Physical maturity is a process that we all get through either consciously or unconsciously. However, some of us stop developing at some point because of our questionable characters. The term spiritual maturity comes from the principle of being religious but doesn’t end at that.

Spiritual maturity can be defined as the process of growth that allows you to relate to yourself and your environment in a calm and disciplined way. Many people want to develop their spiritual maturity so that they can experience long-lasting joy, peace, and connection with the soul. However, it’s not easy to get to this point; you have to put in conscious efforts to develop these habits. Spiritual maturity usually takes time and requires a lot of consistency.

Characteristics of Spiritual Maturity

Here are the characteristics of spiritual maturity. 

1.     Live with principles and values

Many people often go through life without examining their life. But this is not so for the spiritually matured. He keeps his intentions and actions through some life principles or the other. They soon develop compassion, love, empathy, and dignified living. And they are always set to live out their lives concerning these values. The person who is not spiritually matured will live his life without any principle to influences his decision. 

2.      Spiritual matured can’t be swayed by false teaching 

Another characteristic of a spiritually matured is that they can easily recognize falsehood because of their deep understanding of God’s word. They know what is of God and what is not. Nowadays, society wants us to believe in different ideas that are not of God. To listen to this one or that one, but the only teaching that stands as truth is God’s.

3.      Show care for the poor and those who are downtrodden

When you notice that you care more for the less privileged and the poor, then you should be happy with yourself for having one of the traits of spiritual maturity. Caring for the poor is not what comes naturally for everyone, and only those who see beyond their noses can make such gestures. The spiritually matured knows that only a healthy society will care for its weakest link.

4.      You keep your wonder just like a child would do

A lot of persons will stop experiencing wonder as they grow into adulthood. However, one of the characteristics of spiritual maturity is your ability to see the wonder in everything you do. When you are spiritually matured, you do not become too familiar with your experiences and trivialize them; instead, you will see something new in places where others are bored. Every one of your moments is seen as a gift, and you are very careful not to take it for granted.

5.      You are at peace with constant factors beyond your control

Many things cannot be changed, and the spiritually minded understands how little he can affect those constant factors, and he doesn’t worry himself about it. He learns to let go of what he cannot control so that he doesn’t go around gloomy all day.

6.      Sobriety

When you are spiritually matured, you do not go on a rampage on how much you have and how you intend to get much more. Instead, any abundance you possess is seen as a blessing, and a means to reach out to others. Every spiritually matured person knows the danger of indulging in several physical pleasures. And when they have the opportunity to give, the spiritually matured do that wholeheartedly and not to show off.

7.      You believe in delayed gratification

Many times we have the feeling that immediate gratification is our right. Still, one of the characteristics of spiritually maturity is the ability to delay gratification.  You also know how to give pleasure to all others especially when you feel they deserve it more. This kind of lifestyle will lead to more happiness and satisfaction.

Those who are spiritually matured know that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Hence anything worth doing well requires that you sacrifice some other things that you will love to do. The spiritually matured also know that many times we do not get what we desire because it is not the right time, or it may not be beneficial to us in the long run. They are also aware that not everything that gives pleasure is needed even if they seem harmless.

8.      You are always full of joy

Many things can stress us out, but the spiritually matured knows how to put certain things aside so that they can get the best out of what they have. The spiritually matured knows how important being joyous and showing gratitude is. Hence they know how to channel their energy into being joyful always.

9.      Slow to hold on to a grudge

This is a cardinal point among the characteristics of spiritual maturity; you do not hold on to offense. You can quickly and easily take it out of your mind when you’ve been offended. A spiritually matured person will consider all angles when resented by others; you will ensure that you’re not seen to express anger or hate to others. You try as much as possible to purge out the offense and hate so that they can immediately cultivate a perfect relationship with the others.

10. You have a personal responsibility

Only the person who is spiritually matured will engage in self-reflection routinely. This helps you to check your actions in the line of the values that you hold. This helps you not blame others when things go wrong.

11.  You begin to be dependable

Being dependable is not something that comes easily. The spiritually matured persons understand the importance of their words; hence they keep at it all the time. They do not say words as they like it. Instead, they only say the things that are true and the things they can meet up with.


These characteristics of spiritual maturity should be the goal of everyone to have. It is a state that helps you live life to the fullest and it is only this way you can make progress. You should check any of these characteristics and try to cultivate them if you have them. Cultivating these characteristics will do you a lot of good.

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