When To Start Buying Baby Stuff

When To Start Buying Baby Stuff

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Just got pregnant? Are you an expectant mother? Then congratulations on your new bundle of joy. There are lots of questions that come with having a baby, and the time you should start buying baby stuff is not left out on this inquisitiveness. This is like one of the most glaring questions on every pregnant woman’s mind as soon as she finds out she’s expecting a baby. The truth is that, there is no official or stipulated timeline for buying baby things. Even still, we all begin wondering when the right time is for baby shopping. It’s simply amazing and exciting, so combining all that happiness and fun in your shopping journey just makes everything interesting.

Sometimes, we tend to go about making crazy long lists of stuff to buy when we look at all the cute and adorable baby items in those catalogues. You’ll certainly get drawn in by all the excitement, trust me on this one. But when reality strikes, you’ll gradually start to pump the brakes. It is very important for expectant mothers to avoid overspending and make sure to keep the baby preparations on a rational budget. Your hormones may be probably screaming ‘buy it now’, but when you hear this suggestion in your head, you’ll have to take over with the assistance of a pocketbook so you can dampen that desire to spend over and above.

People often wonder if it is bad luck to start buying baby things pretty early. Let’s embrace reality more better, there is no medical research or study which reveals that your pregnancy will be affected if you start purchasing baby items during the first trimester. Myths will always be there and it’s no use to be swayed by them, at least for those that are comfortable with their personal decisions concerning their overall wellness and inward happiness.

The reasons that make buying baby items during the first trimester problematic are not at all related to myths. It is probably common knowledge that stocking up everything the first trimester isn’t always the best decision. Many mothers have done it in the past and they’ve all had lessons to learn from, either from subtle or more significant mistakes. Whatever challenge that may arise as a result of this decision, it won’t be too much too handle. Howbeit, it is always best to reverse issues beforehand. 

Along with the spending urge during early days of pregnancy, there is the challenge of finding a balance between loading your memory with so much info and swiping your credit card. While in your quest to come to an understanding about which purchase time is best, resist the early ‘spending spree’ urge because; 

You’ve got nine months before the D-day.

– Never underestimate the benevolence of friends and well wishers, there might be a whole bunch of baby gifts than you’d expect.

– At this point, you don’t know what you really need.

– Your style choices for baby clothing might change pretty fast, and it’s totally fine, after all, you’ve got another human growing inside of you.

The sex of the baby is not yet in sight and neutral clothes should not be what dominates your child’s wardrobe.

Shopping for the new bundle of joy is something that expectant and soon -to- be mothers look forward to throughout their pregnancy period. Still and all, many women wonder when to start buying baby items and which time is too soon to start buying. In between time pressures, anxiety, myths and hand-me-downs, knowing the right time to pick those nappies on exclusive offer, the cute cosy baby blankets in the shop windows, or the tiny sleep suits in those cloth hangers can be quite challenging.

You might be eager to buy baby stuff, but you are afraid that buying too much stuff could make the whole pregnancy period seem ridiculously long. This restricts some expectant mothers from purchasing baby items until they are very close to their due date, which is not advisable in many cases. To remedy this, you can ask a friend or family member if you can store some of the items that you purchase in their house until you get closer to your due date. With this, you can buy baby stuff on time and won’t have to look at it every single day.

Of course, there are a handful of items to buy when you find out you are pregnant, still and all, there aren’t as much things on the list like you’d think. You’d find that in the first trimester or the period of early pregnancy, you are required to buy things for you and your sustenance, not necessarily the baby clothes and bibs. This may come off as cold and self serving especially for an expectant mother, but never forget that it is your overall wellness that matters during this period to ensure the child’s survival. So while you explore the horizons of baby shopping trips, you might want to consider this.

During the period of early pregnancy, the first trimester to be precise, you’ll need prenatal vitamins, relief for morning sickness, pregnancy journal, bump progression stickers (for the fun of it) and nothing much. So let’s rethink our priorities for every pregnant month so as not to run into loopholes and unnecessary tiredness.

Well, if you are not really in sync with the idea of purchasing baby items earlier, then you can wait more weeks before you begin your shopping journey. Some persons are super eager to get going on that baby shopping trip while others could feel they are jinxing their pregnancy by even accommodating the thought. So I’ll advise that you go with your gut when it feels right. Whatever choices you make concerning the time for purchase of baby stuff, make sure it is not too late.

Having pushed these notables out of the way, here are some useful tips that you need to know to help you decide the best time to start shopping for the arrival of your new baby.

Start Buying Baby Stuff By The 20th Week Mark

This is by far, the best time to start shopping for baby gear. By this time, you have successfully graduated from the gallopy periods of the pregnancy without miscarriage, into the time frame when the whole reality seems more surreal and the chances of the child’s survival are clearer. You could even start looking out for baby registry ideas and all the formal preparations. You must have even let some friends and family on about your pregnancy. You’ve got 12 to 16 weeks more before the final arrival of the baby, so there’s just enough time to plan.

If you are able to get all the things that you and the baby need by the 32nd week, you are all set and in good shape. So make sure to handle all shopping needs during this time frame as some babies have their own timelines and they could just come onboard earlier than expected. Like stated earlier, there are some factors that determine when the time is best for buying baby stuff. Among those many factors, these two are some of the most prominent;

Have you found out the baby’s gender or are you in the process of checking that?

– Is there going to be a baby shower? And if there’s going to be one, when exactly?

When the gender of the baby is known, you’ll know how to bypass buying some items as you’ll be fully aware of the necessary and irrelevant things needed for your baby. In the event that you are going to have a baby shower, you might want to wait to see the gifts you get before purchasing larger items. The time of your baby shower could be close to the 30th to 32nd week of your pregnancy so that you can have everything you require in place.

With this information, you will find that purchasing the baby diaper, furniture, clothes and the rest is hugely dependent on the baby gender. It’s no doubt that buying baby clothes is super fun. However, I’ll personally recommend buying an outfit in each size per month throughout the 12 moths after birth. This is helpful because, there have been cases where clothes bought before the child’s arrival ended up being too tight for the baby, and we all know that such clothes would either be regifted or just dumped somewhere.

To answer your question about when to start buying stuff in detail, I’ll advise that you start buying it from the 13th to 20th week of your pregnancy. The larger items could be bought after the baby shower if there is going to be one, or else you can just take care of everything between the 13th and 20th week.  Start buying the things that you need in few quantities at first like nappies, wipes, creams amd shampoos. By doing this, you are easing that nesting feeling without having to overrun the house with baby clothes, furniture and other equipment. Almost all expectant mums get this nesting feeling.

Getting past the purchase of baby stuff within the late periods of the second trimester and ‘early third trimester’ is highly recommend. These are the most recommendable days as you’ve gotten past the rocky first trimester.