Monkey Branching Relationship: Complete Guide

Interesting Facts About Monkey Branching Relationships

Monkey branching is a phenomenon that is considered despicable because the perpetrators have no respect for their partner, let alone themselves. The society of today is highly dominated by nearly infinite ways to connect with people from all over the world. In essence, with the advent of the internet and mobile technologies, people can uninterruptedly stay with whoever they wish to stay with whenever they want.

When a brancher is in a relationship and focuses on what he or she doesn’t want, it is this fear of the unknown that triggers them to cheat on their partner. It is predictable that the more attention we give to our insecurities and fears without making any effort to solve them, the more real they tend to become. If uncertainty in relationships is not treated fast and properly, we end up creating loads and loads of uneasiness.

Continuous worry makes a person feel overwhelmed and start looking around for quick remedies. Unfortunately, quick remedies are, most of the time, not the best solutions because monkey branching is not an act to encourage. 

What Is Monkey Branching?

Monkey branching is regarded as a relatively new term in the world of dating. A lot of people might not know what the term means, but that does not make them saints. As a matter of fact, they just might be guilty of being partakers in monkey branching activities. As the name suggests, it’s a rather unpleasant attitude in the world of dating and relationships.

Right here, we are setting out to define what monkey branching really means, so you can be sure that your partner isn’t involved in the action. So if you are inquisitive about the subject, looking to know whether you are a culprit or your partner is, you will certainly get your answers here. We’ll also talk about the different signs of monkey branching, so you can easily look for them if you think your partner is behaving in an unusual way.

Monkey branching simply means a person who is in a relationship getting intimately involved with another person even though he or she is still in a relationship with someone. The branchers in question deliberately allow this new person to influence their mental state to the point where they give in to the vile temptations of immorality. 

Monkey branching is very similar to cheating. This is because it occurs when people are considering other options while they are still in a relationship with their partner. They usually engage in this act to lay down some kind of safety net, more like securing a back-up plan just in case something goes wrong in their present relationship.

As funny as it sounds, a lot of the time, it is this attitude that brings their current relationship to a halt. In essence, a monkey brancher emotionally cheats on his or her present partner, and after all the hiccups that follow, eventually leaves for someone else.

Monkey branching can be seen as a way of making sure that when your present relationship ends, there’s still a romantic connection with someone. This is usually the case with people who do not like to be alone. They always have another boyfriend or girlfriend. They can also be seen as “serial monogamists.”

The moment the source of their new-found happiness disappears, they become unstable and insecure again. Basically, this is the love life of a monkey brancher, one that is dominated by unfaithfulness and anxiety.

Signs Of Monkey Branching Relationships

As far as monkey branching relationships are concerned, the culprit has no iota of respect for him or herself and their partner. A monkey brancher has an Immense fear of losing relationships, hence, cannot think of life without any. They make backup relationships to lean on if their present one doesn’t work out well for them.

Why Is The No Contact Rule So Effective

Now that we have an idea of what this behavioural pattern entails, what then are the signals of the act? It would interest you to know that there are certain tell tale signs which can help you find out a monkey brancher a lot faster. You might want to understand that, not all these signs need to be present in this persons before confirming that he or she is involved in the act. You just need to see one to three signs and your suspicions are confirmed. 

  1. Can’t Clearly Express Their Whereabouts In definite Terms

Do you notice your partner being vague about their whereabouts, then you should be sure that they are definitely up to something. It might be that they are seeing someone else while you are being faithful to them. If you find that they are always trying to sidestep or divert questions about what they are up to, it means they are being vague and are already dating someone else.

  1. Are They More Secretive?

This can only mean two things, your birthday is around the corner and they are planning an epic suprise, OR they are thinking about ending the relationship and starting a new one else where. So if your birthday is not around the corner, you might want to consider the other reality. If you find out that your partner has recently become overly and uncharacteristically secretive in your relationship, it could mean that they are already dating other men or women.

They might come with the excuse that they are hanging out with friends and you are being to overbearing. It happens, so don’t fret, the truth will eventually come out. Just ask some spontaneous question out of the blue about their whereabouts, get creative and startle them then see their reaction.

  1. Do They Use Their Cellphones A Lot?

Yes, work can probably be a contributor to this, but come on, even the busiest CEOs, Managers and Accountants have time for their partners. If a person truly loves you, they’ll have time for you because you are important to them. A key sign that your partner is flirting with other men or women is if they are always on the phone, like a lot! They will want to dedicate their time and energy to this new found love who is not you by the way. 

