

Signs When Your Ex Wants You Back

Your Ex Stay In Touch With You

If your ex texts you regularly and calls you frequently to check how you are, it is clear that your ex wants you back. Generally, people take space after a breakup and don’t like to stay in touch because they want to move on. But if your ex texts you and calls you, it means they haven’t moved on but want you back in your life. 

Your Ex Opens Up To You About Their Feelings

This is an obvious sign that your ex wants you back. If your ex tells you about their feelings and thoughts for you, cares for you, or asks how you are, it depicts they are again interested in you. in return, your ex will also want you to open up about your feelings.

Your Ex Wants To Whether You Are Dating Or Not

Does your ex try to come in contact with you when they see you with someone new? Do they check whether you are still single or not? If your ex does this, it means there is something that should be noticed. So these moves indicate you have not moved on because your present dating life would be don’t their concern after moving on.  

Your Ex Recall “Good Time” With You

Do you recall good times when both of you were happy? If your relationship was strong and happy, moving on will be difficult for both of you. It is natural we cannot forget the most joyful and lovely movements of our lives. If your ex recalls the time when you were living for each other, when both of you were enough for each other, when there was no clash between you, and when you were spending a joyful life, it means your ex wants to make a relationship again.

Your Ex Follows You On Social Media

Does your ex follow you on social media? If your answer is yes, it is a clear indication that your ex wants you back. We live in a world full of technologies, and keeping track of someone is not a difficult task.

If your ex follows you on social media, it means they want to know about life, they want to keep in touch with you, and they don’t have enough courage to unfollow you because they have a soft corner for you in their heart.

Generally, after breaking up with your ex, your social media life has no importance to your ex, and they don’t even bother to know what you are doing in your life, but if it is not like that, then there are chances your ex wants you back.

Your Ex Talks About Break Up Regularly

Discussing break up is normal because people do that to wind up things. But if your ex talks about breaking up regularly, then t is not normal; there may be something that they want to tell you. But talking about the breakup more frequently and trying to know what went wrong means your ex wants you back.

Your Ex Is Jealous With You

When you have moved on with whom your ex is dating or spending a life does not bother you or make you jealous. But what does it means when your ex becomes jealous when they know you are dating someone new? Obviously, that means they cannot bear you to dating someone else and want to patch again. Because jealousy is a natural reaction, we get jealous when we don’t want to lose someone we love.

Your Ex Acknowledge, His Role What, Have Gone Wrong

If your ex admits his flaws that end the relationship, it means he does not want to end it. He has understood his fault. When a person admits his guilt, it means they are sorry for you and want to come back again. 

That is not easy to admit our wrongdoing because it requires putting your ego aside. So if your ex admits his flaws, you must know he wants you back.

Touching You Freely

When a person has moved on, they don’t like to touch or even shake hands when they accidentally meet with each other, but if your exdon’t do that and finds ways to give you little physical touches, it means he wants a serious response from your side.

So if your ex tries to brush his hand against your hands and try to shake hands when you meet, it means something is up, and he wants you back in his life.

Your Ex Find Reasons To Talk To You

Usually, after breaking up, you don’t want to talk to your ex, or even you don’t want to think about them. But what should you expect if your ex finds random reasons to talk to you? Your ex finds a random reason to talk to you because they want to remain in touch with you.

If your ex talks about your business shares and the custody of your kids, it is enough; you cannot think he wants a patch-up again in this situation. But if your ex tries to talk without any reason, then it may be possible he wants to make a relationship again.

Your Ex Blame Himself For Breakup

Most of the time, it is not easy to take the blame for something negative. But if a person does it, he wants something serious from you. If your ex takes the responsibility and admits that the breakup was because of his mistakes, it means a lot. 

It also means that he has improved himself. If you accept him, he will have a chance to mature and make you more satisfied and happy.

Your Ex Try To Contact With Your Friends And Family

If you are in a serious relationship with your partner, he will be familiar with your family and friends. But when you get separated, no reason is left to stay in contact with your family and friends.

Most people don’t bother contacting their family after breaking up. But if you hear that your ex is in contact with your family and friends, then you will think for a while about the reason behind that. It means he is still interested in you and wants you back. There is also the possibility that he has told your friends that he wants you back in his life.

What Should You Do When Yor Ex Wants You Back?

The news that your ex wants you back is shocking for everyone, but Now the important point is that what should you do if you know your ex wants you back? I can’t tell you what you should do, but I will offer aspects you must consider before making any decision. What would happen if your ex again ditched you? What would happen if your ex again hurt you? What would you do if your ex cheated on you again? What would happen if your ex forced you to live in hell? You can get the answer by keeping the following consideration in your mind.

So let’s get started!

What Has Made You Ex To Come Back To You?

You were compelled to think about what made your ex come back to you? that was shocking for you when your ex decided the breakup. So first, try to figure out what happens to make your exchange decision?

Sometimes a person decides a break up when he is going through a lot of pressure and stress. At this point, a person thinks his relationship augments the force, so he ends up lessening the anxiety. But after some time, they realize the relationship was not the cause of all the unhappiness and stress. Then end up regretting his decision. Most of the time, exes come back when they pass enough time to realize they have done wrong and cannot live without their partner. 

