What Is Velocitation In Driving?

Velocitation highway hypnosis

What Is Velocitation In Driving?

Velocitation is one of the most crucial topics every driver and passenger should understand. However, a lot of people do not have a solid knowledge of the subject. This article will teach everything you need to know about velocitation.

Velocitation Definition

Velocitation usually occurs when you drive for long periods at tremendous speeds. Drivers do experience velocitation when coming off of the highway; the variation in speed makes such drivers think that the car is going much slower than it is actually. Velocitation lets you drive much faster than you intend, and that is extremely dangerous.

Velocitation is the tendency to be traveling at a speed that is faster than perceived.

Velocitation is a common psychological occurrence that happens in freeway driving. It occurs when drivers unconsciously move too fast in a freeway. The most reliable way to avoid these issues is to drive when you are well-rested and mentally alert.

How Can We Prevent Velocitation?

Velocitation is very dangerous, and we must try as much as possible to prevent it.  The first step to avoiding velocitation is by staying at alert while driving. You should always practice safe driving and occasionally do a reality check by looking at your speedometer. Drive when you are well-rested and mentally alert only. Take a break to recalibrate when leaving the highway for a local road. Velocitation brings you the illusion that you are traveling much slower than you are. However, you can be sure that the authorities will notice the discrepancy in your speed and driving behavior.

What Causes Velocitation

Velocitation is caused by driving at high speed for an extended period. The driver gets hypnotized with speed and continues to move like that while on the freeway. These can be dangerous and can lead to horrible accidents.

What Is The Difference Between Velocitation And Highway Hypnosis?

Velocitation means when a driver moves at a speed that is more than perceived. That is when he drives too fast on a freeway. The best way to avoid it is to stay alert when driving and also do a reality check on the speedometer occasionally.

On the other hand, highway hypnosis is a condition that occurs when the driver operates the vehicle in a drowsy, dulled, and trance-like state. Be aware of your surroundings always, and to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel, take frequent breaks. Possibly, avoid driving for long periods and stop if you start to feel tired.

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