20 Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

20 Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

It is true that love is complicated, it is also noteworthy that it can be unintentional. Therefore, it is not always a suprise when love happens in the oddest of places, like the office. Offices as we all know have an untrackable record of strict protocols, especially the ones against romantic relationships among it’s staff. Who knows, perhaps these series of unending protocols have an unforseen effect in fueling love. More like facilitating what it stands against. But we really can’t say much about why love happens more in offices than any other place, despite the restricting policies. I mean, you’re there for like what, five days a week, eight hours a day or possibly more. So what do you expect? 

It’s only natural that you find yourself getting attracted to one or more of your co-workers at some point. Basically, in every office in this universe, you can conveniently find coworkers who are in a romantic relationship. Research has shown over the years that, a good percentage of married couples today met their spouses at their workplace.

            While talking about marriage and anticipating what you’re romantic future will look like, you may find that you are attracted to someone in the workplace, but all you want is assurety that she likes you back. That’s why you’re probably reading this write up, or maybe for some other reasons. It’s all inquisitiveness, trust me, there’s nothing to be worried about and fortunately for you, there are some surefire signs a female co-worker likes you but is hiding it. It will interest you to know that females give off certain clues if they like someone. This could be displayed in their gestures, mannerisms and possibly their temperaments around you. Yes, I used the word temperament and you’ll know why later, just read on..

This reveal will show you how to pay close attention to the way this lady behaves when she’s around you because, you may never know, she could just be telling you all about her feelings towards you through these subconscious suggestions.

1. Your female coworker likes you if she can’t control the smile face when she sees you

This is a very sensitive factor. How do you know if that a female co-worker likes you but is hiding it? Well, it’s her smiley face that does the talking. I assume that you are aware of the fact that a lady’s smiley face is not for everyone. You’ll definitely be able to differentiate between the special smile offered to you free of charge, and that casual grin given to everyone else in the office. If she’s very generous with her grins when she’s around you even though you are not cracking a joke, then she’s totally got the hots for you.

      Quick reveal, when a woman loves a man, she’ll find everything that he says to be hilarious. You’ll know with this one, just evaluate your joke telling capacity. You know deep down that you are not exactly a stand off comedian, but for some reason Miss. Daisy can’t stop smiling at the things you say, hmmn..then be sure someone’s catching feelings. That’s one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

2. A female coworker likes you if she shares her personal stuff with you, only you.

Well, here I don’t mean physical stuff, but emotional ornaments. If you notice a female co-worker tells you secrets about her personal life that you have no business knowing anything about, then it’s probably a sign that she likes you. Generally, females tend to share secrets with people they feel can be trusted. But it’s also important to note that, some girls have this funny habit of telling everyone about some personal issues pertaining to them. It might just be a habit of whiling away time for them. So you’ve got to be sure that you are the only one she’s sharing these secrets with, or else, you might just be one of her gossip pals. Sorry to say, but it’s the plain truth.

3. A female coworker likes you if she is inquisitive about your personal life

Women always want to know the personal life of the person they are in love with. Well, the sensitive ones at least. Females are highly proactive and emotional beings, so this one’s a glaring nature. If she’s keenly interested in your life outside work, pays close attention and asks personal questions about your family, your friends, your health, your hobbies, your past relationships, your religion and more…then she’s trying to fill some kind of invisible gap between you both, just enough questions to break away from the aquaintance zone, if there is one.

So let me start by briefing you on the form it usually takes. First, she’ll start by asking you about your life outside work, the aforelisted, and then she slowly creeps into facts about your love life. Possibly trying to know if she’s in a safe space. Roger this one, it’s another of the obvious signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

4. A female co-worker likes you if she calls you or send texts frequently

Sometimes this one can be quite challenging, probably annoying, but it’s a tell tale sign that she’s interested in you. She’ll send you quite a number of messages about random stuff, like her experience with her boss, her coworkers, or how the coffee she drank upset her stomach. When you find out she’s calling or texting you often during and after working hours for small reasons, then she is trying to get your attention. When she lets you into her world, most of the time more than necessary, then she’s got feelings for you. If you reciprocate, you’ve got to answer every call, and reply every text.

5. A female co-worker likes you if she suprisingly remember every detail about you

This one gives off a warm vibe that she is trying to get your undivided attention by supporting your accomplishments. Do you notice that she remembers your birthday, the day you were given the ‘best staff of the year’ award as well as the look in your face when you got it. Then she might just like you way more than you think. Is she posting your birthday weeks ahead on her statuses and social media handles? Then your suspicions are correct. Why? The birthdays of adults aren’t really given much importance as they are with kids. You only see adult birthdays given some significance if they are celebrations of milestone and iconic ages. So you’re not in your middle ages and someone’s going out of her way to make your day iconic.. she’s definitely in love. Remember, that’s another of the sure signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

6. A female coworker likes you if she defends you

Gossipping, trash talking and accussation is not a new occurrence in the world of offices and co-workers. If other workers in the office say hurtful things against you, she’ll shun them and stand up for you. You might wanna note that a woman only does things like this for someone who means a lot to her. So, it’s a sign that female coworker likes you.

