Pine Cat Litter Pros And Cons

Pine Cat Litter Pros And Cons

Do you have new tiny furry faces around the house? Then, I bet you are aware of the daily box battles you’ll face. As a matter of fact, you are most likely in a battle field this moment. The war we are talking about here is the unending attempts to make your home smell like there isn’t any box litter around. If your are bothered about this, then I’m sure you’ve been proactive lately and have possibly tried out several types of cat litter.

Getting a good cat litter that will clump, won’t crack through the house, very easy to clean, and more importantly reduce or eliminate odors, can pose a very challenging task. Thankfully, there’s one particular litter option that tends to blow our minds, and it’ll certainly blow yours too. That cat litter is called ‘pine litter’.

Here, we will dig deep into pine cat litter, in order to figure out if it’s gonna do the job. So I advise that you hold unto your seats as we journey through the overview of this form of cat toilet filler, just to be sure if it’s really worth the hype or probably not.

First and foremost, pine litter as the name suggests, is a natural litter made from wood pulp. The wood is usually typical pine that is pressed, ground down and thoroughly sanitized. When this process is complete, the litter is produced into a pellet form as the finish. So when you purchase this type of litter, it is this pellet form that you get.

When your cat makes use of the box, the moisture it passes out will break down the pellets, which will absorb the liquid. The absorbent material of the pine wood as well as the natural pine scent also work together to help reduce those ammonia odors and some other very unpleasant smells.

Pros Of Pine Cat Litter

  •  Compared to several other types of litter, the pine litter is an eco friendly option:

Pine cat litters are made of wood pulp, you can also call it saw dust. It is a bi-product of wood. Due to it’s natural source, no resources from the planet are being wasted to produce it, instead wasted resources are being multi tasked and recycled to create something wonderful.

As a natural product it is, the pine pellets are made from natural ingredients that are biodegradable. Along with this, they are usually made with renewable energy and also come in a nice recycled packaging. So the question boils down to how safe it is for your cat. To cure your inquisitiveness and calm your worries i’ll say, ‘Yes’, its s totally safe for your cat.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that if you’ve got a fussy frline as your pet, they will not always enjoy the idea of trying out new things, litters are not excluded from their hate list. Most of the time, cats seem to be cool with pellets, especially when you introduced it to them when they were kittens. Still and all, you’ll always find that stubborn cat that won’t even attempt to place a single paw on the pellet, so roger this one.

  • Pine is a more safer option than many other litters, even clay: 

You might be surprised because clay is natural, but there have been incidences whereby cats ingested some of the material into their system by mistake or on purpose. So the chances of that happening to your cat is huge and somewhat inevitable. If you keep both a cat and dog as pets, you should be well accustomed to the commotion, and the cat box will definitely be snack shack for their daily riots.

When clay litter are ingested, they can cause an issue known as ‘impaction’ in the stomach of your pet which can be very dangerous. This is very common for kittens, but luckily enough, this doesn’t happen with pine. By now, we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s move on to the more important aspects of the product like it’s efficacy.

So how potent is pine litter odor control? No one likes a foul smell, not even your cat, so keeping the smell of urine, faeces and ammonia very low is essential. Apart from the fact that it will contribute a more interesting and nice home experience, your cat will be less jumpy, discreet and annoyed because a smelly cat box is one of the major reasons that your cat would want to search for an alternative area to ease itself.

  • One of the attractive qualities of using pine cat litters is the fact that it does not make use of any artificial fragrances to hide odors. 

The wood pulp present in the formula does a pretty decent job at reducing or partially neutralizing the smell of urine and ammonia. You might be expecting more, but we all know fully well that the stinky smell of poo can’t exactly be masked completely. So it doesn’t do the prettiest job of neutralizing the smell of poop, however it’s a good bet.

Cons of Pine Cat Litter

 The product has many pros, but it also has cons they include; 

  •  Messiness, 
  • It requires more cleaning, 
  • A lot of cats hate it

 So if you are not a fan of these, you can consider other options. However, this is ultimately one of the safest bets.

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