Interesting Facts About Party Planning/ Party Planner

Interesting Facts About Party Planning/ Party Planner

Are you looking for how to get started with planning an event? Or just inquisitive about all it entails? You are definitely in the right place. Over the years, we have seen several multi-purpose events ranging from company dinners and weddings, to kids birthday parties and fund raisers. There’s so much to think about, the creativity of the theme and decor is the combination of your imagination as well as your client’s. A bulk of the concept is dependent on the type of event you are holding. This guide is here to suggest some of the best practices in party planning that you can follow to ensure perfection.

What Is Party Planning?

Party planning suggests the activity of organizing, concieving and executing special events such as weddings, birthday parties, formal receptions, anniversaries and many other celebratory related functions. Party Planning requires putting together an easy to use checklist, just to prevent things from going side ways. In order to identify the timeline, party planning requires working backwards from the event date.

Virtual events rather than the regular in person to person practice, require creation of downloadable virtual event check lists. The following are common practices in party planning.

  • Create and develop objectives 

Asking realistic questions about the key goals of organizing the event in the first place, will help the planning to be geared towards achieving the established objectives. If the individuals or organization’s key goals are clearly understood, then every part of the event will be optimized for success.

The objectives could be raising awareness for a selfless cause, collecting donations predetermined for a certain amount. Or the goal of the event may be to meet the dreams of a client. Are you trying to attract 100 or 2000 guests? Whatever the purpose is, the planning process should be directed towards accomplishing it’s aim. Setting an objective with a quantified value of success will ensure those goals are met by making things a lot easier.

  • Take budgets into consideration

A lot of amazing ideas have fallen by the side because budgets were not established. Before planning, you must take your budget into consideration. These expenses include, entertainment, foods and drinks, Decor, venue, publicity, staff, miscellaneous and any other inclusions.

Whether you are planning for a DJ or live band, the accommodation and compensation costs should be included. The cost should be able to cover for the venue rental. Food and drinks should never be excluded, they are a needful part of the event that will keep guests happy and interested. Would you love a fancy or simple concept for your decor? The costs are worth considering.

The marketing category could be forgotten a lot of the times, whichever way you decide to put up your publicity strategy, it’s definitely gonna cost some bucks.

  • Pre Set The Date

If this is a new event, you must take note of the following before setting a date. Be up to date with satutory and religious holidays, avoid setting the date during unfriendly weather conditions, you must check the date with key participants, speakers and even VIP guests. There must be enough time for planning to avoid any hiccups.

  • Create an overall theme to brand your event

Of course every party planner would want their setup to stand out. How do you achieve this? Choose a unique and compelling theme that will make you stand out from your competitors. The overall theme must be dynamic, the name should be able to attract attention, especially online. To do this, you need to brainstorm ideas that will make the event different from others within it’s sector. The idea and main components must be effectively conveyed. 

Craft a tagline as soon as you come up with a name. The tagline should be a short memorable slogan that describes the point of the event in detail. Now for the final step, you’ll need to design the logo to represent the event. 

Logo is an effective branding tool that gives that event immediate recognition. It should be revealed in all the publicity and promo items like, bags, t-shirts, jotters, water bottles and a lot more. You can also create a hashtag for your marketing materials, so that when it is being talked about on Social Media, there’d be an easy pathway.

Who Is a Party Planner?

A party planner is a person that organizes and executes special functions such as;  school events, birthday parties, weddings, wedding anniversaries, company anniversaries, organization dinners and mitzvahs. Sometimes party planners are called party consultants, they assume several responsibilities which is widely dependent on the requests of their clients. 

A party planner starts by meeting with their customers to understand the kind of party they would want to host as well as the amount of money they are willing to spend. Party planners pay close attention to client’s ideas and also make their own little suggestions to create a balance. This is because a party planner is more knowledgeable of events and their concepts, hence, he or she is able to give subtle advise to a customer, just to match things up.

After knowing what their customers want, they visit the venue chosen for the event and take photos, measure the space and also draw up plans. With this information, the site can be transformed to suit the concept of the occasion. The work of an event planner requires hardwork. He or she needs to do extensive research and assume full responsibility for planning a party. From the job of ordering food and making parking arrangements to the job of ordering food and planning for music.

The job of a party planner does not end here, they must also be present at the event to effectively handle any issues that come up. They also stay back after the event to supervise cleaning up.

A party planner must be educated and trained in the field. Although, there are no stipulated educational requirements for party planners, howbeit, some big hotels and some casinos that employ party planners due to the nature of the organization, may look into their educational qualifications. A lot of them employ only high school graduates, for some they might require a higher degree qualification in the arts, design and entertainment department.

