Does my ex want me back? 20 important signs

Does my ex want me back? 20 important signs

As we all know, breakups are quite hurtful, especially when looking for a second chance. Most of the time, relationships end in fights, and you feel things could be fixed. So, breakups are tough, but they are not inherently bad.

Breakups come with a lot of pain, but the real culprit is what and who leads to a breakup. It is right that breakups are the universe’s way of telling us to get order in our lives. So, it would help if you looked for signs that your ex wants to get back with you.

20 signs your ex might want to get back together

Here we are discussing signs that help you understand “Does my ex want me back?” So, let’s go!

His actions show he is thinking of you.

Your ex’s actions include stalking you on social media, sending you DMs, or texting or calling you when something important happens. Some social media apps do not let us show when somebody is viewing your profile. But he leaves likes or comments on your profile or picture.

He makes sure to reach out to you on your important events, for example, your birthday, and he calls or texts you and then apologizes for bothering you. He will ask about you from your mutual friends. His social media posts or updates must be related to you, or maybe reminiscing about the time when you two were dating.

Your ex may have told you that he no longer wants to be with you. But you probably have a chance if his actions show that he is still checking on you or thinking about you.

He is dissatisfied with you after your breakup.

Your ex’s Instagram or Facebook posts are just gloomy, or he has not been doing well. When you run into each other, you find he is feeling down. When you ask your mutual friends about them, they say that your ex is “fine” rather than “he is great.”

And maybe your mutual friends or their friends have approached you or asked you to talk to your ex. His mum calls you and says how much your ex is missing you. Most of the time, after the breakup, he started dating quickly. This is also a sign that shows your ex is not happy and wants you back.

Maybe he could not cope with being alone and just kept thinking about you. As no one stays happy after a sudden breakup, we all take some time to be fine. But after a certain time, if you notice that your ex is still struggling, he must be stuck up on you.

You keep in touch on a regular basis.

If you are in regular contact with each other and text each other occasionally, you get longer replies than you think. He starts calling or texting as much as you. When you call, he answers your call as soon as possible. He calls you when he is drunk or drinking, or maybe when he is feeling alone.

The conversations between you are becoming intense and longer. He must be discussing his dreams and future goals with you. Many people do not stay in touch after a breakup. But if you are in regular contact and talk to each other frequently, then you are doing great, especially when you have little or no contact.

Your ex desires more time with you

If he invites you to hang out or if you both are making plans to hang out, He is quite available when you approach or try to plan. Moreover, both of you spend weekends together. He tries to stay in touch or close to you. He makes excuses most of the time to see you.

He wants to return you things or gifts or take something when he leaves you. In addition, it must be a chance to get closure so you guys can move on. It is not easy to see how he acts during all of this exchange. You see them hanging out around your favorite or usual spots.

It is a great sign if your ex wants to spend more time with you. Especially in cases when he is not up for it after the breakup. He may think about you, miss you often, or be ready to get back to you, but must be worried about the rejection.

When he says, “we guys must be friends, but it feels like more

Your ex treats you best or makes you feel special, and it feels like you guys are still together. Your ex does not feel uncomfortable getting physical with you. He grabs your arm, gives you long hugs, and is quite touchy.

Both of you can flirt with each other. He might admit that he has been having dreams of you. You still get physically intimate, or he has tried to. He may be looking for sex only, but if your intimacy extends to being a physical relationship, you must be careful.

Usually, couples break up and decide to be friends, but it feels like more than a friendship. It shows that your ex is not completely committed to the idea of breaking up, which means that you must be back together. But if you guys are looking for sex and nothing else, do not patch up.

Your social circle is still intertwined

If your ex stays in touch with your friends, he may often ask your friends about you. And he may stay in touch with you and with your family too. Your ex’s friends and family try to reach out to you often. But it would be great if his family was still in touch with you.

This sign must be unimportant if both of you have the same and only mutual friends. If both of you are working or studying together but as far as contact with the family goes, there will be a great chance that your ex wants to be back with you.

Your ex is second-guessing the decision to end the relationship.

Your ex shows the regretting signs. And you also need to hear this from your mutual friends or family members. Most of the time, his family or friends have told you to hang in or to support you guys so that you get close to each other. It probably means that your ex has mentioned that he wants to get back to you.

He may have mentioned how good the days were when you were together; it may indicate that your relationship was not bad. He often brings up the past in front of you, talks more fondly, tells the old inside jokes and mentions all the good old memories.

He wants to discuss what happened after the breakup. He talks about how things could be better or different. In addition, he takes moral responsibility. And he took the blame for all the breakup things that happened or talked about their role in the relationship failing.

