Future Self Journaling: All You Need To Know

future self journaling

Future self journaling is similar to the way of using the law of attraction to reach your goals. It was propounded by Dr. Nicole Lepera of the holistic psychologist page on Instagram. Future self journaling deals with how to improve our lives with some daily rituals over a period. Now let get comprehensive detail about future self journaling and how it can improve our lives.

What Is Future Self Journaling?

Future self journaling is a practice that helps to raise your consciousness about things you need to do to make some real positive change in your life. Future self journaling is the act of conversing with your future self in a conversational style. It is commonly done by writing your thoughts on paper, but can also be done by recording voice messages or recording a video of yourself.

Journaling is an excellent way to unload your thoughts, work through and understand emotions, and to plan in general. Nevertheless, sometimes you must “exercise” the mind as you do the muscles, giving it a direction when you journal.

People practice future self journaling for different reasons. The goal of future self journaling for most people is to trigger their future self in a way that they might expect to gain from it in the future.

Some future self journaling methods are aimed towards delighting yourself in the future. Another reason for practicing future self journaling is to hold your future-self accountable for things that you currently desire. That can be like personal goals or other material things.

In a nutshell, future self journaling is about writing a letter to your future self about the changes you want in your life. For example, putting down your thought about building a big brand, getting fit, and more. The written idea will help you stay motivated toward achieving those goals.

What is future journaling?

Future journaling is the same as future self journaling. It is merely writing a letter to your future self as a way to achieve your desired outcome.

Future self journaling ideas

Future self journaling can be done in different ways. As an individual, it is best to follow the process that suits you the best. The idea of future journaling was made famous by Nicole Lepera on her Instagram page, and it is a way of writing to your future self. Some self journaling ideas include the recording of audio or video instead of writing.

Important Aspects of Future Self Journaling

Here we will discuss some of the things to consider in the process of future self journaling:

Show Gratitude

You should be grateful for what you have because nothing lasts forever. Therefore, you should make a list of all the things you are thankful for while in the present. Take note of all the good things in your life at the moment.

Writing about things you are grateful for will enable you to step back and evaluate what is essential in your life and let you know your commitment. That information will you more insight into what you should write for your future self.

Even if you can’t find anything to be grateful for, be thankful for the good health you have. Your legs, eyes, limbs, teeth, and all your body parts are enough to be grateful. Some people wish they can see, some wish they can walk, so be grateful.

Here are some gratitude question ideas:

What are you most excited about in your life now?

What are you most proud of in your life or about yourself?

What are you grateful for today that you never had 5, 10 years ago?

Reflect On Who You Want To Become

People use future self journaling in different ways, and you should use it to ask yourself the kind of life you want in the nearest future. Learn more and reflect on the type of life you desire and how to get there. You should envision your body, health, clothes, relationships, family, and house you want. All that will help you build an ideal picture of what you want.

It is an enlightening practice that helps you become confident and very clear about how you are going to approach every day. It becomes simpler to apply your focus to decisions and behave in a more aligned fashion with your future self.

Be considerate with what you expect, expectations that are too high can make you less happy. Try to align your goals to the present.

The question to ask yourself:

What kind of person do I want to be in ten years?

What are my goals for this week, this year, next ten years?

Consider Changing Your Habits or Behaviors

Many people want to change their behavior but do not know the best way to do so. Future self journaling can be an excellent way to improve your future behaviors. You can start to change your future behavior by writing how you want to behave on paper and work towards achieving it. You should be emotionally and mentally aware of the change you want and let nothing hinder you. For instance, I was a shy guy during my college days, a lot of girls were interested in me, but I couldn’t approach them. However, I resolved to write a plan for my future self and ho to overcome my shyness. That has helped me build a good relationship with my recent girlfriend.

Questions that can help you change behaviors or habits:

How should I behave the next time someone angers me?

What can I do the next time I find myself in a situation that makes me feel depressed?

Benefits of Future Self Journaling

Here are some notable advantages of future self journaling and why this practice is essential in our lives.

future self journaling

Future Self Journaling Helps To Change Our Lives

Future self journaling is beneficial to move once life in the right direction. It’s for those times when you’re standing at a crossroads, and you wish that someone could come close and reassure you that you’re making the right decision. Sometimes you have to be that individual for yourself, and future self journaling is the best way to do that. You can give yourself a pep talk, journal about how the conflict you’re experiencing will be fixed in the future. Ultimately, it will be fabulous to look back on what you have written and see how far you’ve come!

Helps Us Become More Aware Of Our Actions

Writing down your thoughts can be a sort of therapy, and it helps us to be aware of our actions. It helps us to reduce overthinking and focus on how to achieve our goals. Future self journaling enables you to bring your subconscious behaviors to the conscious arena.

Many people think about doing great things without taking steps to achieve any. However, future self journaling will help you to stay focus and work towards achieving success. You will see a real change in your everyday life if you continue to follow the right steps.

Future Self Journaling Makes Your Goals Clear For Shaping Your Life

The writing of wants, goals, and how to pursue them will open your eyes to the importance of such desires and goals. Future Journaling lets people to understand their emotions and thought patterns. When you employ the added measure of writing for the future, what you desire crystallizes.

When your goals are more precise and vivid, you have more confidence in pursuing them. Moreover, it is easier to decide your next course of action when you have worked through precisely what your goals are. Being clear on goals lets you shape your life in ways that will inspire you to take care of yourself, make safer financial decisions, and decide how to spend your time professionally and socially. It makes the future appear more “real,” which will cause you to plan for it more readily.

It Helps You to Become More Ethical

Another benefit of future self journaling is that it increase your awareness towards life and you’re more likely to be ethical in your actions and decision making.

Below are some studies that support these facts:

“In a field experiment in the Netherlands, high school students that received texts from an avatar of their future self were less likely to engage in delinquent and anti-social behavior.:

“Experiments have found that assigning participants to write about their future selves can decrease support for unethical negotiation strategies.”

“In another set of experiments, after interacting with a 40-year old version of themselves in immersive virtual reality, college students were less likely to cheat on a following task.”

Get Started With Future Self Journaling

Future self journaling can elevate your self-awareness and help you reflect on your life. Not only that, once you start manifesting your future self, but you will also begin to make better decisions in the present, whether its finances, health, or social considerations. 

Determine if this is something you want to do regularly, or if you would do it whenever the mood strikes. You can compose a general letter to yourself, or you can write about something you are envisioning for the future in a particular area your life, like your friendships, your love life, your career, or where you want to live. Visualize the future and let your imagination run wild!

Put this entry aside and decide when you want to look at it again. Maybe you want to wait a whole year or two before checking out what you have written about your long term goal. Perhaps you want to read it six months from now. Or maybe you want to wait until you have reached a specific point in your life before checking out again. When you do reread it, let your emotions to come up without judgment. If you’re not really where you want to be yet, treat this as an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate your goals. And if you have accomplished what you set out to do? Then it is your time to celebrate and be thankful for what you have achieved.

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