Write 0.325 as a Fraction or .325 as a Fraction

0.325 as a Fraction

What is 0.325 as a Fraction?

Many students ask the question “what is 0.325 as a fraction?” some also ask “how to convert 0.325 to a fraction?” or “what is 0.325 as a fraction in the lowest term?”

This is a simple and basic mathematics question. Your teacher wants you to convert the decimal number 0.325 to a fraction with a numerator (N) and denominator (D). Simply put, he/she want you to solve the equation as follow:

.325 = N/D

This post will not only explicitly explain how to get the answer to 0.325 as a fraction, but also demonstrate to you that our solution is correct.

0.325 As a Fraction – First Step

You should note that 1000 multiplied by .325 will remove the decimal point. Consequently, make a fraction where the numerator is .325 times 1000 and denominator is 1000 as shown below:

    .325 x 1000  

.325 As a Fraction – Second Step

The next step is to multiply the numbers in the numerator together and keep the denominator as is. Now we get the fraction below:


0.325 As a Fraction – Third Step

Now we find the common factor. The most significant common factor of 325 and 1000 is 25, which means you can divide both the numerator and denominator by 25 and retain the same value. See below:

325 ÷ 25 / 1000 ÷ 25

.325 As a Fraction – Final Step

After calculating the numerator and denominator in our fraction above, we get .325 as a fraction in the simplest form possible:

.325 = 13/40

Now you know how to convert 0.325 to fraction.


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