How Much Does A Diaper Service Cost?

How Much Does A Diaper Service Cost?

How Much Does A Diaper Service Cost?

Before washing machines became common in homes, the usual practice was handwashing diapers or using diaper services. As soon as disposable diapers came on board, cloth diapers were pushed to the sidelines. Several diaper services had to shut down, even still, there are still some fill owned diaper services that are still running in present day. As a matter of fact, today cloth diapers are coming back to life.

The specific provisions for any diaper service will certainly differ based on location. For a person who is interested in getting diaper service, he or she will need to choose any available plan that offers a certain amount of diapers per week, usually prefolds. Normally, the starter package for new users includes a diaper pail made from plastic. You can then leave your dirty diapers so that the service can pick them up.

In some cases, the service also requires the users to provide their own covers, even at that, some services include them. Washing your own covers is entirely your job, the service usually excludes that in their job description. Diaper services are undoubtedly a safe choice because diapers are made to have the same PH as the skin of your baby. Along with this, you are guaranteed a diaper that is free from ammonia and stink build up which will prevent irritation and rashes on your child’s skin.

Some diapers services wants you to take out solid waste, while others don’t. So when considering this service, you must take that into consideration. A lot of persons would always prefer cloth diaper for their child’s use, howbeit, the thought of washing these diapers could put off a busy parent, hence, the need for a reliable diaper service arises. We all can attest to the fact that sometimes it’s just nice to use covers and prefolds and not have to worry about messiness.

So What Is The Cost Of A Diaper Service?

The figures of this service will depend on your location. A typical diaper service will not cost much, it’s just a good amount for your convenience. The cost is unique to your location, and if you travel often, you’d be faced with different amounts from different locations. Still and all, the overall cost won’t be anything out of blue. This list will take the form of charge per number of diapers and charge per week.

  •  Regular cost per diaper

$0.25 – Pannolino Diaper Service

$0.27- Huggies snug and Dry

$0.28 – Huggies Supreme

$0.28- Pannolino Diaper service

$0.35 – Natural Brand Disposables

$0.47 – GDiapers

  •  Regular cost per week

Bundle Baby Shop; 

Organic prefolds service – $20

Fuzzibunz service – $33

Diaper kind;

Organic prefolds service – $35

All-in-Two service – $50

The Diaper Fairy;

Service ranges from $18.00 to $20.00 per week

The Diaper Junction;

Full time per week- $20

Part time per week- $13

Pannolino Diaper Service;

$0.25 at 90 Diapers per week ($22.50)

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