Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for End of summer

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for End of summer

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The last few weeks of summer are the best time for picnics, swimming, and taking care of the roof. Huh? Yes, along with say-goodbye-to-summer fun, this is the season to take care of your roof before likely problems are covered up by snow, and cold, icy weather makes roof repair more complicated and dangerous. Here is what you must know to ensure your roof is in excellent shape.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters perform the vital task of leading water off your roof and onto the ground, safely away from your house foundation. It serves to collect all forms of goodies, and may be full of pine needles, seedpods, twigs and abandoned bird’s nests by the end of summer. This debris will block water flow unless it is cleaned.

The Gutter cleaning can be done as a DIY project. You will need:

•    Gloves

•    A trowel or gutter brush

•    Your garden hose

•    A sturdy ladder

•    A good supply of patience

•    A bucket

DIY Gutter and Roof Inspection

When you are up on the ladder (never walk on the roof unless you are sure of what you are doing or are an expert roofer), check your gutters for split seams, loose bolts or damaged support brackets. You can as well perform a minor roof inspection from your ladder, for the following issues, which could indicate a roof leak:

•    Loose, curled, worn, or missing shingles

•    Cracked or corroded flashing 

•    Dark spots on the roof surface

The next step is to inspect the gutter-cleaning gunk in your bucket before you toss it, to see whether it contains roofing material, such as granules or pieces of broken shingles. Look inside your home, too, for signs of roof leaks like a stained bubbling paint, attic ceiling, or actual drips.  We offer professional roof cleaning in Prairieville.

Tree Trimming

You may ask the question; does tree trimming have to do with roof maintenance? Well, summer and spring are the seasons of most abounding growth for your trees just as they are for smaller plants. However, while healthy grown trees will add to the beauty of your building, if they happen to be located close to the house, overhanging branches may scrape your roof, and fruit or fallen foliage can clog your gutters. Prevent potential roof damage with careful tree trimming or hire professional roof cleaning in Prairieville.

Moss Removal

The summer rains can as well spur other growth that could be hazardous to your roof. After a shower, moss may grow in the spaces between your roof shingles, and proceed to soak up as much water as possible. If the moisture eventually penetrates the shingles and roof underlayment, it will damage the roof sheathing underneath, and destroy your roof’s structural integrity.

That’s why prompt moss removal is essential. In fact, your insurance provider might ask you to get it done. In order to avoid the usage of environmentally harmful chemicals, have the roof brushed (“broomed”) as soon as possible after the moss appears, then install copper or zinc strips on your roof peak to prevent its return.

Mold and Algae Treatment

Mold and algae enjoy humid summers, too. If these unwelcome guests have taken up residence on your roof, you will need a good roof cleaning before they do permanent damage. Whether to utilize a pressure washer for roof cleaning is a much-debated topic. It is true a pressure washer will give you an impressively clean roof. Nonetheless, when used with the wrong tip or at too close a range, this power tool may well “clean off” the granules that protect your shingles from the sun.

Spraying your roof with an eco-friendly cleaning compound is an alternative roof cleaning treatment. As with moss, installation of a zinc or copper strip atop your roof offers excellent natural prevention; these metals contain minerals that inhibit moss, mold, and algae growth.

In spite of all the methods mentioned above hiring a professional roof cleaning contractors remains the best option. Contact us today to hire a professional roof cleaning contractor.

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