What they are likely to be doing is messaging this other person so much that you’ll begin to wonder if you’ve ever been messaged that much in your entire life time. By this time, you can be sure that those are more than just messages.

The challenging aspect of this sign is that you can’t have access to those messages without invading this person’s privacy. So if you are worried that your partner is having an affair with other men or women, simply ask them to their face and see their response. Their response will certainly confirm your suspicions either way.

  1. Hangs Out With Friends A Lot

Does this partner of yours go out with friends a lot more than usual. Whether they are going out with friends, they can use that time as an avenue to go out on dates with other men or women. Perhaps, they are lying about actually being with friends. Wanna find out? Ask which friend they’re going out with, after they are gone call that friend and confirm that your partner is there with them. If reverse is the case, it might be monkey branching, but if this scenario happens consecutively, then it is what you are thinking. 

If you love them to the extent that you think your relationship is still worth fighting for, you need to be the one to call out to confirm your suspicions. Maybe he or she will simply pacify your worries and doubts or hopefully, you both might start a conversation on how to make things better between the both of you.

  1. Are They Hopeless Flirts?

A sign of monkey branching is when this person is always flirting with other people even when you are together. It’s a sign that they are very loose and can have spontaneous relationships with random people. This is because they want the feeling that they are free to swing from one branch to the next and they subconsciously pass this message across to you even when you’re both in a relationship.

If your partner frequently flirts with gestures or words, it could be passing some kind of message. So you might want to keep an eye on how well they flirt with people. This could be them preparing to swing from your relationship to another one without expressly giving you any kind of warning signs.

  1. They Have Zero Interest In Meeting Your Friends

What monkey brancher wants a spy to keep an eye on them. They know fully well that your friends have your back and will not hesitate to report any suspicious activities to you. A lot of the time, a monkey brancher is only interested in moving from one relationship to another. They are always on the move, chasing the next ‘romantic interest’, just so they have a second option Incase of any mishaps. You’ll find out that they are not putting much effort into making the relationship you both have to last long. As a result, you will find that it’s always hard work to get them to meet your friends. 

Monkey branchers feel that meeting your friends is not worth their time as they are not ready to invest much into making the relationship work. It’s important to know that meeting your partner’s friends is a big step in your relationship and someone that is not down for this has something else in mind.

  1. They’ve Got No Boundaries

They probably ended their previous relationship monkey branching and possibly used you as a branch to get out of that relationship. That’s why, it is not a surprise that this person may likely rush into the more serious and physical aspects of a relationship right away.

A licensed professional counsellor once said that many people have been taught guilt overexerting boundaries. This is probably a reason why  monkey branchers find it so simple a task to roll over the boundaries of others. Monkey branchers don’t seem to have boundaries, their reserve for certain intimate actions tend to be few and most of the time, they will have trouble respecting your boundaries. If it seems like the beginning of your relationship moved too fast, the odds are that you’re dating a certified monkey brancher. 

  1. They Don’t Introduce You To Their Friends

Have you ever noticed that, when you and your partner hang out it’s always just the two of you? It would interest you to know that, monkey branchers date so many people and change partners very quickly, as a result, they rarely introduce their new partners to their friends. So if you notice that whenever you express interest in meeting their friends, they always have one excuse or the other as to why you can’t meet their friends just yet, then you might wanna rethink.

Someone who doesn’t express any interest in introducing you to their friends doesn’t think the relationship will last long enough for formalities. Make sure to look out for this behavior, it’s a surefire sign that this person is totally a monkey brancher.

  1. Long Line Of Exes?

Do you find that this partner of yours has a long line of ex- partners, then that is a sure sign something is wrong somewhere. The real fact is that, there is no good or bad figure when it comes to having former relationship partners. Howbeit, if you have some feeling that these series of failed relationships have a link to monkey branching, then your instincts might just be affirmative. Check the length of each past relationship of this partner of yours if you are really into uncovering this truth and trust me, you’ll be dazed by your findings.

Do you know that, serial monogamists tend to have a very long line of exes, with a very minimal time frame between each relationship. If this partner if yours cannot remember the last time he or she was single, it’s probably because they’ve got the ‘monkey branching syndrome’.

