36 Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend

A woman would love to know that her man remembers the small details about her. For example, remembering a seemingly unimportant promise, or her usual order at the diner you usually stop by. It is the little things that gain you those extra points in a relationship. This will make her to believe that you pay extra attention and actually care for her genuinely.

How much do you know about your girlfriend? Does she wield rare qualities that help you become a better human being? Or does she possess habits that make you doubt your relationship with her? Have you ever gotten the chance to understand her good and bad sides? These and many more are questions that if answered can help you discover who the person you’re with truly is.

Nonetheless, you should place at the back of your mind that no relationship is perfect, and as a result, it is important to keep an open mind about which imperfections are worth your understanding. To achieve this feat, there’s the need for a coded questioning session. It is coded because, you are going to be employing subtle tactics to get those answers you desire. Because of this, fun and unserious questions should dominate your ask-list.

Understanding your partner, a lot more than you do can go a long way in improving your relationship with them. Discovering their habits, hobbies, and aversions that contribute to how they view life, can effect some positive changes in your relationship and help it stand the test of time. Hence, it is important that you ask the appropriate questions, and summon up courage to hear the answers.

The pointers that you will be seeing shortly are excellent for getting to know your new girlfriend, or if already in a relationship, they are perfect for asserting whether the partner you are with is truly the right one for you. By now, you should bear in mind that a good number of these questions are not serious. Serious questions should be reserved for only serious conversations, likewise fun and light-hearted questions. However, in all your doings, always note that timing is key.

So, if you are looking to know your girlfriend a lot better, it is irrefutable that there is the need to ask questions. Here in this guide, you have been provided with an exhaustive list of things you should know about that special someone. Subtle commentaries will be provided with each question to help you know what to look out for in her answer.

1. Her Favorite Things, Including People

Curate a list of the things she loves and the people that make her smile. Find a place in your heart to treasure these findings too. Ensure that you are aware of the beautiful pieces of your other half’s life. This is because, aside from just showing that you care, it is very vital that you acknowledge the reality that her happiness can come from several areas apart from just you and the relationship.

2. Her Life’s Story – The Best and Worst Moments

A lot of persons believe in love at first sight, and they assert that it can be the start of beautiful occurrences. However, many persons have learnt the hard way that love is not enough to keep a relationship standing. There are so many other factors that need to be considered, and one of the most important is, getting to know your partner for who they truly are. The quest doesn’t end there. As you unravel mysteries and stories surrounding your girlfriend’s life, you have to be prepared to accept what you find, especially the unpleasant aspects.

3. A List of The Things That Get Her Annoyed

Ever tried finding out the things that get her annoyed? Well, now’s the time to do so. Every person has an exhaustive list of things that annoy them. That is the reason why it is needful that you know everyone on your girlfriend’s list. This will help you to make the necessary adjustments and avoid the petty arguments that graduate into serious fights.

Always try as much as possible to understand that you and your partner are two different people with totally different personalities and experiences. This will help making a compromise in any argument much easier for you, hence, facilitating a much stronger connection between the both of you, especially if you are in a fresh relationship.

4. All the Things That Fuel Her Temper

What makes your girlfriend angry? Are there any events or actions that can make her explode without remorse? You might wanna check this one out. Find out what bursts her bubbles. Note that anger is an emotion embedded in every human. Identifying what triggers it is an excellent way to know your woman better. There’s a wealth of things that you can learn from how people express their anger, as well as the way they respond to the objects that trigger it.

5. What Are Her Dreams and Aspirations?

Knowing the goals and ambitions that she has decided to pursue is a great step to take when trying to understand her better. What are the things that she looks forward to? Applaud her courage and appreciate her confidence to face the future without any hesitations. It is very inspiring to know how your woman sees herself five to twenty years from now. It so undoubtedly a proud feeling to be with someone who is not scared of dreaming big.

6. What Makes Her Laugh: Things you should know about your girlfriend

Apart from just the fun of it, humor can play a very vital role in building relationships. It can serve as a means of temporary escape from life’s unpleasant surprises. Positive energy is an instant remedy to distress, so ensure that you make your partner laugh. Discover her favorite lines. If you must, Google the world’s funniest jokes and practice stand–off comedy for a change. It might just go a long way.

7. Learn About Her Frustrations

Try uncovering her frustrations and defeats. Check out those things that reminded her that people don’t always get what they deserve even if they merit it. Even the most optimistic and enthusiastic persons can be brought down by certain situations. That is the reality of life. Nonetheless, the role you can play is making sure to be there for her when she is reminded of things like this. If possible, help her to achieve those things she had given up on doing just because she failed a couple of times. Become a source of inspiration to your partner while assuring her that those defeats will not overcome her.

