Blogger vs WordPress: Which Is the Best Platform?

Blogger vs WordPress is a piece of information most newbie bloggers ask when they are about to start blogging. When starting a website, you have many options to consider, which can both be good and bad for you. For example, with too many options comes the ability to get confused. That is because you won’t know which the right platform to choose is. And it will be hard for you to find which one will provide you with an all-in-one solution to get things done. In the world of blogging today, you have two very reliable options when trying to create a blog which can have you up and running within minutes.

WordPress vs blogger
blogger vs WordPress

First, you have WordPress, which is a platform that is easy to install and with the thousands of customized plugins, it pretty much streamlines the entire process for you. Next, you have, which an online blogging platform is built to give you a one-click approach to web design. They both have their positive and negative aspects, so it’s really about preference at the end of the day. Let’s look at some of the features of both platforms (Blogger vs WordPress) and how one outperforms the other in online web design and blogging space.

Blogger vs WordPress Installation

Blogger is a platform which is offered by Google, and once you log into your Gmail account, you’ll be able to get a blog ready within few minutes. If you want to use a custom domain, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version which will have a small fee each month. WordPress takes a few more steps to get up and running, starting with the web hosting you will need to purchase.

blogger vs WordPress
Creating a new blog

The good news is that once you have purchased a domain and web hosting, you can install WordPress with a click of a mouse. Simply, select the domain name from the drop-down menu, add a username and password then click install. Within minutes, you have WordPress installed on your hosting Cpanel, and you’re ready to go. Here’s a quick video to show you how to build a WordPress website from scratch under a few minutes.

However, if we are comparing just straight installation, then Blogger wins because, with Blogger, there is no installation required at all.

Learn how to create WordPress websites

Blogger vs WordPress Themes


We all know that web design is about looking good, and those websites which are attractive to visitors will often have lower bounce rates and higher retention times. You have the ability to customize both Blogger and WordPress; however, with Blogger, you have very few options making it hard for you to get the look you are trying to portray. WordPress has thousands of FREE themes that you can install to your backend. Some of the most talented developers in the world have created these themes, and they are straightforward to incorporate. If you need to make a few tweaks after, it’ll be no problem because you have access to all the files including the CSS which you can customize.

In the end, the winner is WordPress because of the number of options you have within the themes menu and the ability to customize each one.

WordPress vs Blogger Plugins

When creating a website, you have a purpose or plan in mind and are trying to achieve something peculiar. Many people who are getting involved within the online marketing realm have no programming experience, so find it difficult to customize a website they are building. With Blogger, you have minimal options to create a customized website which performs a specific way because of there no plugins that you can install. WordPress has been awesome because they are many different types of plugins which are available for free.

blogger vs WordPress
Choose from thousands of plugins to improve your blog.

For example, if you are setting up an eCommerce website, you can install Woo Commerce plugin, and it will turn your site into a shopping cart. Next, if you want to take payment, install the payment plugins and configure the payment options the way you like too. The whole WordPress interface is straightforward to use, which is why many people have shifted to using it.

Some of the most popular plugins which people integrate are Woo Commerce, Yoast SEO, W3 Total cache, and many more. When it comes to plugins, WordPress is again the clear winner in the comparison of Blogger vs WordPress because it makes things very simple to customize.

Blogger vs WordPress Interface

No one wants to use a platform which is confusing and not very easy to understand because it just takes away from the objective. You are using Blogger or WordPress to gain from the simplistic side of things, and it makes your life much easier, right? However, you should understand how each one stands when it comes to interface and if it is genuinely simple to use.

blogger vs WordPress
blogger backend

Blogger is very easy to use because you only log into Gmail and then browse to the URL and click “Add” new blog. You start blogging from there and can publish content almost immediately. However, what happens when you need to customize? Is that a straightforward process? The answer is that I am not sure because you are missing some of the very cool options that allow you to streamline the development process.

What about WordPress?

Amazing! Once you log into the backend, everything is organized and very simple to sail through. Whatever you need to do has its menu and sub-menu so click and view, it’s that simple. Many people love the interface because it’s very clean-cut, especially when you have so many options available to customize your blog. You would think with so many options, you will have a hard time finding many of the features, but WordPress has made things so simplistic. It’s no wonder that WordPress has an interface that rocks and many people use it because of its simplicity.

blogger vs WordPress
WordPress Backend

When it comes to interface, WordPress is the clear winner and continues to improve the backend interface continually.

Blogger vs WordPress for SEO

Nowadays, almost every website owner understands the need for traffic to their site. That is why everyone is doing all they can to optimize their website for search engine results pages. WordPress or blogger for SEO? Well! WordPress should be a clear winner in this aspect because it provides an SEO optimization benefit which the blogger lacks. WordPress provides themes that are SEO optimized and plugins that help to increase website on-page SEO.

The recommended SEO plugins are Yoast SEO, RankMath SEO, and All-In-SEO, which will streamline the optimization process. Google Sitemap, which will quickly create a sitemap of all your pages so that your website will be indexed quickly by Google, and this helps everyone trying to get noticed within the SERP’s. For those of you looking to start an SEO campaign targeted around keywords. You will want to install a reliable keyword density tool, and WordPress has several in its arsenal of plugins. However, this plugin isn’t necessary since you have the Yoast SEO or RankMath SEO plugin for WordPress.

Wrapping it up

We looked over some of the essential features of both Blogger and WordPress skimming through elements that matter when designing a website. From what we can conclude above, WordPress is the definite winner because it outweighs Blogger in many of the essential categories. If you are a newbie blogger or getting started with online marketing, and looking for a platform that offers you a clean interface, themes, customizable plugins and much more, then WordPress will be the ultimate blogging platform for you. However, you can start with Blogger if you don’t have enough fund to buy a domain and web hosting service.

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