  1. Does Not Ask After Your Family

Because they don’t see the relationship you both hold as serious, they won’t do things like calling to ask after your family or knowing your relationship with them. A monkey brancher is not optimistic about the future of any relationship they hold and so they don’t see any serious relationship happening between them and your family. Therefore, if you notice that your partner has no interest whatsoever in the welfare of your family members, then he or she is definitely a monkey brancher probably giving you fake love.

  1. Is Not Concerned About Your Future Life And Choices

A monkey brancher is usually concerned about the surface level things, even if they show some level of concern, it’s usually not genuine. So you wanna check this one. If you are in a relationship with someone that has no interest whatsoever in your life choices, your plans for the future and the things you hold dear, then he or she is certainly a monkey brancher.

  1. They Are Overly Careful About Their Physical Appearance

Is this partner of yours overly careful about their physical appearance and beauty even when it’s just the both of you? It could be a sign, trust me. Yes, it’s basic hygiene to look, feel and smell fresh all the time but when it’s chronic, then it is certainly a disease. 

Wanting to look overly appealing every moment of the day is one of the many techniques that monkey branchers use to attract new lovers. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to discern this one, just take a cursory look.

What Are The Six Stages Of Monkey Branching?

  • Mentioning A Person’s Name Briefly

This one is called, ‘the brief mention’. It is the first sign of branch swinging. If you notice that your partner brings up the name of some random person they met at work, supermarket, the park or anywhere at all, it’s a surefire sign that they are derailing and interests are being diverted. Think about this, why would this girlfriend of yours, or your boyfriend just bring up a name in a conversation. You might find that this person is not her colleague, boss, employee or friend, they basically have nothing together. 

  • Bringing Up This Name The Second Time

Both of you are having a casual conversation and you find that your partner mentions this name again, what does this denote? Interest diversion. Your partner might probably bring up this name with a hearty gesture, telling you about something weird that this person did. How does it related to anything? You’ll know soon.

At this point, if you display any form of weakness, this new person will suddenly become more enticing to your partner. The random person will now become a consistent source of security, entertainment, joy and whatever he or she wants this person to be to them. Whatever you do to please them is insignificant at this point, it’s not because you are not good enough, they are just losing interest.

  • Constant Hanging Out And Texting

Now you’ll notice they are constantly texting and calling this person. It doesn’t just end here, they constantly bring up this person in conversations and tell you how helpful they have been to them. When you try to ask what this new development means, they’ll try waving off your suspicions as immature and tell you that this new person is just a friend.

At this point, your partner is now hanging out with this new person, going out for lunch regularly. What you must do at this stage is to work on strengthening the relationship you both have, or else, it is certainly going down the hill. Work on salvaging what you both have because a little wrong move will make this partner of yours to back out.

  • Being Secretive And Leaving Out The Facts

At this stage, your partner is participating in extra activities to be around this new persons. They begin making up excuses as to why they have to stay out late. Their recollection of events become more vague and they can’t express their whereabouts. They try to find excuses to fight with you and tip you off. At this point, their chances of branch swinging is about 75% as they are making conscious efforts to hang out with this new person.

They don’t crave for your affection and attention, they don’t value the time you both spend together, so hold on to your pants, cause the ride is about to end.

  • Now They Monkey Branch

They’ve gone to full monkey mode at this point, so it’s time to swing over to the new branch. They’ve spent enough time with this new person to realize that he or she is the one. Their chances of monkey branching is now 100 percent without relent. Hopefully, at this point you’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and very ready to move on with your life.

You certainly won’t be surprised when they say it’s over between you both, because the warning signs have been there looking at you right in the eye. 

Ultimately, you deserve more than a monkey brancher so don’t dwell on the ended relationship, see it as true freedom and an avenue to find the one that is really meant for you.

Do Monkey Branching Relationships Last?

Relationships of this nature do not last because it will cause heartache to the new person they decide to deal with. And it will keep the monkey brancher stuck in a negative behavioural pattern. Although a monkey branching relationship starts with so much spark and physical and emotional attraction, it is better to end such relationships before it gets too bad.

Why? Because a monkey branching relationship is one that starts on the wrong foot and ends worse. The reason for this failure is that it is dominated by vile and shallow association. As funny as it may sound, the monkey brancher’s new partner is probably aware of his partner’s cheating habits. This single issue will create trust problems that cannot be fixed at all.

The monkey brancher believes this new relationship will fulfill his or her physical and emotional needs. As a result, the monkey branching relationship lacks the fundamentals of a successful relationship.