Sometimes people get scared of a serious relationship and decide to break up because they don’t want a serious relationship at that time. But when time passes, they realize the right. So there are many reasons for coming back to your ex but first, make sure they tell you why they are coming back to you. You should also consider the relationship again with them. Think about how you would again manage the thing and ho you would work together toward common goals?

How You Can Identify The Reasons for Breakup When Your Ex Come Back

When you get to know your ex wants back to you, don’t hurry to make a relationship again. Take enough time and think what was the reason for the breakup before. Both of you should understand what leads to separation because separation is not without reason. Something happens that results in separation. So first consider the following reasons that result in separation:

Loss of Trust

Trust makes a foundation of every relationship, not only the foundation of a relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend but also the relationship between husband and wife, children and parents, brother and sisters. So losing trust can destroy the foundation of your relationship, and you will end in separation.

When you start losing trust? You begin losing trust in your partner when there is a violation of financial agreements, when your confidence is betrayed, and the lies begin to build up. 

Trust makes you feel safe with your partner, and when you trust your partner, you become expressive and caring because you know he is only yours in every aspect. But when you realize things are changing, you lose trust, and your relationship does not go well. At this point, you think separation is the only option left.


When you come into a relationship with someone, you start thinking beyond talking about your daily routine. When you spend enough time with another, you start talking about what your partner thinks about his career, making a family, having children, living in a place with you, and how he spends time with you. When you feel your thoughts and views don’t match your partner, and you are opposite each other, you think separation is the only solution to the problem.

Abusive Partner

Most of the time, you are suffering from physical and mental abuse but cannot do anything at that time. When the right time comes,s you don’t think other than the separation. You find separation the only solution to get rid of abuse. 

Some hurts and damages are unforgettable, and that is very difficult to return to such a person. So think thousands of times before making any final decision.

Long-distance Relationships

Sometimes, long-distance relationships end up badly. There are many reasons for it because in a long-distance relationship you are not close enough with each other. Poor communication skills are the major reason for ending up a long-distance relationship. You are emotionally attached to each other because texts, voice calls, and video calls are not enough to strengthen your bond. 

In a long-distance relationship, the partners don’t make plans to meet and don’t make future plans. Research has shown that long-distance relationship ends because of poor emotional attachment, and the partners do not make plans to live in the same city. This causes depression in them because expressing your feeling, care, and attention for your lover while living in a different city is very difficult for a person.

Why is there a need to understand the reasons for separation? This is crucial to understand the sense of separation because if you are hoping to make a relationship with the same person with the same habits, then there are chances it will again result in separation. So knowing the reason for separation and changing yourself to lead a successful relationship is very important for both of you.

Excessive jealousy

Do you do the things that you don’t like but do to appease your partner’s insecurities? If something like that is happening, then you are not in a healthy relationship. If your partner doesn’t let you talk to any other girl or ask you to give her all the passwords of your private apps. That is not good for a healthy relationship so if you are suffering from such a toxic relationship, then making up your mind to break up is normal.

You Are not Friends with Each Other

In all relationships, that are unnecessary; if you are a girlfriend and boyfriend, you will be friends. Sometimes, when you enter a relationship with your friend, the friendship starts declining, and you behave more like a girlfriend and boyfriend. This factor leads to a mutual breakup.

Drug Addiction

Research shows more than 10 million women and men go through abuse. Drug abuse makes you physically and mentally abusive to your partner. As a result of drug addiction, you lose your partner because no one will like to live with you if you are toxic and offensive.

Excessive Arguments and conflicts

This reason is also the most common reason for a breakup between couples. Arguments and conflicts make you depressed, decrease the intimacy with your partner, and lessen your affection and your love for him or her. As a result, the poor emotional attachment leads to breaking up in the end.

No one likes always to give explanations to defend himself. So in that way, the easiest way will be to break up with you.

Money Troubles In Your Relationship

Why do people leave their loved ones? Sometimes money becomes the reason for the breakup. When your women have to work hard to get enough money to fulfill the demands of life, so she becomes frustrated. In this situation, when there are money clashes like one of you is spending more money than the other, one is not sharing his income when your partner is hiding money from you and misusing your money. All these troubles result in the end up of a relationship.

No Compromise In Your Relationship

Every relationship requires compromise to grow into a healthy relationship. We can also say a compromise from both sides makes the foundation of a relationship. That is also not good if only you have to compromise, not your partner. 

If only one partner compromises, this will also spoil your relationship very fast. According to breakup statistics, the reason for most breakups is no compromise between two people.

Difference In Interests

This reason is also the most common reason for break up between couples. If there are differences in your religions and beliefs, whether to start a family or not, what to do in your spare time, where to live, and where to spend vacations, then break up is the only solution to take peace of mind.

I hope you understand the reason behind your breakup. Some reasons for your separation cannot make your mind ever to patch up again with your ex even if your ex wants to come back to you. Take time to pinpoint all the flaws in your relationship because that will help you to understand whether you want them back in your life or not.

