Rebound Relationship Stages

Rebound Relationship Stages Or Stages of Rebound Relationship

All relationships are complicated. In a relationship, we are talking about two strangers coming together, developing some connection and staying around each other. In the event of cohabitation, there’s bound to be a long list of disagreements, bad energy, and heartbreaks. And this chaos and heartbreak could mark the end of a relationship and the beginning of another. A wide range of conflict resolving methods can be adopted to tackle issues. Nonetheless, if nothing is working, there’s only one explanation for this, ‘there is no connection, and so there’s also no redemption’. The last available option is to end whatever is going on in time, to avoid other mishaps in the future.

The end of any relationship is usually hard for both parties. Moving on gets more complicated, mostly if the relationship was a long term one. During times like this, it is tempting to blend at the end of a relationship with the beginning of another, all to bypass any sour breaks. People that make use of this method seek to skip any cooling off period in between both relationships. Hence, the practice of dating a new person right after a relationship has just ended describes the true meaning of a rebound relationship. The whole concept of a rebound relationship is grouped into five stages, it could fall into four or six stages, but most of the time, and it’s just five.

The journey of love isn’t always a bed of roses like we see in movies and fairy tales. A lot of people claim that the whole journey can be best described as a bumpy and cumbersome road that is not always worth the stress. Well, I stand to disagree there. Love is worth the stress, that’s if you’ve found the right one for you. All it requires is sacrifice and tons of patience. The form that rebound relationships take is quite similar to the steps taken in finding your heartthrob, at least if there was one, to begin with. First, you find the one that makes your heart skip a beat, process your thoughts and get to know each other better, enter into the honeymoon phase, put a ring on it and explore your relationship horizons. The only differences between the two activities are the fact that the latter three are replaced with an unstoppable breakdown, explosion, and the end, which is the beginning of a new cycle.

By engaging in a rebound, you are placing yourself in an avenue where you will experience all five stages of being in a rebound relationship. The question of how you’d feel when in a rebound is totally up to you. Answers vary from person to person, but at the end of it all, being true, honest and comfortable is what matters, irrespective of the form that the relationship could take at the onset. Before diving into the full guide, you might want to note that a rebound relationship could give birth to a long and happy married life. Howbeit, in a lot of scenarios, this is not the case at all. A lot of the time, rebound relationships give birth to more and more rebounds, and I bet this is not pleasant at all for any of the parties involved. This article is here to walk you through the whole process. You’ll also get to find out whether the whole idea of rebound relationships is a bad thing, and know what to expect from it.

  • Rebound Relationship Stages 1: Discover Your New Love

A lot of factors could contribute to the end of a relationship. Both parties will always have quantifiable proof and believable excuses to back their reasons for breaking up. Sometimes, a relationship could end because of unfaithfulness on the part of one or both partners. It could end if there’s no more chemistry or there wasn’t any, to begin with. Whatever the reasons, there’s always going to be a growing list of annoying qualities which became hard to deal with overtime, hence, leading to an abrupt end. The reasons for the end of a relationship have a way of setting the tone for a rebound. So instead of just taking the regular transition time frame that exists between the stages of being in a relationship and being single, you will jump right into a brand new relationship in the case of a rebound. 

For individuals that jump into rebounds, the partners they choose to be with are more or less likely to be an exact opposite of their previous partner. To expatiate further, the choice of your partner in a rebound will end up being a complete opposite of the person you left. This is because, initiators of rebounds believe that since their rebound partner is an opposite of their previous partner and totally different in all aspects, then they are a perfect choice. They also believe that none of the problems that caused the first breakup is here in the new relationship, and to them, this means that the success rate of this new relationship is way higher. One of the signs that you’re embarking on a rebound is when you’re finding a person who is the complete opposite of your previous partner. The goal here is to get over that toxic relationship by first jumping into a brand new one that reflects an exact contrast of the previous one.

  • Rebound Relationship Stages 2: A Perfect Honeymoon

Everything is going great after you’ve found your new love. You just started dating this new person after ending that relationship with your toxic ex, and you can see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The success rate encrypted above your heads is 100 per cent, and you now hold hands with your love while walking down the streets. Kudos to you for picking a person who is the direct opposite of your ex, I bet this is what you’ve been searching for all these years. Everything is perfect and moving pretty smoothly. I call this the honeymoon phase of a rebound relationship. Yeah, nothing can possibly go wrong at this point. After all, this is the beginning of a brand new relationship that is totally different from the last. This phase in itself can be described as a transitional period, just like the first stage.

Because the relationship is still brand new, no warning signs will appear just yet. Your new man or woman won’t know that he or she is even a rebound. As a matter of fact, you yourself may not have realised it either. At this point, you both are getting to know each other better, and y’all are enjoying the whole experience without stopping to think about a possible ending. All the feelings, experiences and connection that takes place during this time frame would seem natural, more like you were both meant to be. As a result, this phase is regarded as the most straightforward stage in a rebound relationship. Comparing this new partner to the old one will become a regular occurrence because you’ll want to be sure that this new person is different from your ex in all aspects. There may be few moments of doubt, but at this stage, they won’t mean a thing. If you’re craving attention and affection, then this phase is for you.

  • Rebound Relationship Stages 3: The First Breakdown

Don’t ever let the honeymoon phase deceive you into thinking the success rate of a rebound relationship is 100%. For your information, it is not even close. This becomes very obvious when you start to notice signs of breakdown in your ever-so-perfect relationship. The tiny things you noticed in the honeymoon period begin to surface into big things. Similar issues you had in your past relationship gradually start to sleep into this new one. How he eats straight from the pot, or how he drinks milk straight out of the carton. You’ll undoubtedly find a dislike in his or her attitude. Now the ending seems near, but you’re fighting to hold onto what’s left of this relationship. That’s because you don’t want to be alone, even for a day. You start to ignore the things that bother you and bottle up your feelings because you don’t want this love to end.

  • Rebound Relationship Stages 4: Chaos And Explosion

The things you kept bottled up will hunt you during this phase. You’ll be pushed to the edge, and you won’t be able to stop the words from coming out of your mouth. Hence, you’d reveal you6 feelings. The time bomb has gone off, and it’s time for a new phase. Your partner won’t take this version of you very well, especially when they realise they were a rebound of your previous relationship.

  • Rebound Relationship Stage 5: The End Is The Beginning

If things go well, this partner of yours won’t be so mad about stage four. Communication and openness will come in, and that’s an excellent way to fix the relationship without a rebound. This can be described as the real beginning of the new relationship; the past four stages were more like a mourning and transitional phase for the last relationship. If you are not so lucky, and the fourth stage ends in chaos, you both will break up, and you’d find a new partner as a rebound to mend your broken heart.

The end of a relationship isn’t the end of the world. It is a time of reflection to work on yourself to prevent unsolvable issues in the new one. It is not advisable to jump right into a new relationship after the abrupt end of another. Stay calm, look inwards and make amends before you start a new relationship. That’s the only way to prepare for a lasting relationship. 

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