Incredible Fun Facts about Tai Chi

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Incredible Fun Facts about Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the oldest and celebrated Chinese martial art that exists today. It is well-known for its slow and flowing movements. Tai chi aims to promote inner calm and peace. However, it provides far more advantages than most people realize.

Tai chi is the way to go if you are about balance. It is a form of martial art revered for its careful balance of health benefits, meditation, and self-defense purposes. When you watch someone practicing Tai Chi, you may notice how the philosophy of balance relates to the careful and slow moves employed.

Tai Chi appears to be an ancient meditation and self-defense art that took the globe by storm. It is all about balance, breathing, relaxation, and centering oneself – and that seems to be enough for the art to gain itself many followers.

Nevertheless, many want to learn more about tai chi art and its history. Today we will discuss some fun facts about tai chi if you’ve always been keen to learn more about it. Find out what makes Tai Chi so unique.

Here, we’ll look at some of some incredible fun facts about tai chi and why you might want to develop this fantastic skill.

Some Interesting Fun Facts about Tai Chi

Below are some amazing fun facts about tai chi everyone should know.

1.      Tai Ji Quan Is the Real Name

The real name is Taiji, which is short for “Tai Ji Quan.” Tai chi is the English version of the name.

2.      Tai Chi Is A Martial Art That Exists Since The 2nd Century BC.

This martial art started as far back as the second century BC and has evolved until this day. It has become popular, not just in China, but all over the world.

3.      A Taoist Monk Was The Founder Of Tai Chi.

Zhang San Feng was the Taoist Monk, who founded Tai Chi in the Purple Summit Temple on Wudang Mountain.

4.      太極拳 is The Traditional Chinese Symbol for the Tai Chi.

It translates directly to “Supreme Ultimate Fist” or “Supreme Ultimate Boxing.”

5.      Many Describe It As “Meditation In Motion.”

Another fun fact about tai chi is that many describe it as meditation in motion. That is as a result of the slow movements employed and the state of mental clarity achieved when practicing the art. Although the original version of Tai chi was practiced standing up, there are modern versions now that are enjoyed as “sitting Tai Chi.” Tai chi translates directly to “Supreme Ultimate Fist” or “Supreme Ultimate Boxing.”

6.      The Earliest Form Of Tai Chi Had Over 100 Movements.

Myths stated that the earliest form of tai chi had over 100 movements and was quite severe or complex to learn. Today, there are two principal versions of Tai Chi, which many think were influenced by the Chinese government. One version includes 18 movements, and the other version consists of 37 movements.

7.      Tai Chi Is Well-Known And Practiced In China.

Millions of Chinese citizens practice tai chi daily. Many a time, it is practiced in the early hours of the day, outdoors in natural surroundings. However, it is not a strict requirement for this famous martial art.

8.      Many Believed Tai Chi Began After Zhang San Saw A Crane And Snake Fight.

Many believe that the original martial art form of Tai Chi began after Zhang San Feng, watched a snake and crane fight.

Zhang San Feng noticed how the bird struck out towards the snake and how the snake did not return force or react in opposition to it. Instead, the snake avoided contact with the crane by following a series of smooth, slow, and moderately calculated motions that were evasive.

After watching this play out, the monk decided to design a series of self-defense movements that require avoidance while ensuring that the opponent’s moves work against him/her.

9.      Tai Chi Teaches How to Align Your Body and Mind as a Whole

Tai chi is one of the most coordinated practices in martial art. It coordinated movements, and consistent slow helps to maintain balance in the mind and body. Tai chi is something many of us could benefit from in this eras. Today many people are either depressed, stressed out, or anxious because of the prevalent issue in our society. However, practices such as tai chi could help reduce these symptoms. Tai chi helps to align your mind and body so that you can feel more relaxed and a lot more in control of your life.

10.  Tai Chi Came To The United States In The 20th Century.

Tai chi was well-known is china since time immemorial but came to the united states in the early twentieth century. Choy Hok Pang was the first person to openly teach Tai Chi in the United States, and the teaching started in 1939.

11.  The Concept of Tai Chi Believe There Are Two Opposing Forces

The Taichi philosophy is that everything consists of two opposite forces that form a whole by harmonizing with each other. For example, every right has left, and every up has a down. The tai chi moves are as a result of the concept of opposing forces. Instead of striking back at an opponent, a person practicing Tai Chi would move with them while calmly and slowly avoiding the impact.

12.  Zhang San Feng Spent A Long Time Learning Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple.

The Taoist monk, Zhang San Feng was a student at the Shaolin temple. He spent time practicing Kungfu in the Shaolin temple, and this is where his interest in creating his style came from.

 Although Tai chi and Kung Fu are not the same, it is believed that Kung Fu had a significant influence on the movements and the concept.

13.  The Chinese Government Stopped the Teaching In 1949 

In 1949, after the Chinese civil war, the government forced many traditional tai chi teachers to stop teaching the art. This was put in place to restore law and order in the nation.

14.  Health Professionals Recommend Tai Chi

Several health organizations across the globe have adopted some form of meditative exercise in their healing programs. Arthritis, Parkinson’s, and diabetes groups appear to favor this form of exercise.

15.  Sophia Delza Was The First Person To Perform The Tai Chi Art In The USA Publicly.

Sophia Delza Tai chi presentation was held at the United States Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1954. She continued to host classes for people interested in learning the art. She wrote her first English book on Tai chi, and it was published in 1961.

16.  Tai Chi Is A Non-Strenuous And Non-Exhaustive Art And Form Of Self-Defense.

Another fun fact about tai chi is that it is suitable for all age groups, regardless of agility and physical fitness levels. That is why the classes can consist of different age groups. It can be reasonably easy for newbies to keep up since movements are slow and precise.

17.  The Shortened Versions Of Modern Tai Chi Are Easy To Learn.

Some people believe that the moves can be learned in just 36 lessons. However, professional instructors advise students to practice the art in no less than 15 minutes daily. The movements will become more natural and flowing to the student with constant practice.

18.  Tai Chi is the ideal way of staying healthy for the elderly.

Tai chi provides the best way to keep fit for elderly citizens. That is because the exercise movements are so low-impact and anyone can fit in. Many classes are offered to the aging who want to keep mobile and flexible.

We have mentioned some important fact about Tai chi. However, there are more interesting fact about this special type of martial art. People who engage in the practice always speak highly of it physical, mental and emotional benefits.

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