Henna Tattoo Care – All You Should Know

Henna Tattoo Care

Henna Tattoo Care – All You Should Know

Here we will discuss henna tattoo care and the best way to apply and maintain henna tattoos on your body.

The henna paste is made from a tree called Lawsonia inermis. The tree is a much-branched, heavily-scented, slender, evergreen shrub or small tree; it usually grows up to 6 meters tall, though specimens up to 12 meters have been recorded.

Henna paste is applied to the skin in an intricate and detailed pattern. The paste leaves behind a reddish-brown tint on the skin when it is dried and removed.  The henna tattoo fades over time, and that makes it an ideal medium for creating a temporary tattoo. Henna tattoo is known as Mehndi in India and parts of the Middle East. It has a lengthy history of use as a temporary tattoo to mark unique and memorable events such as childbirth or wedding ceremonies.

Where and How to Purchase Henna

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Henna tattoo powder is easier to find than you may think. You can get usually get it at your local Indian or Middle Eastern grocery store. Nevertheless, this henna is often not the best quality. You may have to try more than one brand before you find one that you like working with because different types of henna work better for various purposes. For instance, some henna stays dark longer, while other types of henna may be easier to work with or have been sifted better. Your safest bet may be buying henna online, where you can scrutinize it through product reviews before choosing which brand might be best for you.

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Guide on Henna Tattoo Care

The steps below are the best way to care for your henna tattoos. Follow the steps to produce and get the best quality henna design.

Get Good Quality Henna Paste

The first step to henna tattoo care is to make sure that you are getting good quality henna. It is imperative not just to get excellent color stain but also to confirm that there is no dangerous chemical added with paste.

If you are not sure, kindly ask the artist if they know what the ingredients are or where they got the henna paste from. Likely, you will not get a good result if the henna paste is terrible.

Cleanse the Area Where Henna Tattoo Care Will Be Applied

The next step on henna tattoo care is to clean the part of the body where henna will be applied. Wash the area where you want the henna tattoo so that there is no dirt or sweat in that area. Simple wash from water and soap will do. Then, dry it with a clean cloth.

Apply Henna Paste and Let It Dry

After application, keep your henna tattoo design away from touching any object, your cloth, or anything else. It usually takes 20 to half an hour to dry the henna paste, although it will vary depending on the weather condition or humidity of your area.

Drying the henna on natural air is excellent, as it will take time to get the stain. This is the period when Lawsone molecules of henna bond with protein cells of your body. If you’re in a rush, you can employ a hairdryer and blow hot air to dry it faster, or you can get near the fireplace, space heater, or anything which is safe and provides heat.

Once henna is dry, you are free to move but don’t rub anything against the design as it will scrub the paste off. Now the trick to get the most suitable color is, keep the henna moist and also keep it on.

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Keep the Henna Paste On For As Long As You Can

Henna paste is like toothpaste, so it is moist, and you should let it stay long enough to release the henna juice on your skin. After application, you want the paste to dry enough so that design stays in the right place, and it gets henna juice in your body. The henna paste starts flaking off when it dries completely. Once it is off the skin, you wouldn’t get any more color out of it. You want to get as much as color out of henna paste and keep it in the place.

Application of Lemon Juice and Sugar Mix on Henna Design

A mix of lemon juice and sugar is the best and proven formula to get more color out of henna paste. Squeeze 20-30 ml of lemon juice and stir it with one teaspoon of sugar. Take a cotton ball and dab it over the henna design before henna paste starts dropping off. The paste should be settled and semi-dry at this time. Otherwise, you may smudge the tattoo design. 

Here are some benefits of this concoction:

  • It stops henna paste from flaking off of your skin
  • Lemon juice and Sugar mix helps keep the henna design in place
  • The moisture of Lemon juice and Sugar mix helps get color particles out of henna to your body

Keep the Henna Paste On For At Least Two Hour for an Excellent Henna Tattoo

The next step to take care of your henna tattoo is to leave if for a more extended period. The longer it remains on your skin, the better the result you will get. Some people do sleep with their henna paste to be removed in the morning. Henna can flake off on your clothes and bedsheet, but don’t worry; the dry henna paste will not stain cloth.

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More Information on Henna Tattoo Care

Scrub the Henna Paste Off Instead Of Washing

Do not use water to wash your paste off after many hours of keeping it on your skin. Instead, use a steel bowl or spoon to scrub the remaining henna paste off your skin. After that, you will see orange to light maroon design. It will not be too dark yet, keep reading to learn more.

Keep fresh Henna tattoo Away From Water

Another way to care for your henna tattoo is to reduce contact with water. Keep your hand washing to a minimum when you have a henna design on your palm. When henna is applied in other parts of your body, avoid washing that area, and do not use soap for getting a dark stain.

Wrap the Henna Tattoo If You Can’t Keep It Safe

To care for your henna tattoo, it is good to wrap your henna paste due to work or in a crowded environment. Wrap the paste after 20-30 minutes of application. For wrapping, you can use saran wrap, simple plastic, cloth, or socks. It would be best if you were careful not to mess your henna design when putting the wrap. I would advise having at least one coat of lemon and sugar juice before you wrap it.

Wrapping your henna paste is voluntary if you can keep it safe.

henna tattoo care/ henna paste/ henna design

Apply Natural Oil for Henna Tattoo Care

Application of natural oil after scrubbing the henna paste off is one of the best henna tattoo care. It will help if you avoid creams or moisturizers, which are not natural. You can apply any natural oil, like coconut oil or olive oil.

Expect The Best Henna Color After 24 Hours Of Application.

You should expect the best of your henna tattoo design after 10 hours of scrubbing off the henna paste. The color tends to improve as it stays longer on the skin. Hence, it is advised to get your henna at least a day before the event.

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