How To Keep A Guy Interested Through Text

How To Keep A Guy Interested Through Text

The whole experience of meeting a new guy is simply terrific, and there’s no doubt you’d want to know him a lot better. Whether you’ve gone on a couple of dates or not, using texting to your own advantage is of great essence. Texting is a perfect medium to learn more about a person, it can also be used to advance the growth of the relationship. If you like a person and the only opportunity you’ve got to contact him is through texting of messages, then go for it. 

Texting shouldn’t undermine the need for face-to-face meetings. Of course, you must make substantial efforts to meet with him in person. That is more important than just exchanging messages through text. Whichever platform you use in getting his attention doesn’t really matter, it all boils down to the same old story, wanting him to get interested in you.

By now you should understand that texting isn’t one of the easiest ways to get a person interested in you. So if you really want to pull the stunt, you’re gonna have to be very creative and strategic. Thankfully, this guide is here to help you bypass all the complicated stuff. Below is a compiled list of ways to keep a guy interested through text. These ideas can be combined to make your texts fresh and intriguing. 

1. Be Very Engaging

What’s the trick that companies employ to keep brokers and investors captivated? Engaging. They employ new ways and ideas to indulge their target audience. This guy here is your target audience. Do you want to keep him interested? Then find ways to indulge him. Brainstorm interesting topics for dissection. Topics about everyday life. Try to be fun and make sure positivity is your watchword. I don’t mean you should pretend to be who you’re not. Sometimes we all have to go days, but your texts don’t always need to reflect your low points.

Trust me, sending low-energy texts all the time could be rather offsetting. When you are fun and positive a lot of the time, the energy will certainly hit him deep and he’ll reciprocate in whatever way he can. If you are probably looking for advice to keep him indulged, then you might wanna consider the fact that some of the texts you’ve been sending him have not been all that engaging. When you are upbeat, he will respond suit and text you back. 

By talking about positive things and fun experiences, you steer the conversation to go in the direction you want. Driving a conversation through text messages is a field that is not easy for a good number of persons. Talking to a person in real life is very different from conversing through texts, this is because you will not be able to judge body language from texting. So in essence, what you must do is to try your possible best to be fun, and do well to showcase your personality through your words. 

You can employ the use to emojis and gifs to help give your messages a little bit of personality. Using abbreviations help lighten up the mood too, but don’t be too extreme. Try developing your own style that works for you. Over a period of time you’ll get used to the whole thing.

2. Bring Up Similar Interests In Conversations

You can talk about shared interests. Talking about common interests is a perfect way to keep him interested in the conversation. Maybe the both of you love similar music, movies, and TV shows. You’ll certainly find something you share in common even if it goes as far back as the same country. Mentioning similar interests is a great way to connect. For some persons, this one might seem like a filler conversation to just whole away the time, but it’s actually a wonderful way to keep people indulged. 

At times, just having fun, sharing some thoughts, and having a good laugh could bring immense joy to both of you. If you are not sure whether you have similar interests because of the newness of the relationship, you can try searching for common ground. Find out his favorite movies, series, bands, and playlists. Eventually, you’ll find out certain areas that you have common interests and then you can start up conversations about those.

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When there are more reasons to connect with him, he will keep talking and getting more interested in conversations with you, especially when talking about his funniest experiences and favorite subjects. If you want, you can pick up interest in things he loves that you are not that familiar with, that’s of course if it is coming from a genuine place in your heart.

3. Make Him That Know He is Unique And Special

When you make this guy feel special, it’s going to go a long way, more than you’d expect. If he really means a lot to you and you like him, then try sending texts that suggest those feelings. A simple goodnight text can make a guy feel special because he knows he’s cared for. Perhaps he has a test, job interview or work demand, you could send him supportive texts that show you care. Gestures as minute as these can keep a guy interested in you. By doing this, you are letting him know that you are thinking of him.

Let him know you are missing him. If you plan on taking things to the next level, then being real is very crucial. If he really feels the same way about you, he’ll definitely love how you make him feel and he would not fail to appreciate that. One of the kept ways to keep him interested through text is by letting him know that his time is valued and that you are looking forward to seeing him.