He said to himself that the breakup was a mistake. Sometimes, a separation makes you realize how much you want to be with your ex. It may take a while, but if your ex is second-guessing the breakup, there is a great chance that you are close to winning him back.

Your ex is not yet over you.

Your breakup was not official; it has been a couple of days or weeks, and your family or friends do not have any idea that you have broken up. He’ll tell you that they miss you or that they’ll never stop loving you.

It does not mean that you are back together. The sense of longing or love does not necessarily change their mind about the cause of the break up. After seeing you, his eyes may light up, and he cannot keep his attention off of you. You will see a huge difference in their behavior.

He tells you how everything would have been if you were still together. He has not been trying to date anyone. He will say voluntarily that he has been single till now. Maybe he has been with some people since the breakup but has no commitments, or perhaps he has a casual date.

Here, the reason is obvious: your ex is not over you and he wants to get back with you. That said, there is a stage where almost all people must go through the pain after a breakup. And it depends on how the separation went; it may be best to wait for this stage to pass.

The breakup was caused by “external factors”

Both of you had a mutual breakup and ended things on good terms. And you broke up this relationship because of work or long-distance pressure. It might be due to the reason that you and their family were against this relationship.

You guys had been stressed, and this stress led to the breakup. Any mutual breakup or one that happened amicably shows that you and your ex have a strong relationship and respect for each other and maybe still consider that someone else would be lucky enough to be with you.

And he makes it easy to reconnect down the line, especially if the breakup was for reasons not directly under the control of you and your ex.

Jealousy undertones in your post-breakup relationship

You are no longer in a relationship, but you might feel like he is still getting jealous. He gets curious about your dating life and even asks about everything if you are dating someone new. He tried his best to make you jealous.

Most of the time, he posts many emotional posts or statuses on social media after the breakup. If you feel he is getting jealous of whom you spend time with, or if he is trying to make you jealous, Or you feel like he is considering getting back with you.

If he tries his best to make you jealous, it may show that he is trying to “win the breakup.” So, it is necessary to note other signs as well.

He expresses joy over your accomplishments or growth.

Your ex compliments you on your achievements and growth. He sends you good wishes or congratulates you on your recent successes. He must tell you that he has noticed the difference or change in you and greatly respects you.

Your ex finds it difficult to receive compliments. If your ex is expressing happiness about your success or giving you compliments, then it would be a sign that he is still thinking positively about you.

He is becoming nostalgic.

If your ex is sending texts or maybe reminiscing about the good old days, He says, “Remember the time….” and talks about your past with fondness, then the story begins. It shows that you are still in his mind. Anyone who has moved on never sends you texts about the past with their ex.

Nostalgia is a great and strong emotion. When you experience it, you cannot help but bask in its glory. That is why he tries to get back to you or contact you. If he sends you a message to remember when texting, then it is guaranteed that he regrets losing you and wants to be back with you.

As this article explores the main sign that your ex regrets losing you and wants to be back with you, it would be helpful to speak out to a relationship coach about your situation. From the professional coach, you will understand the problem, and you can get advice specific to you and your love life.

You keep colliding with him.

Do you think it is a coincidence that you keep running into him at your favorite spot? He knows where you usually hang out. Even if you have been hanging out elsewhere since your breakup, social media gives you an idea of where someone is spending time.

He may show that “randomly running into you” may be his intention of going out. But the world is so big, and there are a lot of coincidences to go around. He goes there to see you, indicating he regrets losing you.

Yes, it sounds stalkerish, but here you cannot blame them. Love is a powerful emotion; you can’t stop loving or missing someone. But here, it is clear that if he runs into you more, he probably regrets losing you.

He remains protective of you.

Does your ex have protective instincts? Or does your ex still want to be there for you and ensure you are okay? It seems to be as little as checking up on you via a test or ensuring you are safe while crossing a road.

All these little signs show your welfare is still a priority. These signs indicate that your ex wants to make sure you are okay and to be there for your safety and regrets losing you. But it is a simple truth that men contain a biological urge to protect themselves and provide protection.

But in this era, women do not need someone to protect them, and they do not need a “hero” in their lives. And men still need to become heroes because it is built into their DNA to seek a relationship that allows them to feel like a protector.

Some ideas are time-or life-changing, but this one would be one of them in a romantic relationship.

He attempts to demonstrate that he has changed.

Yes, you have broken up over the reasons he caused. For example, earlier, you did not like your ex’s temper and hated that he never cleaned up after himself. But whether it was, if your ex regrets losing, he will surely try to show that he has changed.