Why You Attract What You Think

Any person that gets in a relationship with a monkey brancher will always live in fear, and this often breaks the relationship before it even starts. The odds for a monkey branching relationship is that, what led to a halt in the past relationship will certainly ruin the present one. We all know that history has a way of repeating itself and nobody wants to be with a monkey brancher.

12 Negative Effects Of Monkey Branching

  1. Uneasiness and anxiety

Since the monkey brancher is two-timing, they’ll not have peace of mind because they know they’ll be eventually found out.

  1. Dissatisfaction

A monkey brancher will always be dissatisfied with their partner because of their two-timing nature. They’ll always expect perfection in all aspects, they don’t tolerate any form of weakness whereas, they are not saints theirselves.

  1. Distrust

All monkey branching relationships are dominated by distrust. The partner of the culprit will be suspicious, hence, will not take anything that the monkey brancher says seriously. If the relationship eventually ends, there will still be distrust on the part of the faithful partner, which makes them cut all ties with the monkey brancher.

  1. Bleak future for stable relationships

The possibility of monkey branchers having a happy married life in the future is very bleak. It’s obvious that they’ll have short relationship durations and bad luck in marriage except some drastic change is made.

  1. Depression

So much insecurity and fear can lead to sadness which could cause depression. This is common among monkey branchers.

  1. Over reliance

A monkey brancher is incapable of doing basic things singlehandedly.

  1. Care free

 A carefree life is never the safest, monkey branching can cause this.

  1. Possible infections

Jumping from one sexual partner to the other can increase the risks of getting infected with diseases.

  1. Guilt

Monkey branching causes guilt, no doubt about that.

  1. Immaturity

Monkey branching could bring about annoying childishness

  1. Socially unwholesome

Incessant monkey branching can make a person hard to relate with on the long run.

  1. Heartbreak

This effect never leaves the abode of a monkey brancher.

Do Women Monkey Branch?

A lot of research has revealed that women have the highest rate of monkey branching behavioural patterns. This might be due to their overly emotional nature and their desire for perfection. Almost every woman has a crafted image of what she wants in a man.

It’s not expressly revealed how accurate this research is as a lot of men have significant traits of monkey branching. Cheating is a very regular occurrence among males, but ultimately, none is regarded guiltless in this regard.

What To Do When You Know Someone Is Monkey Branching

When you find out your partner is monkey branching, acting on impulse usually makes things worse. No matter how suspicious or annoyed it makes you, don’t do anything rash. Acting angrily only makes your partner transition faster. So if you lose your cool and show this person your ‘not very pleasant side’, they will definitely use it against you.

Understand that if this person wants to leave, he or she will do so whether you are the kindest and purest soul on planet earth. Accepting their decision calmly will instill guilt in him or her and make them regret their actions when their new found relationship eventually wears off. Don’t worry, that new relationship will certainly hit the rock because it started off on the wrong foot. It is only a matter of time before they regret their decision.

Below are other things to do to solve your partner monkey branching problem:

1. Confront Your Partner.

Confronting your partner when he or she is monkey branching is one way to solve the problem. Its best if you avoid being confrontational in your approach to the conversation. Take a more diplomatic approach to the situation.

To do so, make sure you speak at the appropriate time. This should be a time when neither of you is in a hurry and both of you are relaxed. Face-to-face communication is also recommended. Don’t start the conversation off on a sour note. Tell them what you’ve seen and what you think. Give them the opportunity to speak and be heard.

If they admit to monkey branching, you can either work on improving your relationship or end it. If they insult your intelligence and flatly deny it, but you know they’re monkey branching, it’s probably time to call it quits.

2. Determine Your Feelings For Your Partner.

If you’ve noticed most of the above signs and are certain your partner is monkey branching, the first step is to figure out how you feel about them.

  • Are you still in love with them?
  • Is it worth fighting for this relationship?
  • Do you think you’ll be able to work with them in the future? (It’s about marriage, kids, and growing old together.)

Understanding how you feel about your partner will enable you to confront them calmly and confidently. Knowing how you feel about this person will also help you have an open and honest conversation with them when you confront them.

3. Flogging A Dead Horse Is A Bad Idea.

If monkey branching occurs in your relationship and you’ve confronted your partner about it, but they continue to deny it, don’t waste your time talking about it.