4. Ask Him Questions For The Fun Of It

This is a great way to know a person. When you ask him fun questions, you get to know his personality a lot better. There’s a wealth of questions you can ask him to get to know him better, for the thrill of it. You can try playing a simple game, where you ask each other questions. Yes, it’s through text and you’d be surprised how fun things could get. Things can be steered towards a flirty direction if that’s how you want it, but the goal is to keep him interested. This stage of getting to know each other is undoubtedly interesting in any relationship. By letting him ask you questions and asking him in return, you are encouraging him to get to know you better. You also get to learn each other’s personalities. By doing this, you keep him captivated and looking forward to seeing you every time.

5. Know When To Give Him Space

No one likes a huge bother. There’s something we call texting a person way too much. It’s alright to text, maybe you are a huge texter, but this could make you send more messages than he can handle. Some people are not into the idea of text messaging back and forth, especially guys. He might be busy with something like work or school activities, he could be too tired to even text when he is back at home for the day. So when such is the case, you might wanna hold back and cut down the texting to a minimum. In other words, text him lesser than you would do on a regular. This would prevent him from getting the idea that you are overbearing or inconsiderate.

Along with this, it is important to note that, the activity of texting almost all the time is not advisable for a healthy relationship. Some days, this guy might just want to spend time with family and friends, or he might just want to be alone. In every relationship, it is needful to understand that everyone needs a ‘me time’, otherwise something you can call an ‘alone time. The goal is to keep him interested, and forcing him to text all the time even if he doesn’t want to could totally put him off. If you do this, you might end up getting the opposite result that you are looking for. Yes, a lot of guys like texting girls that they like, but some situations might require you to show a level of restraint.

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6. Plan Your Next Meetings Together

Making plans together is another terrific way to keep him interested in you. Use your back and forth texts to plan out hanging out sessions and advance the relationship. Make him know that you are very interested in seeing him and that you are looking forward to every moment of spending quality time with him. When he knows that you want to meet up often, then he will also look forward to seeing you. You can further spice things up by discussing the type of dates you are interested in. When this is done, you can be able to plan some fun activities together.

7. Don’t Be Overly Dramatic

If you are the type that gets emotional sometimes and takes it out on texts, you might wanna calm down a bit. Lashing out on the phone during conversations could end up really bad for any relationship, especially if you are looking to keep this guy interested. Keep things fun with positive text messages. If there are some serious issues that really need to be addressed, you can do that in person. Drama playing and fighting over text messages does no relationship any good. If you’ve had a bad day and feel stressed out, take out some time to relax and clear your head before texting this guy, otherwise things could go wrong really fast. 

In the event that you sense some disagreement coming on, just tell him the subject can be talk about later, then move on to another thing entirely. Divert conversations if they seem to be going left, otherwise, you might have a hard time coming to an agreement if you are only texting.

8. Try Not To Respond His Texts Too Quickly

It almost not surprising that virtually all men love to hunt. They want a good chase, and texts are not an exception. You really want to keep this guy interested? Then try to not respond to his texts within five to thirty seconds of sending. The limit is totally up to you, but it shouldn’t take to long to respond. You don’t wanna keep him waiting too long or you’ll be making him do the reverse of what brought you to this page. Guys quickly lose interest in girls they don’t value because these ladies are probably at their beck and call. 

Yes, this point might sound stupid, but it’s very important. If you reply within just five to ten seconds of his sending you a message, then you’d simply come across as too easy and you’ll lose your value in his eyes. All you’ve gotta do is, reply his messages when you’ve got the time. Make sure you don’t prioritize answering him over your own business.

9. Ask About His Opinions

You don’t need to adhere to the extremist feminine laws about a woman not needing a man. You are going after this guy because you need him, and no matter how hard you shy away from it, that’s the bare truth. When you ask him for advice or seek his opinions about certain issues, you are making him know that you value what he thinks. This could go a long way in keeping that guy interested in you even more than you realize.

10. Compliment Him From Time To Time

This is a nearly effortless trick that works on every guy. Usually, men hardly receive any compliments. That’s because of course, they are men. When you give him some, he’ll feel good about himself and secretly appreciate you for it. So when you caress his ego, he’ll stay interested in you.

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