It might be subtle or obvious, and might be when you run into each other. But he will let you know that he has calmed down and rectified all the issues plaguing the relationship. If he hates that he never cleaned up, he may mention that now he cannot help but be such a freak.

He will love cleaning their apartments and make sure to make them spotless. If your ex is doing so, he surely wants you back. But it is great that he is acting as if he is taking steps to do better by you.

Most importantly, nothing says “I just want you back in my life” like a man who is willing to admit his flaws and strive to improve. It is just because of you, as he cannot live without you.

He will express regret to you.

Your ex says sorry for the way this relationship and all things ended. But when you have spent some time apart, he realizes how much he cares for you. He will reach out to you and tell you he is sorry. But the question arises: Does this mean that he regrets losing you? Not necessarily.

First, he may regret the way all things ended. But if he took more time to care for you, there is a healthy chance that he is trying to be in touch with you or, most probably, to be back with you. However, you must wait and look for other signs to figure out what is going on.

While apologizing, all the words he says are meant to describe the care he took and everything. So, if he does both, you must get the vibe he is regretting losing you.

He makes eye contact and flirts with you

It does not matter who you are. If you like someone, you will flirt with him because it is natural. And you must be able to recognise when he is trying to flirt with you again. After all, you will probably know him better than anyone.

He will try to make you laugh or tease you. He will do whatever he can to get you to like him again. In conclusion, if he is going this far to rekindle the flame, you must know he is trying to be back with you.

He will go out of his way to bring happiness back into your life and get the rapport back. It is also a sign that shows that he wants to start dating you again.

His social media presence appears to be too good to be true.

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that our ex is enjoying his single life on social media. It all may be just a show. Because if he is enjoying his life after the breakup, then there is no need to state it on social media explicitly. Social media is sometimes deceiving.

Most of the time, he feels the need to show others he is happy and satisfied, but in reality, it means the exact opposite. When you see your ex, he may portray himself as an optimistic person. But you know him well, whether he is happy or not.

You will easily recognize whether it is true or fake.

He pretends to be in need of assistance with something.

It is important not to read too deeply into any sign or to assume that your ex wants you to be back just because he is trying to reach out. But if he is coming up with excuses to see you by saying things like, “Can you help me to come out of this situation?”

Then you must go and ask him what he wants. You will get an answer to what the problem is.

He continues to appear with his new partners.

There is nothing wrong with having a healthy or friendly relationship with your ex. And when this happens, he might start showing up to group hangouts with his new partners. This does not seem like a big deal. He becomes super enthusiastic about everything about you.

Do i want to get back with my ex?

When you are considering getting back together with your ex, it is important to recall all the reasons that caused the breakup. So, if you have noticed any change between the two of you or like a good change in your ex, you are likely to fall back.

There must be reasons for the breakup, but for example, here we are mentioning two reasons: loss of trust and incompatibility. So, when you constantly think about, “Does my ex want me back?” Honestly, you must evaluate yourself and where your relationship should take place.

You can bring those close to you who were with you during the relationship. Then evaluate all old journals or any timekeeping sources. If you have faced a relationship of constant pain, discomfort, or terror, then you must take that into account.

But if your family recalls that both of you have to have a good and pleasant time together, it should also be taken into account. A negative history in a relationship is significant, but a positive history also has importance.

The solution to every problem is communication.

Here, we can go around all the clear signs that he might regret losing you. But if you want to know what is going on in your ex’s mind, then there is only one foolproof way: ask him.

It takes a long time to open yourself up and be vulnerable. Especially if it is the person who hurt you. Your self-preservation stops you from doing so and showing your weakness. In addition, life is too short to spend time overthinking somebody else’s actions.

By asking, you will get your answer straight away. If your ex wants to be with you and wants this too, you must start rebuilding this relationship. If you are not interested, you must know where to stand.

Can a relationship coach help you too?

If you cannot take the decision, you must consult a relationship coach and take specific advice on this situation. Surely, it would be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach. In addition, some sites have highly trained relationship coaches who help all people with difficult love situations.

You can connect with a certified coach in just a few minutes and get tailor-made advice on your serious situation. If you stay in contact with a relationship coach, I am sure you will get a kind, genuine, empathetic, helpful mentorship.

In conclusion,

Regardless of how difficult or uncomfortable the breakup has been, we have mentioned the signs that your ex wants you back or not. These are quite obvious signs to observe and keep in mind. But if you need somebody else’s help, you must contact a relationship coach.

I hope this article is as helpful as you want. If there is any problem regarding anything, then you must contact us.

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