How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Jail After Posting Bail

How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Jail After Posting Bail

Like there’s a process to book someone into jail, there’s also a process to release them from jail. The simple truth is that, there is no set time on how long it takes to release a person from jail after bail has been posted. Sometimes it could be as quick as four hours, other times it could take up to eight hours or more. However, the common timeframe we see is usually between 4 to 8 hours. Nonetheless, it is very needful to note that every person’s case is different, maybe similar, but certainly different. You could see cases where the timeframe for release after bail will take up to fourteen hours.

The inquisitiveness never ends, it just goes on until there’s total freedom. You’d notice that one of the most common questions asked by interested individuals revolves around what the release time frame is after bail has been posted for their friend or family member. As much as we wish there was a simple answer to this straightforward question, there isn’t.

The time frame for the release of an inmate whose bail has been posted is dependent on a lot of factors. These factors can either speed up or delay the release of the defendant. If it’s a really busy day, things might not go that smoothly. The size or capacity of the jail, as well as the number of staff on duty at the time also matters. Let’s not also forget that there will definitely be other person’s waiting to be released, so it’s a patience and queueing situation.

One of the reasons that could make the release process take a lot of time is the paperwork procedure. As soon as the paperwork has been processed, the officer checks out for outstanding warrants for the defendants arrest. The office does this by thorough double checking. This would help them avert the mistake of releasing someone who has another warrant out.

In true sense, there is no stipulated federal law that dictates for the local communities where a defendant should be arraigned. As stated earlier, many issues determine the length of time it would take for a person to be finally released. Some of these issues include the circumstances and situations surrounding the initial arrest of these defendants. If a person was arrested based on federal charges, the federal law requires that their arraignment is given to them within fourty eight hours of their arest.

This provision also varies if the person was arrested during a holiday period or a weekend, still and all, the time frame does not exceed 72 hours. In Federal and local courts alike, the arrested individual is first informed of the crime that they are being charged with. The judge is also expected to inform the defendant of the amount of his or her bail, if there is provision for any. Usually, the bail amount corresponds with the gravity of the crime and must be posted before leaving jail.

The bottom line is that, individials who are fully aware of their rights are more likely to get released from jail within a shorter amount of time. Getting out of jail is a lot faster if the purposes of bail are met. Failure to insure that the purposes of bail are met will only make the release process slower and a lot more tiring. Like bail amounts vary with the gravity of the offence, there are also present bail amounts that are non negotiable.

The release process is always faster, straightforward and easier when the defendant and the person posting the bail both have access to a bail bond agent. If a bail bond hearing agent is contacted, getting a person released from jail after posting bail will be a matter of few hours. At this point, things might seem bleak because there’s no specific time frame for release after jail. However, once all requirements posted by the judge are met, getting out of jail is more like few hours away. Once bail has been posted and prerequisites are met, just calm any underlying fears because release will be faster than imagined.

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