How to Burn Palo Santo – The Complete Guide

How to Burn Palo Santo

Complete Guide on How to Burn Palo Santo

Here, we will discuss how to burn Palo Santo known as “Holy Wood,” in Spanish. Palo Santo is a tree that grows only on the coast of South America, and it’s related to Myrrh, Frankincense, and Copal. The tRee is part of the citrus family and have sweet notes of mint, lemon, and pine.

Palo Santo is an essential part of many spiritual ceremonies, as well as practices like aromatherapy. Many people burn Palo Santo to make their home or vehicle smell better, purge negative influences from their surroundings, relax to help them manage stress.

Steps on How to Burn Palo Santo

Follow the steps below to Burn Palo Santo.

The first step on how to burn Palo Santo is to get some

The first thing to do before burning Palo Santo is to obtain some. You can find Palo Santo at bohemian shops, aromatherapy stores, amazon, yoga studios, and places where holistic medical supplies are sold. The wood comes typically in bundles, with 5-6 sticks per bundle. It is usually bold and fragrant, with hints of citrus, mint, and spice.

The wood is likewise available in cone form that makes it suitable for incense burners and scent diffusers. If you are unable to get Palo Santo locally, then try getting it on Amazon or other online stores.

2nd step on how to burn Palo Santo: Light it over an open flame. 

Now that you have purchased your Palo Santo, the next step is to light it over an open flame. Hold one end of the stick and put the opposite end to a fire, lighter, or candle. Turn the stick back and forth slowly in the flame. It may take a few seconds for it to catch because it is a dense wood that doesn’t burn quickly. Now you should watch for a glowing ember to form at the end of the stick.

3rd step on how to burn Palo Santo: Blow out the flame.

The next step after you have successfully lit the wood is to let it burn for approximately 30 seconds. After that, you can give it a forceful gust to snuff the fire covering the tip. It will continue to smolder till it goes out itself, or when you decide to extinguish it.

4th step on how to burn Palo Santo: Fan the stick to keep it lit. 

Sometimes the ember might be at risk of dying before the wood start to emit smoke, a little bit of fanning or air will help to reignite it in such a situation. Other times you have to blow or shake the stick gently to get it going again. Fanning, shaking, or blowing the Palo Santo stick may only work as a temporary measure since it might need to be relit multiple times before it burns out completely.

Nevertheless, be careful not to blow it so hard that you extinguish the flame accidentally.

5th step on how to burn Palo Santo: Put smoke around the room. 

The next thing is to wave the stick across all corners of the room to release the pungent smoke. It will fill the room with a mild and pleasant aroma as it continues to burn. Guide the wood over all areas you want to purify, including corners, inside closets, and corridors. It would be best if you had an ashtray or similar receptacle on hand to catch the ash that drops from the burnt wood. In addition, you should avoid bringing the Palo Santo too close to your clothes, hair, or body while you are holding it.

6th step on how to burn Palo Santo: Extinguish the stick in a glass, metal, or ceramic bowl. 

Now that you are done putting out the Palo Santo stick, it’s time to put it out. So, it would help if you ground the lit tip into a fireproof receptacle like glass, metal, or ceramic bowl. These will ensure that it doesn’t melt or leave behind any repulsive marks. A thin layer of ashes or sand will help snuff the wood faster. Confirm that the stick has ceased burning before you walk away and leave it unattended.

How to burn Palo Santo incense

Palo Santo incense means the same thing as the “Palo Santo stick” mentioned above. It is the same and you should follow the same step as mentioned above.

As incense, Palo Santo is utilized mainly as an option to smudging, with stick or chunks that can stop burning, filling the space with warm, sweet smoke that is said to purify the household. The wood can also be powdered, ground, and used in small amounts as an ingredient in incense mixtures

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How to Burn Palo Santo Powder

Palo Santo powder is made from the Palo Santo stick that purifies the home. It clears out negative energy, has an awesome witty smell, and wade off bad spirits.

Watch this video to learn more.

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How to Burn Palo Santo Chips

Palo Santo chips are simply Palo Santo woods broken into smaller parts like our conventional chips. They are burnt almost the same way as we burn the Palo Santo sticks.

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