How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It (20 Signs)

How To Tell If Someone Likes You But Is Hiding It (20 Signs)

Love is always worth fighting for irrespective of the conditions surrounding it. If you are getting some kind of intuition as to whether a someone likes you, don’t hesitate to find the answer. In your quest to find out that special person’s feelings towards you, it is also important to note that some people are born with a high sense of confidence, permit me to say, ‘pride’. Don’t be alarmed, it’s the good kind of pride I’m talking about here. These straightforward set of persons can tell you their feelings point blank. Like we have ‘point blank lovers’ we also have the complicated ones. 

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As strange as it might sound, some persons are not straightforward and may choose to hide their feelings. Now these second set of people are the challenge we have here, their nature makes it very difficult to know how they feel about you, at least if it’s the kind of affection that’s making you read this right now. 

Like there’s a solution to every problem, there’s also a way to discern a person’s true feelings about you. It would interest you to know that there are proven tricks to help you find out if someone likes you secretly. Thankfully, this guide will explain how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it. So you might wanna read through carefully.

  1. The person smile at your jokes

You don’t need to be a comedian and the joke doesn’t have to be funny. When that person likes you, they’ll always make sure to laugh at your jokes, just so you don’t feel embarrassed or awkward. Laughing is a major sign of interest, if they really feel some way about you, then your jokes will certainly be hilarious to them.

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  1. The person shows up everywhere you go

When someone likes you but is trying to hide it, they’ll go to places you’ve visited, even if those places are unusual. This behavioural pattern is all in an attempt to get noticed. Going to places you visit passes across the message that they like you and want to be everywhere you are. 

How do you know this? If you are in a beauty salon shop and this guy is passing through the shop severally, it means he wants to see you. C’mon, what the heck would a guy looking be looking for in a beauty shop? when he’s not exactly the stylist. Or if that girl’s always swinging by the barber’s shop whenever you are there, then that’s how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it.

  1. Check their eyes

Does this person hold your stare? People always say, ‘the eye is the mirror of your heart’. This might sound funny but it has a lot of truth in it. A person who is shy with his feelings would do his best not to look into your eyes. If she’s in love with you, she’ll act awkwardly. Just catch their stare when they look at you secretly, they’ll turn away immediately they find out you’ve noticed them. This is another way to tell that someone likes you but is hiding it.

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  1. Ask to hangout 

If a person likes you, they will never miss any chance to get closer to you. If they are too shy to take the first initiative, then just ask them to hang out with you and check their response. People don’t waste their time with person’s they aren’t interested in, except it’s out of chilvary. If they really like you, they’ll say yes quickly.

  1. Test their remembrance capability 

When love is concerned, they’ll never forget any important dates. If you told him about an important service you have to attend the following week, he’ll keep it in mind. Maybe you casually mentioned your birthday to this girl, don’t be suprised when she’s the first to wish you happy birthday, it happens. If they really care, all important dates will be kept in check. This is another great point on how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it.

  1. Watch the persons behavioural pattern when you are metres apart

If this person is lively, down to earth and incredibly social, he or she will act completely different when they’re around you. They might become more cautious and protective. Sometimes the change in behaviour might not be easily noticed by you, and you might find it uncomfortable. Even so, don’t fret, it only means they like you and really appreciate your presence.

  1. Start a conversation with the person

You want to know if that person has got the hots for you? Then start a conversation with them and see if they indulge you. In today’s busy world, a lot of people refrain from putting their nose in people’s business. However, this is not the case if they are attracted to the source of the gist. Try telling that person something that happened to you, any experience at all, if they ask you a lot of questions and follow the conversation wholeheartedly, it means they want to know more about you.

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  1.  Touch that person lightly

If someone likes you, they won’t mind if your body brushes, as a matter of fact, they’ll crave body contact with you. From slight brushes to holding hands while crossing the road, if they like you secretly, they’ll reciprocate any touch. If this person has no feelings for you whatsoever, then reverse will be the case.

  1. Does he or she morrow your gestures?

This is a basic study from psychology to know if a person likes you but is pretending not to. The study suggests that a subtle mimicry is an indication of attraction. So just take a close look at this person when you are both walking together. He or she will mirror the way you walk, talk, cross your feet infact, basically almost all your gestures. When you notice this, just know that they physically love you. 

  1. Are they eager to help?

Someone who likes you will never think twice before rendering help. Just try asking for assistance from them, even if it is difficult and see their response. If they’re really into you, they’ll help you at once. This is another valid point on how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it.

