How To Know Yourself Better

How To Know Yourself Better

Finding the real you is a major pathway to achieving inner peace and attaining greater heights. It might interest to know that knowing yourself has a lot of benefits. This guide will show you certain factors that will help you to understand your identity. In the course of life, you can look out for some clues and hints to these essential building material of the ‘Self’.

Of What Use Is The Knowledge?

Self knowledge has a lot of benefits as stated earlier. How great would it feel if you can find you true self and live life to the fullest having acquired this new found knowledge. Here you’ll be provided with some prominent benefits associated with understanding who you are.

  • Make Better Choices

When you know yourself, your true personality and your intended purpose, you will make better decisions about virtually everything that comes your way. From small decisions like which show or sweater you should buy to bigger choices like whom you should spend the rest of your life with. You would have this element of surety in your decision making, not only that, you will possess in-built guidelines within yourself, which will help you in solving different life problems. Wisdom comes along with discovering who you are and this is applicable to how well you make your life choices.

  • Exercise self control

Persons who have discovered their true identity are disciplined. This is because, they have come to terms with what motivates them to resist bad and shameful habits while making conscious efforts to developing new ones. When you have known yourself, you possess the insight to understand which values, virtues, skills and goals activate your will power.

  • Inner peace

When you find yourself, you have less inner conflict because your outward appearances and actions are in sync with your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs. With this quality in place, you will experience inner peace and less inner conflict, while striving to achieve the best countenance that is attainable.

  • Joy unconfined

When you’ve understood your nature, who you are, you become more happy, joyous or elated. This is mostly because of the fact that, you can now freely express who you are, you can freely express your desires and views about life without feeling any pressure to take back what you said. When a person expresses his or her desires, it is more likely that they will get what they want. So when you know yourself, happiness will be your watch word.

  • You’re in control

When you know yourself, you become grounded in your values, beliefs and preferences. At this point, you have a strong resistance to peer pressure. Such a person is not easily swayed or compelled to do what he or she doesn’t believe in. You say yes when you want to, and say no when you wish. Along with this, your ‘Yes’ means yes and your ‘No’ means no.

  • You see life through a different set of eyes

When you have truly discovered yourself, you see life from another perspective. You feel more alive and your experiences as well as your views about life become more bigger, exciting, realistic and authentic.

  • More tolerant

A person who know him or herself is simply mature in dealings with people. Such a person is more tolerant and understanding, doesn’t jump to conclusions and offers second chances. This is because, knowing yourself helps you become aware of your struggles, strengths and pitfalls, this will make you empathize with others during their times of distress.

Having gone through these, you must be convinced that self knowledge is worth obtaining as it helps you achieve your life goals a lot more faster while deriving joy in the process. Still and all, it’s important you understand the glaring signs of self knowledge. You’ll be provided with those steps that you must follow in the quest to achieving self knowledge, these steps are embodied in tell tale signs to take note of  if you’re in the process of finding yourself already. Whichever form you see it, we’re here to help you all the way.

Steps on How to Know Yourself Better

  • The Mind State: How to know yourself better

In this context, state of mind implies the ‘Temperament’. Do you know that your temperament describes in detail your inborn preferences and choices. Some persons gain their strength and restore their energy from being around a lot of people when talking about a lot of random things. While others restore their energy from just being alone in their personal space. There are certain questions you should be able to profer answers to in order to angle towards situations that will help reveal who you truly are.

Perhaps you make decisions on the basis of feelings and thoughts, or you prefer to ask the opinions and experiences of others before making your decisions. For some others, they do their planning gradually while going with the flow, while some others prefer big ideas and quick turnouts. The bottom line is that, you find your true self by putting your temperament to test. Embark on drastic and unplanned trips, do something instantaneous and out of the blue. You should be able to know your temperament and get the answers that you desire. So if you know your temperament already, you are just one step away from knowing your true self.

  • What Are your Values? How to know yourself better

Ever stopped to understand your values towards life. What is your watch word? Helping others directly or indirectly? A creative inventor? Into the health sector? Crave financial security and love money matters? Desire deep spirituality? The simple truth is that, these are all values, in whatever form they come, some might look selfish, others might look selfless, but whichever appearance they take, if the end result is imparting the lives of individuals positively, then it is certainly a value and not a vice. Values are guides to good decision making, they are also goal motivators. According to recently conducted researches, just writing down your values and thinking about them heighten the chances of taking healthy actions.

If these values of yours are worth while, they motivate you to keep going even when the road seems to be tough, this has been proven in several phycological experiments. So if you really want to know yourself, understand your values, they’ll certainly motivate you to make the right choices and discover who you really are. When you’ve discovered your values, you are on the right track to self knowledge.

  • Have You Got A Life Mission: How to know yourself better 

What would you tag the most meaningful moment of your life? What do you consider as a worthwhile event that you were privileged to participate in or even conduct? What’s that goal you so desire to accomplish? That is your life mission. Have you been ever close to achieving your heart desire? If you have then, you have certainly found yourself. A lot of people live their whole lives on earth and die without fulfilling their life’s mission, a lot of individuals hadn’t the opportunity of fathoming the thought, talk less of carrying it out.

A life mission is not basic, it’s not ordinary, it’s usually geared at touching a life or lives. It’s there to serve a unique and worthwhile purpose. Your life mission could be saving lives in whatever way possible, for some it could be bringing evil perpetrators to justice, while for others it can be spreading hope accross. When you see this one, you might be thinking of motivational preachings and nursing jobs. You don’t have to be a saint to fulfill your life’s mission. Of course, virtually everyone is striving to attain blamelessness, but while doing that, finding your life’s mission is a great step to self knowledge.

  • What Are Your Biorythms: How to know yourself better

In other words, when do you love doing things? Are you a day time or night time kind of person? Do you switch between both? When do you like to eat? What time of the day do you feel the peak of your energy? These are time evaluative questions to help discover yourself. Understanding your “around the clock” activities and scheduling appointments and daily tasks into that time frame will help you be at your best while at it, because you are giving your innate biology due respect. Some persons do not like staying up late as it drains their energy for the following day. If you notice this about yourself, you’re definitely on the right track in knowing yourself. 

Sometimes the idea of biorythm preferences could sound ordinary and unnecessary compared to other ‘self knowledge discovering points’, nonetheless, you will find that your daily endeavors will be more exciting and pleasant if your schedules are in accordance with your innate biology.

To cap it all up, while in your quest to discovering yourself, you must understand that life is more enjoyable when you are not pretending to be who you aren’t. Be yourself and take these points to heart, and you will know yourself before you even realise it.