How To Tell If You’re A Medium

How To Tell If You're A Medium

How To Tell If You’re A Medium

How to tell if you’re a medium is one of the most common questions people ask nowadays. Lately, many people want to know more about their personality and how to interact with the world. These may be due to the advancement in knowledge both in science, social sciences, and humanities. However, the meaning of the word isn’t clear to some folks. So, what is a psychic medium?

What Is A Psychic Medium?

Mediums are people who pick up on emotions, feelings, and impressions from the living and the dead. They can as well feel and pick feelings and emotions from the Angels, and Spirit world, rather than just from the world of the living. 

Some are natural-born mediums, while latent mediums pick it up later in life. Mediums are known to use their intuitive skills to see past, present, and future events of someone by reading the spiritual energy around that person. If you want to know more about the world of psychics and spirituality, look thoroughly at yourself and your past to see if you have the characteristics associated with being a medium.

Now let’s look at how to tell if you’re a medium or common sign of a medium.

How To Tell If You’re A Medium – Common Signs

#1 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: Sometimes You Wake Suddenly During the Night

This trait is common in mediums when they are young. Spirit may notice the medium and take the chance to contact them during the night. Have you ever woke up suddenly and fell like someone is there watching over you? If yes, you’re likely to be a medium. Don’t worry, no-one in spirit can hurt you, but it might be time for you to set boundaries with such spirits.

#2 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: Sensitive to Everything around You

Mediums are sensitive people; they can feel the presence of a Spirit and sensitive to almost everything on this planet as well. Mediums are likely to know when you want to harm them. They can observe their environment in a way ordinary people cant. However, sensitivity is a gift that can be utilized for the greater good of all. 

The sensitivity is a gift and a challenge. It is essential as a medium to lower the toxins in your body that you are sensitive to, so it necessary that you eat an organic diet and drink filtered water.

#3 Sign on How to Tell If You Are A Medium: You Talked To Imaginary Friends

Most mediums had imaginary friends in childhood. Do you remember the times you stay alone a child smiling and talking to no one? You were likely interacting with a spirit. Spirit vibrates at a super high, fast frequency, so if you could feel that energy as a teenager or kid, it’s a good sign, you could be a psychic medium.

#4 Sign on How to Know If You Are A Medium: You Always Feel You Don’t Fit In  

Most mediums find it challenging to fit into groups. When you were little, did you feel like you didn’t quite fit in? Do you still think that way now? If yes, then you might be a medium. You’ve always known that there is something different about you, but you’re not sure of what it is. Perhaps you long for deeper connections, but it’s hard to your feelings with others.

#5 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: You like Paranormal Movies and Books

You like books about UFO’s or TV shows about ghosts because you thrive on understanding the supernatural. Were you the child who read about going back in time and watching the movie ‘Poltergeist’? That wasn’t an accident. It is undoubtedly a sign of things to come!

#6 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: Mediums Suffer From Glandular Issues

Here is another trait of how to tell if you’re a medium. Do you have adrenal fatigue or a thyroid condition? If yes, then you’re likely to be overweight and tired because the spirit world uses your gland to connect.

You have been unknowingly burning through your glands while connecting with people in spirit. Self-care practices, including lots of rest, a proper diet, and things like yoga, are a necessity for mediums.

#7 Sign on How to Tell If You are A Medium: You Don’t Fear Death

Mediums have the belief from a very young age that death is not a big deal, so there is no reason to fear it. It is one of the most common signs of a psychic medium. Such people are best fit for aged care or emergency services industry.

#8 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: Always Seeing Weird Things

One of the signs of a medium is the ability to see strange things. Like something flying into the corner of the room that is not there, or weird sparkles out of the corner of your eyes. If you always look around the room and think to yourself, “what was that?” perhaps you don’t need your eyes checked, you are simply a medium!

#9 Sign on How to Tell If You are A Medium: Dreaming About the Dead

Another common trait of mediums is the ability to dream about dead people. Some mediums can feel people in the spirit drawing near as they fall asleep, while spirit people appear to others in their dreams. Sometimes the spirit comes to give information about things that happened before their death or how someone needs help. 

#10 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: You Give Fantastic Advice

Mediums are highly intelligent individuals that know how to give excellent advice. Many a time, people are satisfied after talking to you because you comfort them with words of wisdom. Family and friends always come to you when they want to make crucial decisions because they know you will provide a perfect solution. 

#11 Sign on How to Tell If You’re A Medium: You Know Things About People

Another important point on how to tell if you’re a medium is that you can quickly know things about people. You are a natural detective, and there’s no fooling you. You know their personality, ideology, and interest within a short period. That is why people hate you because they feel you’re too intelligent and cannot be deceived.

#12 Sign on How to Know If You’re A Medium: You Understand Animals 

It’s like you can communicate with animals. You can quickly get along with domestic animals even if it’s your first time visiting — probable that’s why your friends call you the cat whisperer.

#13 Sign on How to Tell If You are A Medium: You Don’t Like Noise or Crowded Places 

Another significant way to tell if you’re a medium is your inability to stand noisy or crowded areas. Naturally, you don’t like loud or crowded places, bright lights, or strong smells. They make you feel as if your life is about to end.

Now that you know how to tell if you’re a medium, there is a possibility that you are a medium if you possess up to five features above. However, you need to learn how to develop your skills if you want to retain it and use it for the benefit of all.

How to Develop Your Medium Abilities    

Below are somethings you should do to use your gift for the greater good.

Accept your gift. 

Now that you know what you possess, you have to embrace who you are – gifts and all. Accept that it is part of your Soul choice before you came on this Earth. Acceptance will help you to embrace the Gift.

Know That There Is a Reason for having the gift.

Reasonably, your destiny is to fulfill a mission on earth with the special gift you possess. You must check your Spirit Guides for clarity on that path.

Embrace Your Gift.

Now you know you are a medium. Embrace this unique ability with grace and gratitude and be comfortable with it.

You Have To Throw Out The Fear.

Overcoming fear is vital in all aspects of life. You don’t have to fear when you stand tall in pride of being who you are. Therefore, you should learn the techniques needed to banish fear.

Learn To Use This Gift.

It would be best if you learned how to use your gift. A course on mediumship will provide the insights required to hand the gift. How to connect with spirits, techniques to manage your energy,  making sense of their communication, leaving doubt, and fear behind are some of the things that can be learned from a well-known medium.

Some Recommended Books

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