Can You Forgive Your Ex For His Wrongdoings?

This is an honest question: Can you forgive your ex for his wrongdoings? You must ask yourself before accepting or rejecting his ex’s proposal. Without forgiving your ex genuinely, your relationship will not reach its full potential.

Discontentment is a major reason for unsuccessful relationships, so forgiveness builds the base of your new relationship with the same person if you also want to patch up. Now the question is, when do you forgive your ex for his wrongdoings? You can step forward to forgive your ex if he is trying to remember the previous flaws. 

When your ex assures you that he will change himself in a better way to proceed with successful relationships, forgiving him will prove a good decision for you. Also, remember that don’t hold on to the past when you have decided on a new relationship with your ex.

How to Figure Out Your Ex Is Trying To Get Back?

Sometimes your ex cannot gather enough courage to tell you that he wants you back, but if your ex dares to tell you, that is also not enough. Because only saying they want to back doesn’t satisfy you that they have changed themselves to put forward a successful relationship.

First, check what he is doing to patch up with you again. If he really wants to get you back, he will make some moves to give you a signal. In this article, I have mentioned all the signs in detail, but here, I will outline a few of them.

The most obvious sign that your ex wants you back includes they will try to contact you more frequently, they will try not to make you feel awful, will be not aggressive to you, and will call you to know how you are and how you are you doing, they try to plan some meetups with you for coffee or tea. They will also talk about your breakup and the reason behind it. 

If you feel these moves, then there may be something up. Your ex can also say that they will change themselves in a good way, he or she will show regret over the situation, they will talk about what was wrong in our relationship and how things could be different.

Other times when your ex wants you back, they will try to meet you accidentally and will try to look improved in front of you. By doing this, they try to show that they have improved themselves to be the best for a relationship.

It means your ex is trying to get you back and to put forward a serious relationship again. At this point, you can start thinking about what you want? And what should you do?

Is It Really Worth It To Go Back To Your Ex?

If you are constantly thinking about your ex wanting you back. But you are unable to make a decision, so first evaluate your previous relationship with him, your compatibility, your friendship, your chemistry with each other, and your trust in each other. 

If you think only the history of negativity is important to decide whether it is good for you to go back to him or not, you are wrong. In this situation, you should take into account both the negative and positive history of your relationship.

If your relationship was only a source of tension, terror, depression, and constant pain, then take it into account. But if the people help you recall the days when both of you were happy and lovely with each other, remember you are good days. After evaluating your relationship, it is up to what you want.

Take time and don’t rush into a relationship too fast. Give time for things to become normal. If you take things slow, this will heal you, and your next relationship will be good for you. 

If you are still confused about whether it is worth it, then both of you can go to the mental health professionals. They check you individually or with your partner to analyze what you want and what is the reason behind your toxic relationship before.

When things are normal and you realize the unexpected good changes in your partner, your decision to return to your husband will be worth it.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Your Ex Wants You Back?

If you decide to go back to your ex when he or she wants back with you. So first I will suggest you pay attention to some consideration before making a final decision. It seems very wonderful to create a new relationship with your ex. People also consider that it is also good for your stable emotions if your ex has improved enough to proceed with a successful relationship.

But I would be lying if I would not tell you that making a relationship with the same person will require a lot of patience, hard work, perseverance, resilience, and the best communication with your ex.

The truth is that coming back to the same person is easier than forgetting that person. But if you take things slowly, you can succeed in a stable relationship.

Before developing a relationship again, make sure you come up with the solutions to recurring problems; in this new relationship, you have to act as a team, you have to make your partner feel safe, and you will have to make your relationship excited if you want to make your partner get bored. If you can make all these improvements, then you can step forward to accept your ex again.

When you have made up your mind to go back to your ex when he wants you back, then keep in mind the beginning of your new relationship will be fragile; you have to be more vigilant to make each other feel safe again. After a breakup, everyone goes through the pain, so when you have made up your mind to restart your relationship again, try to take care of another to lessen the previous pain and depression.

I would like to mention that you think why you are going back to your ex? Because you don’t want to e alone or you really love him? If you only want to step back in a failed relationship because you don’t want to be alone, please don’t do that because this may hurt you again and may break you into million pieces.

How can you Maintain a Healthy Balance With Your Ex?

When you have a relationship with your ex, you need to be more careful than before. Here I have mentioned the precautions you must take if you don’t want to hurt yourself again.

  • Don’t over-invest yourself in your Ex
  • Pay close attention to your demands and expectations
  • Don’t become clingy at all when you receive love from your ex


In short, when you get to know your ex wants you back, do not hurry. First, evaluate your previous relationship with him and all your relationship’s positivity and negativity, then make any decision. You must be aware of whether he is really trying to come back to you or not. There is also the possibility that he only wants you as a friend, not more than that. So you can confirm it by noticing the moves that include talking about your previous relationship with you, texting you regularly, staying in touch with you and your family, having improved himself for you and directly telling you that he wants to come back. If he makes all his efforts to convince you, you can take a step toward making a relationship again. But be careful before making any decision.

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