They don’t want to fix the problem, and they aren’t capable of doing so because monkey branching isn’t something that can be fixed in a day.

Simply put, the monkey brancher is a waste of time. Get rid of them and move on.

4. Seek Professional Assistance.

It’s never easy to end a relationship. You might feel like you’re to blame for your partner’s monkey branching behaviour. But keep in mind that it was never your fault. It was your partner who was at fault. Seeking the help of a therapist or counsellor may be able to assist you in overcoming your feelings that it is your fault.

Seeking the advice of a dating coach may also assist you in resolving relationship issues, allowing you to attract more high-value partners.

What To Do If You’re The Monkey Branching Partner?

While having a safety net in life is fine, having one in your relationship will almost certainly cause more harm than good.

However, how do you prevent monkey branching?

1. Seek Professional Assistance.

It’s possible that childhood trauma is to blame for your inability to commit. Perhaps you were abandoned as a child or never received enough attention, leading you to seek love from anyone who will give it to you.

If this is the case, consulting a therapist may be able to assist you in putting an end to your monkey branching behaviour.

You’ll be able to figure out why you can’t commit with the help of a therapist. Working with a professional also entails creating a plan to assist you in overcoming your monkey branching behaviour.

2. Increase Your Focus On Self-Improvement.

When you’re not dating, it’s one of the best times to work on your self-improvement. You have all of the time in the world right now to work on improving your skills. Instead of jumping from one relationship to the next, use the time following a breakup to learn a new skill or pursue a new hobby.

Instead of conversing with others, use this time to read a book. Use the time to join a gym or start a side business instead of going on dates with people who aren’t your partner. You won’t have time to pay attention to people who aren’t your partner if you focus on yourself.

3. Speak With Someone You Can Trust.

Once you’ve determined that monkey branching is a problem that must be addressed, the first step is to speak with someone you can trust.

It could be a close friend, a family member, or a religious figure. You can get a different perspective on your problem by talking to these people about your problem committing. A problem shared is a problem half solved, as the saying goes.

4. Improve Your Self-Esteem

As previously stated, monkey branching could be caused by a lack of self-esteem or moral values. If you’re a recurrent monkey brancher who wants to stop, you should address your self-esteem issues first. You can improve your self-esteem by doing the following things:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Exercising on a regular basis
  • Getting plenty of water
  • Getting adequate rest.
  • Hanging out with good friends.

5. Make An Effort To Improve Your Moral Values.

Monkey branching is thought to be a form of cheating. People who cheat disrespect their partner and the relationship they’re in by monkey branching.

Work on your moral values if you want to stop monkey branching. Consider why you’re unable to commit to a single partner and what cheating means to you. If you’re having trouble answering these questions, it might be time to seek professional assistance.

Monkey Branching Vs Rebound

Monkey branching is an attitude whereby a person who is in a relationship establishes ties with someone else when he or she suspects that his or her present relationship is about to end. A rebound on the other hand is the time frame immediately after a painful breakup. Rebound relationships are usually short lived most of the time because it’s existence is as a result of one partner’s emotional instability. A rebound relationship is basically a distraction from a painful break up.

Reverse Monkey Branching

Reverse monkey branching is the opposite of monkey branching. It is a situation whereby your partner doesn’t date others while in a relationship with you. You and your partner try as much as possible to stay away from cheating on one another. It is a good way to build a long-lasting relationship.

Is Monkey Branching A Rebound?

It can be said that monkey branching is a rebound relationship. This is mainly because a person can actually know when the relationship they have is coming to an end. So before it ends, they start establishing new connections with other people so they are not alone when their relationship comes to a halt. The sole purpose is to not be alone but a lot of the time, this attitude makes their future relationships to be short lived.

Will A Monkey Brancher Come Back?

Monkey branchers can come back. As a matter of fact, a lot of monkey branchers eventually come back to their previous relationships. They try to relate with their ex partners, especially if their new relationship has some issues. A monkey brancher is in constant search of emotional security and goes back to people they feel secure with. So if you are asking, will a monkey brancher come back? The answer is yes. At least more than half of the time.

My Ex Monkey Branched

Monkey branching happens when a person is over dependent on external factors for their happiness. When your ex monkey branches the decision is entirely up to you whether to receive them or not. However, if you do this, keep in mind that history always has a way of repeating itself. I’ll advise that you give your ex some emotional support with boundaries or refer them to someone who can, like a counsellor.


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