7. A female coworker likes you if she requests for hangouts during free time

If your female coworker likes you, she’ll want to spend time with you. So the question is..has she ever asked you out for lunch? Or dinner? To the movies? Or just for a stroll? Then she’s trying to spend quality time with you. You are literally going out on consecutive dates in the disguise of two co-workers cooling off after a stressful work day. Usually, this one starts off as a group of co-workers out for lunch, but then gradually it reduces to just the two of you. If this one’s not a clear sign that she’s into you, I don’t know what is.

8. A female coworker likes you if she gets jealous when you’re with other female coworkers

If she’s always got this sour facial expression whenever you are with other female co-workers besides her, then she’s jealous. And by the way, there’s absolutely no point in getting upset when you’re with some other females who may be physically attracted to you, except of course she likes you and can’t stand the thought of having a lover besides her. So, it’s another of the sure signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

9. Your female coworker likes you if she is elated whenever you both are to complete a work assignment together

If she’s always looking forward to completing assignments with you, then someone’s been bitten by a love bug. You might notice this when you find that she can’t wait for the next task that you are to complete together. It’s another obvious signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

10. Your female co-worker likes you if she is present in all the company finctions that you’re in

Is she in the company retreat, sports event, volunteer board, inter-department party?

Then she’s probably stalking you to be aware of the office functions that you are a part of. She might not be interested in these events, but knowing that you are going to be there will make her join these functions.

11. A female co-worker likes you if she gives you gifts

If she always picks up gifts for you, then it’s a tell tale sign she’s interested in you. She’ll be every willing to go out of her way and get you gifts, no matter how small. It’s part of the way she’s trying to remind you that she cares and that she has your best interests at heart. Don’t take this one for granted. This is an obvious sign that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

12. Your female coworker likes you if she brings you food

Does she bring you breakfast, coffee, lunch? Then that’s a strong alarm. She goes out of her tight routine to bring you coffee in the morning or make you lunch, c’mon, that requires effort and time. It’s not casual at all.

13. She likes you is you hear about it from other coworkers

If other co-workers are giving you the knowing look, asking jokingly about your supposed girlfriend, then it’s a sign they know you both like each other. It’s very common that a lot of people don’t realize when someone likes them, or when they like someone. Sometimes all they need is a helping hand, for people to actual give them plain hints.

It’s easier for outsiders to tell if a person likes you or not. They’ve probably picked up on the energy between the both of you. It’s one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

14. Your female co-worker likes you if you always brushing into you when you walk

If she’s always initiating physical contact when she passes by you in the office or any other place, consecutively, then she has an affectionate feeling for you. You notice she’s going out of her way to make physical contact even when it could have been easily avoided, then your suspicions are confirmed. It’s one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

15. A female co-worker likes you if she frequently asks you to walk her

Is this lady coworker of yours requesting that you walk down the road? To the bus? Maybe to her car? Then it’s obvious she can’t get enough of your presence. This usually indicates that she wants to spend more time with you before parting for the day, or she feels safe around you. And these are all clear signs of love.

16. Your female coworker likes if you notice her catching your gaze

If she’s always catching your gaze, then she likes you. There’s no two ways about it. We see this regular occurrence everywhere, in movies, in comics and more importantly, in reality. Do you notice her staring at you when you’re both in board meetings and having group discussions? Then that is definitely a tell tale sign that such female coworker likes you. 

17. A female coworker likes you if she ask you about how your day went?

If she never misses this one then she totally likes you. If she’s taking out time to ask you about your experience with work, your plans for the weekend, how your day went, then she wants to be up to date with your routines. It’s one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

18. Your female co-worker likes you if she indulges you with her family and life business

Usually co-workers talk about work related stuff. I mean that’s what their office world revolves around so it’s very rare to see a fellow workers telling you about her friends, siblings and family life. Is she’s sharing things like this, it means she sees you as more than just co-workers. It’s one of the signs a female co-worker likes you but is hiding it.

19. She likes you if she tells her friends and family about you

If she’s interested in you and I mean ‘romantically’, then she’ll definitely blab about you to her girlfriends, her siblings, basically her family. So you’ve got to keep this one in check. A girl only tells her family about a guy if she’s really interested in him.

20. Your female coworker likes you if she is too friendly

When she’s so friendly and unnecessarily helpful, it’s obvious she’s in love. You notice that among other coworkers she’s most friendly with you, then that’s a surefire sign that she likes you.

The bottom line is that, if that co-worker of yours is in love with you, she’ll exhibit one or more of these signs.

Thanks for reading our post on 20 signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it. ⁴

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