Party planners are persons with an eye for detail, great imagination and firm business experience. Some other qualities of party planners include;

  • Good communication and information skills
  • Good knowledge of party foods and appetizers.
  • The ability to work with different types of people from all works of life and relate with them well.
  • Good knowledge of interior design, floral arrangement, costumes, entertainment and decor in general.

What Does A Party Planner Do?

The duties of party planners are detailed and extensive, here we’ll be revealing some of the duties of these party planners;

  • They coordinate all kinds of events.
  • They work in variety of fields to help them handle virtually all aspects of birthday parties, corporate functions, anniversaries, weddings and many more.
  • Party planners meet and discuss with suppliers and food vendors, caterers and chefs, to assume their core responsibilities in an event.
  • They discuss with the client to understand what he or she wants for their party.
  • Party planners make concept suggestions and chip in ideas to customers, just to help even out any rough patches in their initial party ideas.
  • They meet with their clients and discuss budgets for the occasion.
  • Party planners conduct research, send mails and make calls, all in an effort to ensure they meet their client’s needs and demands.
  • They confirm all event requirements like the, colour combinations, floor layout, number of invited or expected guests, decor, food and other details.
  • They visit venues, sample foods, settle expenses with caterers, make arrangements for musicians as well as other service providers.
  • They make arrangements for accommodation for VIP guests and musicians to be present like live bands.
  • They develop checklists and time frames.
  • They notify customers of any last minute changes or any issues as soon as possible to avert further complications.
  • Party planners stay updated with the latest party trends.

What’s another word for party planner?

Party planners are also referred to as ‘Party Consultants’. The names party planners go by are numerous, they could be called, event moderators, event coordinators, event facilitator and any other names that relate to their job description.

How to become a part planner from home

Like a lot of other home based or remote businesses, you would have to become accustomed to what the job entails by educating yourself through detailed research. Locate the best business practice tools for party planning and construct your paperwork. To become a party planner from home, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Draft out a business plan; Your business plan does not need to be lengthy or complicated in any respect.  Check out some business plan templates online and choose your favourite. Construct something out of it and do some paperwork.
  • Choose a specialty; By selecting a specialty you are choosing a niche. Some wedding planners take in all kinds of occasions and functions, while others have a selected few it just one niche. The brain work involved in figuring out a specialty for your party planning is quite cumbersome, but don’t worry,  you’ll get one soon. If you can take in all kinds, then go for it. Party planning niches include; weddings, engagement parties, retirement parties, baby showers, trade shows, holiday parties,company picnics, meetings, conventions and fundraisers.
  • You can create a website; This one may seem optional but it is actually very important. Having an online presence helps you get more clients. It provides a platform to reveal your work, showcase and advertise it to interested individuals. As a matter of fact, owning a website, gives you this aura of professionalism. 
  • Publicize your business; Market your services, promote your business. You will need to make it known to the public so you can attract patronage. There are a lot of ways to promote your business essential but you will need consistency. Choose methods you enjoy advertising your business and remain consistent. You can use different platforms like; Social media, guest post on personal blogs, business cards, email marketing, Facebook advert groups, whatsapp and Messengers, print advertising and many more.
  • Invest in party planning; To make your dreams come true, you will need to invest time, effort and funds into party planning. Attend seminars, webinars, trade shows and coaching sessions on the subject. You can also get books and ebooks that dissect what event planning really entails and how to make big money from it. By doing this, you acquire knowledge and gain skills which is a plus in your marketing strategy.

Birthday party planner

Birthday celebrations are always a blast and much carefulness should be done when planning the event. The work of birthday party planning isn’t such an easy task, however it is a lot of fun. The celebrants favourite things should be employed into the theme and concept of the event.

Invitations should be sent out weeks before the D-day. Print and handmade stamps and decor help liven up things. Activities should be inspired by the celebrant. Venue and snacks should be taken into consideration too.

Children party planner

Children love colours and fun. Their parties should not exclude these features either. If it’s a birthday or a meet greet, keeping things lively is a must. Keep kids busy with fun music and activities. Engaging the kids during parties is key, there’s a lot of activities to include.

Party themes could be princess for girls and pirates for boys depending on the child’s preferences. Talking the parents and child would give you some ideas. Include games and sport activities in the programme. There should be goody bags and party packs for kids to take home after the party.

Party planner salary

The salary of a party planner varies depending on the location. Still and all, the bottom line is that the pay is pretty rewarding when much effort is out into publicity. The average salary of a party planner ranges from $22,000 to $55,000 yearly.

Event planning vs Party planning

A lot of persons think both terms mean the same thing. Yes, they suggest similar functions but there are a couple of differences. An event planner plans and executes all aspects of meetings or events, while a party planner deals mainly on the social aspects. They assume similar responsibilities.

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