What Is A High Value Man

What Is A High Value Man

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The term high value man is common nowadays. Yet, many do not understand what the term means. Here, we will look into what really makes a high value man? If you wish to become a high value man, knowing the answer to this question is key. This guide seeks to reveals to you, the traits that should be cultivated and developed in order to be a high value man. It would interest you to know that every single trait that humans exhibit have a way of affecting their personality either directly or indirectly. Those traits also let them acquire vital life assets like; friends, status, resources and a lot of others. One of the prominent qualities on this list is awareness and emotional intelligence. In the regular and natural order of things with regards to human emotions, men are stronger emotional beings. When intelligence plays it’s way into this natural trait, the whole stage is set for all round success. Emotional strength and intelligence are personality traits which will make you successfully in life and relationships alike.

Emotional intelligence comprises of self and social awareness that embodies your personality, emotions, passions, motivation as well as your respect for other people’s emotions and dynamics. Emotional strength comprises of self and relationship management in combating pressure, understanding priorities, wielding power, as well as the ability to build and manage positive relationships. Over time, many scientists have argued about the stance on emotional intelligence as a trait that is measurable, but we all know fully well that the subclasses of emotional intelligence and strengths vary from person to person. The aforementioned are all very needful qualities for a high value man. This is because they play a vital role in influencing a man’s ability to develop, relate with others effectively, acquire social status, gain respect and go forward in all life endeavors.

A lot of persons get the concept of emotional intelligence all wrong. People think it is this kind of touchy feely approach to life that requires you to cry, sit on the floor and be vulnerable. But it is much more than that. It is self awareness and self management that really shows the difference between the men with a direction and the men that have no clue as to where they are going. High value men know their passions so they don’t ask without reason. In simple terms, they don’t need anyone to tell them who they are and what to do. With all said and done, let’s get into the business of the day and dissect the notables of being a high value man. So sit tight and stay intrigued as we journey through the vastness of the subject.

How To Be A High Value Man

It is no new occurrence that every man seeks to become an alpha male, and every woman desires to be an alpha female. Why would this be? Well, I’ll say, that’s because the more alpha traits a person possesses, the more competitive, successful and competent you will become. I mean, who doesn’t want this kind of dominance? After all, it is the good and purposeful type of dominance. Amidst all the fun facts, there has been a lot of misconceptions about all that being an alpha entails. You’d probably visualize an alpha male as a pretty muscular and vulgar dude who has deep love for bullying. You might continue your imagination by linking the features of an alpha male to that intimating jerk at school that loves making trouble with virtually everyone. As much as this assertion may be true in some instances, it is usually not the case. This is because alpha men are vast and different.

Being a high value man does not require you to exert dominance or any intimating complex. It just require you to possess some alpha qualities to stand out and display your uniqueness. So the question remains, how can you become a high value man? Don’t fret, I’ll explain that in a jiffy. Below are some important points on how to become a high quality man.

  • Learn to commit to yourself and those you hold dear

The ability to commit to ones self and others is a step to being highly valued as a man. Learn how to operate on full commitment. A high value man doesn’t joke with things that concern him. When it comes to his friendships, relationships, outing plans and even his career, he puts it into action and makes sure to bring his plans to fruition in whatever way he can. So learn to value loyalty and be comfortable with full commitment. It could seem scary at first but the journey just gets easier when you stay focused and positive. Stay away from anything vague and know what you are worth, only then will you be confident and fully into the game. You must be either all in or not in at all.

  • Cultivate your conversation strengths

A high value man is usually a great conversationalist. He knows how to indulge people in conversations that will benefit them because he reads, attends conferences, goes to seminars and makes efforts to broaden his knowledge. Because he has lived and is still living a life full of experiences to draw from, he is very confident in sharing them. Conversation with such a person is very interesting as you can freely ask him questions which he will answer. So if you want to be a high value man, you might need to put this one into consideration.

  • Be an impeccable dresser

Being flawless in your dressing pattern has absolutely nothing to do with having a designer or getting the most expensive haircuts, it’s about having an eye for style – knowing what’s in vogue, exercising self love and self care towards yourself. No one would hold a shabby dresser in high esteem, this applies to both men and women alike. Subscribe to men’s health platforms where you get first hand information about what pertains to you with regards your health and overall wellness. You should know how to recreate those top designer looks for much less. You can spend some money on certain clothing and have it tailored perfectly to your body shape and size. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Your nails should be well manicured, with the calluses and cuticles well taken care of. The shoes you wear should always be neat. Too much cologne isn’t necessary at all. A subtle but fresh scent can go a long way, more than you’d expect, and I’m guessing you know what I mean by this. Hairs should be well plucked, shaved and trimmed where and when need be. Stick to a very efficient and regular grooming routine. A man doesn’t need to look feminine to be great, just look your best at all times and you are all set.

  • Be a positive person and a smile giver

When you try to stay positive at all times, you will attract positive persons and not the other way round. When you always have this vibe of being on the hunt for a woman, you’ll give out a message of desperation and trust me, it’s not always the best. Learn to always pivot your thoughts towards positivity, have a positive outlook of things, stop any negativity from creeping into your mind and you’ll see how well you’ll do.

Traits Of A High Value Man

  • He is well mannered – A high value man knows how to offer help when need be.
  • He is a confident person – He is comfortable in his own skin and so he isn’t double-minded or two-faced. Fidgeting can’t be found in him.
  • A high value man desires to understand women better and so he doesn’t back out at the first display of emotions, not even the second or future ones.
  •  He is intelligent and strong emotionally
  •  He takes responsibility for his actions and inactions
  •  He is totally honest, genuine and definitely not abusive or insultive
  •  He knows just the right amount of distance and won’t impose
  •  A high value man always keeps in touch
  •  He’s got a pretty high self esteem and there’s nothing anyone can do about it
  •  He’s polite to everyone and will never make a person feel bad even if they decline his requests
  •  He keeps in contact and checks up on others
  • He is fun to be with
  • His surroundings are tidy – His home is a place you look forward to visiting everytime, and his car isn’t left out.
  •  His communication is strong and effective
  •  He doesn’t mince with words and so he makes his intentions clear from the onset