Signs Your Ex Misses You And Wants You Back

Signs Your Ex Misses You And Wants You Back

Breakups are not always friendly or light-hearted. You don’t see an instance where two people calmly decide that it’s about time to make a clean break without any show of emotion on their faces. Anyone coming out of a relationship that meant something to them would be obviously devastated. Because breakups could be tornadoes of betrayal, heightened emotions and confusion, it could be a challenge to figure out how to proceed afterwards. When you share your life with someone you find special, your identities virtually unite, and when you’re apart, the whole reality changes to something rather unpleasant. The odds are that you won’t recognize who you are after the first week of the breakup.

Your ex can further make things complicated by showing signs that he or she wants you back. This could force you to wonder if he’s just into creating a new kind of confusion, or if his feelings are legit. If he wants a new spark between the both of you, like getting back together, could it really be a great idea? How in the world are you gonna know when to act or if you should act on these possible signals? Are these signs really legit, or you’re getting it all wrong? These and many more are questions that will keep popping up in your head. Thankfully enough, this article is here to clarify your doubts. So hold onto your seats and read on.

1. He Wants To Relieve All The Gory Details

Do you find this ex of yours dragging you into discussions about your previous relationship with him, then it’s obvious that he hasn’t let go his past yet. He wants to relieve those memories and so he throws light on them during conversations. When he’s trying to rehash everything, then that is an obvious sign that he has not been able to move on since the breakup. Perhaps, he is overly eager for the slightest opportunity to talk with you. In a bid to initiate conversation, he might try choosing a subject matter that the both of you know very well.

To see things more clearly, take note of the seemingly slightest things, like a persistent request for coffee, reaching out with thoughts about your history and any suspicious behaviors. A person who has really moved on will have no reasons whatsoever to dig into the past again. If you find this ex of yours showing attachment to this behavior, then he certainly wants to rekindle the fire you once had, and start off from where you both left off.

2. He Seems Explosive

This one could come along with a laced bits of antagonism. If this ex of yours finds it hard to keep his cool and maintain a civil conversation with you, then there might still be traced of unresolved feelings on his end. If he always manages to fight with you, and he tends to be resentful and easily irritated and explosive, then certainly wants you back. This s attitude is a suggestive attempt to change things between the both of you. So when you find conversations with him going in circles of endless negativity, you should observe him very closely.

Constant fights are not healthy for both of you and it will be best to iron things out. Do everything in your power to avoid being sucked into a seemingly endless back and forth. Ensure that you take care of yourself and refrain from exchanging words especially if arguments of this nature leave you feeling like you’ve been batted into submission.

3. He Rubs Off His New Life In Your Face

Does this person show off his fabulous new life just so you can take the hint that his doing pretty good. No person that is genuinely confident in their life feels the pressing need to rub it in the face of anyone. They say ‘Confidence is silent, while insecurities are loud’. You can know desperate persons on social media when they splash their profiles with the most glamorous effects. You see photos of this person having fun at parties, hanging out with attractive ladies and cruising. These and many more are see -through attempts employed by your ex to get your attention. You can easily see through his tactics if his displaying a side of his personality that didn’t even exist before. 

If you were in a surreal and worthwhile relationship with a person who now seems to be throwing his fabulous life in your face, note that such action could be as a result of pain. It is clear that your ex is having a hard time and wants some validation that you are going through the same awful experience. He would want to be on the winning end so bad and definitely not want to be seen as the person who lost the breakup. It is important to understand that, this U turn to the wild exotic life will be short lived. 

4. He Checks Up On You Quite Often

You can always strike up a conversation from a simple ”how’s everything?” text. Short text messages that give off the feeling of concern are the ultimate pathway to strike up meaningful and useless conversations alike. From a simple ‘how are you text’, the conversation could take a deeper and more engaging turn. If your ex is always checking into places you visit or checking up on you on a regular basis, then he misses you and probably wants you to know that too. 

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Behavioural patterns of reaching out like this, simply suggest the need for security and comfort. When you find that he’s always finding a sympathetic way to start conversations, then it is a sign that he misses you and wants you back in his life.