8. Her Favorite Foods

You might wanna get a list of her favorite foods if you want to step up your game. This one could pass off as the most underrated aspect of every relationship when infact, it should be given a lot of credit. What is your partner’s favorite restaurant, diner, or cafe? What are her favorite food picks? Would she prefer a Chinese Restaurant to a Japanese Cuisine? Is she into spices, or prefers her food bland? Don’t be scared to take her on consecutive food tours because she deserves all the good food she can get.

9. The Person(s) That Broke Her Heart

An essential step to fully understanding your girlfriend in and out is accepting her past as well as the persons who have contributed to how she sees the world now. This includes her previous relationship(s) and how they turned out. However, make sure to be careful when asking her questions relating to this, and ensure that you have an open mind towards accepting the things you cannot change. It will be easy to accept even the most unpleasant revelations when you focus on the fact that every stage in your partner’s life was necessary for her overall development and her present stand with you.

10. What Are the Craziest Things She Has Done

Even the most boring person has a crazy side to him or her, and this goes a long way in bringing fun into the relationship, especially if the relationship is new, and you are both in the stage of getting to know each other better. Asking the necessary questions will help you discover a different side to your girlfriend. You get to find that pathway within her that can only be opened for those that have the key to her heart. So, don’t hesitate in trying to know her craziest side because, you might just love what you find.

11. How They See Their Present and Future with You in It

Ever wondered if your partner sees you in her future? You should be worried if you haven’t gotten a hang of this one yet. It is important that you know whether your partner has a vision of you in her future. What would your role be from ten to fifteen years from now? Do you often discuss your life together and how you both plan on spending it? Ask questions that hit this factor. This will help develop true intimacy between the both of you. Along with that, you will both find meaning and purpose in no time.

12. What Are Your Girlfriend’s Views About A Perfect Life?

Describe in detail what your idea of a perfect life is to your girlfriend and hear her views about it. Just take out some time to breath and relax, then close your eyes to imagine what your perfect life would look like. When you’ve gotten an idea of what you want in life, try as much as possible to explain it in detail to your girlfriend and hear her out. This question is ideal for finding out what she wants out of life, as well as the life she would live if everything went smoothly.

When you get your partner’s answer, you can compare her views with your goals if they correspond. You can also bring up light-hearted questions about what a regular day in that perfect life would look like. So, if your perfect life is riding on a yatch while chilling off with friends, or travelling around the world with no backpack and zero cares, whereas her idea of a perfect life is building an enterprise from the scratch, then the both of you might need to do some serious talking.

13. What Does She Think the Role of a Man and Woman in A Relationship Should Be?

Asking questions of this nature will help the both of you to enter into the relationship on the same page as far as individual and collective roles are concerned. If your girlfriend’s ideas about her roles and yours in the relationship are very different from yours, then you might want to get that settled before you both go any further into the relationship.

14. What Was Her Most Serious Relationship and How Long Did It Last?

This is an important step in getting to know your girlfriend later. It might be difficult to ask her questions of this nature but it will help the both of you in the long run. You should know about her past relationships, how many she had been in, and the most serious of them all. Now is not the time to get jealous because she is talking about her ex’s. Bear in mind that you have got ex’s too, and a couple of things went down in your past relationships if you’ve been in any. 

You do not have to compare your partner’s exes to yourself. This question is only directed towards giving you information about what your girlfriend likes and dislikes in a relationship. It will also give you an in-depth knowledge about how she sees serious relationships.

15. Has Your Girlfriend Ever Cheated on Someone Before?

This one’s a gory subject, so you’re gonna have to be careful. At this stage, the questions have gotten quite serious, hence, you must try your possible best to employ strategy in the way you present questions. With that being said, it is a vital info that you should know. There’s the popular saying, ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. While your girlfriend might not be guilty of this one, the infamous phrase is a common phenomenon, and it won’t hurt to know the possibilities.

Has your partner cheated on her previous boyfriend(s) before, and what happened when she was caught? If she did cheat, there’s a good chance she’ll do the same to you. Although this rule does not apply to only women, so check yourself too, just to avoid future hiccups in your relationship.

16. How Much Time Did She Usually Spend with Her Previous Partner(s)?

You’ve got a land mine as a question once again, so be careful when asking this one. As mentioned earlier, now is definitely not the time to be getting jealous over ex boyfriends, so make sure to stay focused. The answer to this question will give you an idea of how much time you should spend with her. 

While some guys want their women to be around them all the time, others love their personal space. It is the same with girls. Done girls want to hang around their boyfriends for as long as they can manage, while some others cherish distance and some level of privacy. It is all about personal preferences. Note that if some of your preferences don’t match with your partner’s, it is not enough reason to give her the cold shoulder.