  1. Are they the first to notice any changes about you?

Have you ever made any drastic changes to your looks? Changes like cutting your hair or touching up your scents, if this person always notices these changes before any one else, then that is certainly a surefire sign that they are into you. It is not a regular occurrence to see people discern changes easily, if this person can notice subtle changes like this about you, then they are paying close attention to you.

  1. Does he or she seat next to you?

Ever been in a situation where you are out with friends having dinner, in a lecture hall, or maybe at the movies and this person has a lot of seat options but for some reason always chooses the seat that is next to you. Then there’s no telling that he or she likes you.  If someone is interested in you they will sit next to you, not in the front or back. Just so you both are close enough. 

  1. Is he or she trying to impress you?

This doesn’t mean they are pathetic or clueless. They think you are special and deserve their best and so they’ll go the extra mile to impress you. If someone really likes you, he or she will show initiative either subconsciously or consciously all in the attempt to win you over. A lot of people base their self esteem on how well they satisfy the person’s they like. So if you notice they are putting a lot of effort into their looks and other aspects especially when you are with them, then they’re totally catching feelings. That’s how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it.

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  1. They are so caring

Is this person so caring and helpful? Then they are in love. They’ll do so much for you without wanting anything in return. If this person likes you, they’ll display acts of service, generosity and immense care. When you notice someone going over the top just to make sure you are happy, then you can be certain that this person likes you very much. So if you want to know about a person’s true feelings towards you, look out for interest in your convenience and safety. It is a parental instinct.

  1. Does he or she follow your social media handle?

If you notice that they are huge fans of your social media accounts and follow you on almost every handle, then it’s a tell tale sign that they’re into you. C’mon guys, we all know how demanding it is to keep track of a person’s every move on social media, especially for someone with a pretty busy schedule. I have to say, it takes quite a lot of effort.

  1. Do he or she tell you personal stuff

Do you notice this person telling you sensitive issues about his personal life? Things you have no business knowing anything about. This is a tell tale sign that this person likes you. They feel comfortable and secure around you, this makes them tell you personal things about their life without second thoughts. So if you notice that they’re giving you some first hand info about their plans for the future, then you have a special place in their heart. This is a valid point on how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it.

  1. Calls and texts without pauses 

If you notice this person calling and texting often, especially after a hangout, then they’re trying to confirm your safety. People tend to call only those they are concerned about often. If you’ve really got a special place in this person’s heart then they won’t be able to stay long without texting or calling you, just to hear the sound of your voice and know that you are okay. Trust me, they might try to conceal their feelings but this one will certainly find them out.

  1. Inquisitive about your personal life and interests 

If this person likes you, they will want to know more about your family, your hobbies, love interests and basically everything about you. So if you notice that this person is being overly inquisitive, then they are interested in you. They will want to know;

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• What you love doing, your hobbies and personal interests

• Your dating status

• Your siblings and older family members

• Your work, occupation and educational background (possibly)

All these questions don’t usually take an awkward form, they’ll usually come up during casual conversations just so things don’t get weird. People are usually inquisitive about the life of people they like because they want to know your personality and be sure you are the safest bet for them, all in an attempt to avoid hiccups in the future.

  1. Does he or she smiles at you whenever you come around?

No degree of pretence can conceal this one. If they like you, they’ll give you the grin without even asking. Is this person the type that is conservative with smiles, but whenever he or she sees you they can’t help but smile at you? Then it’s a good sign, believe me. A person won’t smile at someone he or she doesn’t like, except of course it’s just for courtesy, and you’ll surely know the smile I’m talking about when it comes. This is another important point on how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it.

  1.  Gives you more attention than others

Do you notice this girl gives you more attention than other guys, or this guy subconsciously snubs other ladies when you are within reach? This is a surefire sign that they are into you. Sometimes it looks unfair to others but believe me, when love is involved everything is fair. You’d notice they agree with you on every single thing out of fear that disagreeing with you will make you lose interest in them. Don’t worry, this would always happen if they’re in love with you. Pretence doesn’t conceal this one at all.

Overall, it may be said that when people are in love, they’ll go over the top with their actions. They will say or do anything to win their love over, it doesn’t matter the processes involved, reciprocation is enough compensation for them. So if you are not sure about someone’s feelings towards you, check out these signs, they’ll definitely confirm your suspicions.


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