5. He’s Unnecessarily Jealous And Very Possessive

This is a regular emotion that virtually anyone can relate to. Today, a lot of romantic comedies showcase an unending sequence of exes trying hard to make their exes jealous. Fierce attachment is not something one should take foregranted especially when it is detrimental to your overall health and wellness. The idea of someone being possesive over you is quite catchy, but sometimes it is not the best. This point is a glaring area to know if that ex of yours really misses you.

Maybe you post yourself on social media with another friend of the opposite sex. A few minutes later, you see a message from your ex who makes it clear that he wants to know whom this person is to you and what the both of you are doing together. Or let’s take for instance, you are at a get together with a group of friends, then one thing leads to another and you find yourself chatting with a stranger whom you are acquainting yourself with, and suddenly, your ex bumps out of nowhere and demands that you talk with him privately. What does this scene show you, that your ex does not really fancy the idea of being your ex. He obviously misses you and wants you back.

That his doing this out of pride or concern does not matter, if he is still hanging onto the thought that you should not be getting involved in any romantic activities outside him, then it is out of deep regret of the breakup. He has not moved on and is trying hard to change mmunicate feelings of them remorse to you from his side. If the remorse he is expressing seems somewhat healthy, it’s okay to get back together if that’s what you want to do, otherwise it could be anything else. Make sure to discern his true intentions before making a move because people tend to change in rather unpleasant ways.

6. He Hasn’t Dated Since The Break Up

It is no new occurence that everyone needs some breathing time and personal space after a breakup. But what could it mean if this break takes too long? Could there be underlying feelings? It is not common to rebound into some other relationship and enjoy a long relationship from it such that it may even lead to the ‘to death do is part’ stage. If the healing period after a breakup is long gone, your ex has found his equilibrium, and he is still avoiding dating and any if it’s perks, then that’s a very obvious sign that he is very interested in you.

Now me likes to be all alone for long, and this is undeniably true for men. If he is choosing his best time stay single and avoid the dating game completely, then it is a sign that he is still missing you. If a person has experienced what a real relationship and dating experience is like once, it will be very difficult to put his or herself out there to date again. It’s more like scattering the puzzle and starting all over again. If he hasn’t dated since the breakup and even if he did, hasn’t found success, then it means only one thing, ‘ he can’t compare anyone to you, because he doesn’t feel with them what he feels when he is around you’.

7. Is He Still In Contact With Your Friends And Family?

Come to think of it, this guy has dated you long enough to know your favourite food, colours, places, restaurants, down to your friends and family. Bonds of this nature are very meaningful, and when these attachments linger, a person who has not moved in will revisit them. But in the event that he has moved on, reverse will be the case. Maintaining the communication of your ex and holding onto his or her friends is like moving around in your favourite school cardigan because it smells like school. That feeling alone can plunge you into nostalgia, and that feeling can not be replicated. 

In other words, if you find that your ex is still checking in with your family and circle of friends, then he is having a pretty hard time letting them go. This boils down to you, he just can’t let you go and he tries his best to keep himself attached to your life. He does this by talking with those circles of people that know you the best. He might not necessarily bring up your name point-blank in conversations, but he’s secretly hoping that they will fill him in on something about your recent life details. This is his way in looking out for details and poking into your business to know what you have been really up to these days. He needs an insight about your emotional state and so he is persistently contacting those you hold dear because he has not been able to stop thinking about you.

8. He’s Isolating Himself From The World

People cope with breakups and emotions differently. For some persons, they find great comfort in talking to friends about their personal feelings as well as areas that they are finding difficulty in their relationships. On the other hand, some people are unable to cope with things. Some individuals cope with overwhelming feelings by isolating themselves. In other words, they are literally shutting themselves from the rest of the world and taking solace in their personal space. Your ex may fall into this category. You can include day-to-day disconnection as a human response to frustration and devastation.

If your ex takes a break from everyone for a pretty long time, especially after an emotionally draining breakup, it means he does not want his friends and even you to see how much he is struggling to cope with the reality of things. This is because he obviously cannot accommodate the idea of socializing because of the way he feels. He is in serious mourning and may not be able to move on. This means he misses you and wants things to get back to the way they were with the both of you.

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