17. Does She Prefer the Outdoor Life or Indoor Life?

Ever asked your girlfriend what her ideal schedules are like? Well, the answer to this one can go a long way in revealing to you what kind of person she is. She might just be the indoor type and you may be an outdoor person. When this is the case, do not expect her to enjoy being dragged out on excursions and trips. On the other hand, if she’s the outdoor type, you might want to start shopping for some sneakers and hiking boots. However, if you and your partner are really different in this regard, maybe try reaching a compromise and plan for eat outs and cabin trips.

18. What Properties Does She Own That She Values the Most?

You might want to read some meaning into this one. Are her most valued items sentimental? What are her three most cherished items? Are they expensive items, or products she can show off?  Or does she perhaps lack sentimental attachment to objects? The answer to these questions will let you know whether to bid your money goodbye or just worry about nothing.

Looking at it from another angle, the answers she will give you to questions of this nature will give you an idea of what kind of gift to give her. Is she sentimental? Then get her something that reminds her of the relationship you both shares. Does she lack sentimental attachment to things? Then get her something practical that will help her improve her skills and hobbies.

19. How Would She Deal with A Friend Who’s Being Insultive?

This one will let you know how she deals with issues such as conflict. Does she avoid fights, escalate conflicts, or just assumes the position of a peacemaker? The odds are that she will deal with you in the face of conflicts the same way she’d deal with her friends. She might get really angry, try to make peace, or just completely avoid you, and that’ll be it. 

20. What Are Her Favorite Movies and TV shows?

As light-hearted as this question may pose, it can go a long way in helping you know just how much the both of you will enjoy watching shows and seeing movies together. First if all, of she likes her onscreen time and you do, then you both are a lucky duo. So, what are her preferences on movies and shows? Do they fit yours? The answers to these questions will let you know if there’s the need to make a compromise when it comes to movie time.

21. What Are Her Least Favorite Movies and TV Shows?

After knowing those movies and TV shows that keep her glued to the screen, you should know the ones that she doesn’t enjoy. Is your type of movies the ones she dislikes? You might want to check that one out, otherwise, she might just be watching them with you just because you like them, amidst fake laughs and cheers. If this is the case, she’ll certainly get tired of humouring you some day, and watch the kind if movies she genuinely loves.

22. What Does She Think Is A Perfect Saturday Night?

Visualize your idea of a perfect Saturday night. Try to find your partner’s idea of a perfect Saturday night. When you get a hang of this one, you’ll have an idea of the things she finds fun, especially the things she loves to do during weekends. At the onset of the relationship, your girlfriend will probably do what you like doing for a few Saturday nights or thereabout, just to go with the flow. 

Nevertheless, how time goes, she’ll start doing her own things whether you like them or not. So, if you love partying without a care for the world, or you like playing games and chilling indoors while she loves going out, then there might be a little bit of a problem. You are both going to have to talk this one out sooner or later.

23. How Many Sexual Partners Has Your Girlfriend Had So Far?

It’s time to spice things up a little, so don’t get startled. Among the sensitive but delicate questions to ask your girlfriend for a better understanding of who she is would be how many sexual partners she has had so far. Yep, this one’s pretty basic but it is very important to take note of. She will also want to know the same about you, so be wise in throwing those questions.

While at that, you must undertake that this is not the time to be getting all worked up about her answers, especially if she has had more sexual partners than you have. It is definitely not a competition, so guard your emotions. This question is all in a bid to know if she enjoys sex as much as you do, as well as a lot of other notables, like her sexual health.

On the other hand, if she hasn’t had as much sexual partners, it could mean of lot of things, but among these things, the most common ones are; she isn’t that much into sex, she has a level of adherence to celibacy, or she’s not that experienced in the bedroom. Essentially, you want her sex drive to match yours. That’s the whole point of going towards this direction in your questioning session. Whether you’re into having sex frequently, or sex isn’t of much importance to you, it’s high time you found out her preferences. 

24. What Is Your Girlfriend’s Medical History?

It is very crucial to know the health of your partner whoever they might be. The reasons cannot be overemphasized. From occasional challenges to allergies, it is best that you know them all. To know the medical history of your partner in detail, you will both need to consult her doctor. Nevertheless, you can ask her casually to have an idea of her overall health.

Is she on regular medications for an extended time frame? Does she have any underlying illnesses? Is she on a diet? What supplements does she take? These and many more will help you know the health standing of your girlfriend, especially in the face of emergency. It will also give you an idea of the over-the-counter drugs to stock in your first aid box.

25. How Good Is She with Budgeting Money?

Finance management is a skill that every adult should possess, and your girlfriend is not excluded. At the least, one of the both of you should be good with money. If you are not that person, then it would help if your girlfriend has money management skills. Now is the time to decide who will be handling finance and budgeting, especially if you both plan on making the relationship serious and living together. 

26. What Kind of Stuff Does She Think Is Worth Spending Extra Money and Energy On?

Her answer to this question will give you a feel of the kind of things she will be spending her money on in the future. Along with that, it can also give you an idea of what she values. If a girl puts her time and effort into getting something, then that’s a clear indicator that she cherishes that item. The same comes to play here, so you might want to check this one about her.

27. What Does Your Girlfriend Think Is A Waste of Money

What item or property does she think buying or acquiring will be a waste of time, money, and effort? Is it a cream, curtain, bungalow, car model, or some kind of food? Whatever it is, just know that she’ll get annoyed if you spend your money getting it for her or yourself. Maybe she’s into duplexes, and so she’ll want you to focus your energies on building or acquiring one, instead of stressing about bungalows. In short, her answer to this question will tell you what she will get upset about if you spend your money on it.

28. What Does Your Girlfriend Think Is the Best Thing About Money

To your girlfriend, is money best because it makes people buy nice things, it provides security, or it makes it possible for people to create memories? Her answer to this question will make you to know whether she values material things, experiences, or if she’s a saver. Do her values correspond with yours. Do they match with how you see life and expect people should too? Make do with this new found knowledge of her as you wish because, it is a major pointer to who your partner truly is.

29. When Does Your Girlfriend Think A Man or Woman Should Pay for Something in A Relationship and When the Cost Should Be Split?

This knowledge is ideal for new relationships and is simply aimed at making both of you feel comfortable with outdoor spending. For some girls, a man should bear the cost of all payments, while for others, the cost should be split from time to time to ease the man’s burden. If your woman is up for paying for meals and Hangouts from time to time, it might just suggest she’s a lot more considerate than you thought.

30. What Are Some Unwritten Rules in Your Girlfriend’s Family?

This one’s some vital information you might want to take note off. Every person comes from a household, and your girlfriend is not an exception. In her household, she grew up, developed, learned skills, habits, and values. A lot of these values have been imbibed into her being even till adulthood, and as a result, such traits will be manifested during the course of her stay with you. So, now’s the time to ask away! 

What are some unwritten rules that her family adhered to? Like praying before bedtime, brushing before hugs or kisses, washing one’s dishes after each meal, or using flip-flops in the bathroom. Note that, she could get temperamental if you abandon some of these precepts during the course of your stay with her. She may just assume every person should know such rules, and fail to realize that you grew up quite differently from her. Hence, it is important that you note these things about her and maybe make out some time to discuss about it together.

31. What Is Her Idea of Being Successful?

What does your girlfriend think a successful person is? Is her idea of success a financially independent and self-made entrepreneur who has a privately-owned business? Or is her idea of a successful person one who sits behind a desk working for an already established organization? Is her idea of a successful person maybe a sports enthusiast, or a free spirited being with zero cares about life? Her answers will tell you if you fall within her admirable rank as someone she looks up to.

32. What Is the Most Romantic Thing She’s Heard Someone Doing for His Lover?

This one gives you an idea of how to show your affection for her, the little things you should never miss out, and what to expect as a display of love from her. An in-depth understanding of what she thinks is romantic will give you a feel of what she likes and the gesture of love from you that she will appreciate the most.

33. What Are Your Girlfriend’s Greatest Fears?

Is it death? Is she scared of dogs, cats, airplanes, or boats? Or does it go deeper than that?  Maybe she is not a pet person. If your girlfriend is really scared of dogs, then you might want to think twice about getting her a puppy as a Christmas present. There are a lot of other things to note about her greatest fears, it could go a long way in directing how you realtor with her, especially on sensitive levels.

34. What’s Her Story? Things you should know about your girlfriend

The story if your girlfriend’s life is paramount in your relation with her. Knowing her full name, nicknames, birth place, and family is very important. Also find out if she is allergic to anything, you certainly don’t want to kill her. 

35. Is She into Politics?

If one of you is into politics, now is the time to find out. Maybe she’s into the happenings in the political world. If you are into that kind of stuff, then you’ve got an added advantage. While it is not ideal to choose to be interested in political happenings as they help us stay in the know, some persons just don’t like it, and you might wanna check if she’s in this category.

36. Try Finding Out Her Firsts

If you really do care about that woman of yours, you should know the first times she did some things and aced certain milestones. Her first love, her first paycheck, her first job, her first relationship, her first kiss, her first time of having sex if she has, and who she did it with. Once again, it doesn’t call for any form of jealousy from you but is aimed at giving you a stronger and lasting connection with her.


Knowing your girlfriend better is not aimed at causing a relationship sinker, instead it is directed towards giving you good info about your relationship with her. Asking questions and sharing personal information builds trust between the both of you. You could go the extra length and organize meetings with her family and friends, especially if you want a serious relationship, just to be in the know. Good luck on your quest!